February 23, 2017

The wise woman is free

Notice in Scripture that the wise woman needs nothing extraneous to make her feel good.

No new body wash, scented candle, new shoes, clothes, or gifts from hubby can make her happy.

(She already is.)

And it's not that she doesn't have all of that, and more, or maybe not much at all materially speaking.

But her family sees this woman, and they say something about her.

They see all that she does, and they say that she is happy.

They don't say that mama is frustrated, over-whelmed, exhausted, moody, or depressed.

She is happy. And she is doing, always seeming to be doing something. And yet she is happy!!!

In Proverbs 31, we don't see her telling anyone that she is happy.

Words are cheap.

Happiness is observable.

She is active, and her husband is known, and she is not jealous (Proverbs 31:23).

She is gloriously free from jealousy.

She is stretching out her hand to the poor, fixing breakfast, and grocery shopping, and he is known!

She seems to not care one whit about notoriety.

She is dignified, and sober, yet laughs— she's happy!

And her husband is the one who is mentioned among the people of the city.

She makes, and buys, and sells, and walks with confidence, and he is the topic of conversation.

She teaches, and reaches, she rises, and works, and never does she do anything to harm her man.

Jealousy is harmful.

She's not idle.

She is happy. Blessed. She has no need to convince anyone of her blessed state.

She's no time for that.

Happiness, like misery, is observable.

The wise woman is free.

Freedom has a look about it.

Wisdom is a blessed state.

Do you live in that state?

The life of the woman, who abides in the Vine, is a life of freedom from foolishness.

Foolishness does not touch the redeemed woman.

It is completely excluded from her life.

To tell falsehoods, to be lazy, and envious, and hateful, and full of strife is anathema to her.

She is not cursed, and cannot be cursed, and lives completely free.

It is for freedom that Christ sets a soul free (Galatians 5:1).

Ask yourself this: "Free from what?"

Being poor? Tell that to the one set free in a third world country.

Being sick? Tell that to the redeemed parent of a child dying of cancer.

A soul can be physically healthy, and have riches beyond measure, and hate God, and the neighbor.

Many fit that particular scenario.

The soul is what is bound in sin, and it is the soul that the Lord sets free. 

Are you free from sin? Free from the curse of sin?  Free from hate?

From what are you free if indeed you know God?

Does sin hound, and overcome you?

If so, then would you call that freedom, and the "free indeed" that Christ gives? 

Can a foolish person decide, arbitrarily, to be wise, and then suddenly be foolish again?

Is that a double-minded person?

What does James 1:8 tell us about that type person?

Do you believe it?

To believe in the Lord is to believe all that the Word tells us is true, and then to obey it.

That is accomplished by being born new, which is discovered upon repentance.

Is your hate really murder?

And your lying....is it hate?

And are your manipulative ways really witchcraft?

And is all of that really hatred of others, and God?

Where does wisdom dwell?

It is hidden from the foolish, and they will never know it.

Wisdom is the fear of the Lord (Job 28:28).

When a soul fears the Lord, then they fear nothing else ever again.

In knowing God, the restless soul is calmed, and the foolish woman is made new.

When a woman knows God, then she is free, and wise, and happy all the day long.

Her prayers are heard. Oh glorious day. To commune with God and know that one is heard.

Free to talk to God— always.

That is the blessed woman.

February 22, 2017

Upon conversion, the excuses stop

Imagine being arrested for a crime, and let's say that the crime is shoplifting.

Now as the handcuffs are being applied, imagine saying to the officer, "Why are you arresting me? You don't understand. My husband doesn't care much for me, and he doesn't love God, and never goes to church, and besides that, my parents argued all the time when I was little."

One excuse is as good as another one when you don't want to cooperate with an authority- right?

The point being that many Christians claim that their disobedience is due to a number of factors.

The factor is never a disobedient heart. 

But they run the gamut from not having good examples set for them as children, to ignorance.

What excuses do you use for disobedience?

Scripture gives only one reason.

Hatred of God.

And the opposite is true.

Those, who truly love God, obey him.

I John 5:3, "Those who love God, keep his commands."

Now imagine the officer, who arrested you for shoplifting, telling you that you will never steal again.

And the reason is that his superior will give you a new heart, and will give you his power to obey.

What an offer!

The ones who will refuse to accept the offer are the ones who don't see shoplifting as all that bad.

They don't see stealing as hatred for the shop owner.

And they don't see it is as bad as murder, for instance, and in fact, while being apprehended for their crime, they are thinking, and may even say, "Leave me alone! I'm no criminal! Go catch a murderer!"

Is your "crime" against God as bad as murder?

Upon true conversion (yes, there is a such a thing as false salvation), a soul is completely different.

They are new.

They have the spirit of God in them to do as commanded.

They don't hate ever again.

They are filled with love.

They don't give excuses for the sin that they do, for they sin not, because as we see in I Corinthians 10:13, that while they are tempted, the temptation is not too strong because God doesn't allow it.

They don't need excuses to sin, for they love God, and those who love God, obey him.

No matter that mama was mean, and daddy was abusive, and the husband is not godly, and your uncle molested you, and you were never disciplined, and everyone in your family were alcoholics.


Because God makes brand new the repentant, and contrite heart of the woman who seeks after him.

For what do you seek?


Or do you seek God?

You remain in your sin until you repent of it, and those who remain in sin are perishing in it.

Be born new.

Repent of your hatred of God, and your neighbor, and be born new.

Love will flood your heart.

No more excuses, and no need for them after true conversion.

The yoke of the Lord is easy, and the burden, to totally love him, and all others, is a light one to carry.


Because love from God flows to, and through, the redeemed endlessly like a river (Romans 5:5).

The redeemed jump to his commands, not to the demands of others, but to his Word.

They delight in him. He is a light to their daily walk. He keeps them from stumbling.

They are not ignorant of the law, which is love, for it is written on their heart by God.

What is your excuse for not obeying God?

Do you contend?

Contend- to strive in debate, to struggle in opposition, to dispute earnestly

In Jude 1:3, we see these words, 

"Dear friends, 
although I was eager to write to you about the salvation we share, 
I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith..."

Instead of saying, "Isn't it great we are saved!" Jude says that Christians, those who are truly saved, and those to whom salvation has been entrusted, are to do something about it to those who are not.


Strive and debate it.

With those who oppose the truth of salvation, struggle to defend it, and call out those who are false.

Do what you can to present truth.

If one truly has light within them, they will.

Those who read Jude's letter, who were truly saved, took his words to heart, and did as instructed.

That happens today as well.

The truth, when it sets a soul free, does not then sink into a vast hole, never to be acknowledged.

Light, when it fills a soul, fills the mouth of that person too.

The woman, who knows God, does not then act like a man.

She is more woman than ever before knowing God.

She reads the Word, and the parts of it that are exclusively for women, she embraces, and teaches.

She loves it.

She loves God.

She obeys him.

She does not take his name in vain. She tells no more lies. She forgives all, holding no grudge.

She submits with pleasure. She prays without ceasing. She loves her neighbor.

Do you contend for the truth of the Word that is exclusively for women?

Are you exposing the women "teachers" of the Word who are false, and who are not obedient to it?

Beth Moore, and Joyce Meyer, and Christine Caine to name a few.

Why is it that many women see no problem with women being pastors of churches, and teachers of men? Because in the last days many will be lead astray following their own lusts, and desires.

These things ought not to be for they are prohibited in Scripture, yet many blatantly ignore the truth of the Word because these women are so charismatic, and they have good causes, and seem so sincere, and many millions listen to them, and they are well spoken, and are pretty, and they sell a lot of books, and Hillsong endorses them, and for the masses, all of that, trumps the truth of the Word.

And if you dare to speak truth to this abomination, then you will be labeled a heretic.

And for what?

For speaking the truth of the Word.

You will be shunned for it, and persecuted for it, and your "friends" will no longer be your friends should they not agree with you. Isn't that an odd phenomenon? People who, at one point in their lives would have had "fellowship" with you will begin to act like you have the plague because of truth.

With no explanation, you will not be invited to where you once had been wanted.

The same thing happened with Jesus.

And he was killed for the truth he preached.

What is happening in your life?

Because of what you teach other women, and for the truth you proclaim, and for the contending that you do, what persecution have you faced? None? Do you contend? If so, with what passion do you speak truth? Is in on occasion with only like minded people? Do you find that easy?

The narrow road is walked by people with not many friends.

It is walked with joy, however, because of what lies within, and for what lies ahead.

Those who know God have a vision that runs deep and keeps their feet on solid ground.

For what do you contend?

Food? Leisure? Vacations? Entertainment? A better this, and more of that?

Or is your message one of repentance, obedience, and faith alone, or do you live according to your feelings, and are they often hurt, and do you hold grudges for slights real, and/or imagined?

One cannot contend with any conviction as long as two opposing stances lie within them.

The wide highway is walked with a bit of truth, and many lies.

It is easy on that road when it comes to friends, and tending to self, and forgetting the neighbor.

On a daily basis, and with constant prayer, do you contend for the faith?

February 19, 2017

The old nature vs the new nature

What does the old nature do?

What does it look like?

How does it think?

The old nature will be concerned with outward appearances, and it will think that how one dresses determines the inward condition.

It will think that one bathing suit is better than another one, and that to wear one type means one thing, and to wear another type means something better, or worse, but clothes are all important, and the soul with the old nature is put off by certain people wearing certain type clothing.

The old nature concerns itself with food, and what should be eaten, and what shouldn't be eaten, and will think that some foods lend themselves to being good, and better, and maybe even the best.

The same will apply to drink. It will always be a matter of drinking more water, less water, more juice, a certain type of juice, and no soda, and some soda, and no alcohol, and some alcohol.

The old nature will try to do better, and be better, and for sure it is always trying.

The old nature will always fail.

It cannot be good, better, or best.

Living with the old nature leaves one "feeling" defeated, and depressed, and fearful, and down in the dumps, for one can always think that they can "do" better when they still have the old nature, as if being good has anything at all to do with effort.

The old nature is sinful, and thus it will worry, and not submit, and not love, though it tries- hard.

The old nature will give itself brownie points for trying, and and "A" for effort sometimes, and will work harder to be more disciplined, and better at love, and submission, always trying, and always failing at perfection, which it will say is not possible simply because it has not achieved perfection.

The soul with the old nature is the standard unto itself.

If it cannot be perfect, then no one can, for no one tries harder to do that than someone with the old nature, and they see themselves as a cut above most all they see, except for maybe someone who also goes to church, and knows Greek, and is skinny, and has a nice husband, and a pretty house.

And what, if anything, has the old nature in common with the new nature?


Those in the old nature cannot see the new nature, for they are still in sin, and they won't let go easily.

It is hard to admit that one hates when one tries so hard to love.

It is hard to admit that one is into stuff when one tries so hard to be benevolent.

It is hard to admit that one is sinful when one is deceived into thinking that their sin isn't that bad.

If you still sin, then what is your sin?

Can you name it, or does your old nature cover up your sin by pointing out the "worse" sin in others?

Eve did that.

Adam did that.

Do you do that?

If so, then you are still in sin, and you still have the old nature.

You will hate this message, and you will wish me to stop.

Should I be persecuted, then you will say that is for the best, but God says that those who are persecuted, for the sake of righteousness, are blessed.

Those with the new nature are blessed, happy, no matter what.

Persecuted? Happy. Aches and pains? Happy. Lacking in this world's stuff? Happy.

Having nothing? Happy. Having abundance? Happy. Eating? Happy. Not eating? Happy.

You see, happiness is not dependent on anything this world offers, and the one with the new nature knows it, for she knows God, and she longs for heaven, and she simply, always serves, and no one is exempt from that service, and love, and the new nature is God's spirit, alive and well, in her, always.

How are you doing?

What are you doing?

Still striving?

Still concerned about food, and drink, and clothing, and stuff?

Still worried about ... everything? Still thinking that goodness comes from what you put into you?

Still thinking that perfection comes from a great body, and good clothes, and a great house?

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

The new nature will be given to you. The new nature will not be concerned with how much you weigh, and how much you exercise a week, or what you eat, and drink. The new nature will fill you with love, and give you a new, permanent, song, and it will sound exactly, and always, like freedom.

Freedom to love the unlovely, and the lovely. Freedom to eat, and drink, or not. Freedom to live.

Freedom from sin, to sin no more.

No more bondage.

That soul, the one with the new nature? Sings. The heart is always singing.

How about you?

February 18, 2017

Why the need for Jesus?

I am concerned.

There is deception.

Jesus said that there would be those who will be deceived.

In what way is one deceived?

Where is the concern?

I can think of no other concern than that people THINK that they are saved, yet are not.

What else is there?

Once someone truly has the new nature, then they are not deceived ever again.

They are new.

They have the mind of Christ.

They are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

But those who think that they are all that, but are not all that, well, that means they are deceived.

How is it that those, who are deceived, can walk around blind, and yet think that they see?

How is it that they can think that they are free, and yet are still in bondage?

How is it that they can think that they love, and yet they still hate?

And therein lies the answer.

Galatians 6:7-8 tells us that we are deceived if we think that we can sow any type of sin, and yet still reap eternal life. Read it. See what you find there.

It sounds like a person either sows to the flesh, which does not mean that a person eats, and drinks, for Jesus did that, but to sow to the flesh is to sin, for sin is selfishness, and hate, and not love, and to sow to the Spirit is to always love others, all others, and while one does not dance to the tune of others, and do as all others want them to do, the one who loves is willing to die for anyone at any time, and proves it by giving of their time to help the widow, and the orphan, and those in need.

So the question remains: Can a soul, who has the new nature, still sow to the flesh?

Don't be deceived.

Galatians 6:7-8 tells us we work for self, or God, and we reap accordingly.

Or does a wise farmer go to the field of thorns, and play in it, and then go back to the field ready for harvest and get to work, exclusively working for the Lord?

Is it possible to be wise and foolish?

Do both of those attributes dwell in a soul?

Proverbs gives clear distinctions between the two.

Does Jesus ever teach that a soul walks both the wide road, and the narrow road?

Does your pastor teach that? If so, does he?  Is he foolish, and then wise, and if so, then when he is foolish, then what do you suppose that he is doing? Running with prostitutes? Gambling? Stealing?


What does he do? And what do you do?  And why not repent?

And are some sins big, and others small, and some are easy to stop, and others are not?

And more than any other question, answer for me this one:

Why the need for Jesus?

You see, if people were having sins atoned for before Jesus, and there was no concern about going to heaven because the day of atonement occurred, and no one had to sweat much for the sacrifice to be made, then why the need for the sweat, sacrifice, death, and resurrection of Jesus?


Can you honestly answer that?

Was there anything different about his sacrifice?

Besides being the final one, is there any difference in the sacrifice of Jesus, and what happened prior?

It is time to know.

And one more question: Why the command to repent?

Was that a command before Jesus?

These are issues that one must come to terms with in order to present the gospel clearly to those who are perishing. What is it to perish? Who is perishing? Those who still sin? Do you still sin?

Those who sin will perish in them Scripture tells us.

Are you perishing in your sin, or do you have eternal life?

February 17, 2017

"I have changed"

Celebrities, who are in the public eye (are some not?), who behave in bizarre ways, and who then say that they have changed, will then be scrutinized to see how their behavior changes.

What would you be looking for in someone who says that their behavior has changed?

If, according to you, they spent money foolishly, then would you watch how they spend money now?

If they partied wildly every night, and then you see them partying wildly every other night, then would you consider that "change" or wonder what other behavior is different besides the partying?

Maybe three nights a week, not seven, is what they would claim is different about what they do.

What makes a person different?

Eating cake once a month, and not every week?

Drinking only water?

The word different means not alike in character or quality.

Isn't that something?

We use words carelessly, it seems, according to Webster, for to only eat cake once a month, and not every week is still the same quality and character. It is sweet food, and it is consumed.

We like to THINK we are different in our behavior because we do something less than we did it in the past, and yet we lie to ourselves, or we deceive ourselves into thinking we are better for doing something less. Is a murderer better because he/she murders only 8 and not 8 million? Is an adulterer better because they steal only one person's spouse as opposed to the spouses of many?

What about the sinner, who according to Jesus was not loving God with all their heart, nor their neighbors, who claims to be different? For if one says that they have been saved, then they are saved from something. What is it? Less lying? Less greed? Less adultery? Less pride? Less jealousy?

The only behavior that will change in a new creation is the loving of God and the neighbor— totally.

Do you know why that is the case?

Sin, all sin, boiled down, is hate.

It is not smoking, drinking beer, or wine, and it is not dancing.

It is not staying up late, or reading a "worldly" magazine, or wearing eye shadow, and mascara.

It is not laughing at jokes that are perhaps a bit ribald, or eating meat every meal, or not eating meat.

It is not anything that you put in you, but sin does come out of you.

It is seen in your deeds, or lack of them, and heard in your words.

To sin is to not love God with all your heart, and to not love your neighbor as yourself.

Your words, and actions will be different upon conversion.

What else is conversion (from sinful creature to righteous creature) if not a total change?

What else is a new nature if you are not completely different upon being born-again?

To say that one is a Christian has a meaning that might need to be redefined.

One who follows Christ does as he says, and not by striving to do so, else it is of WORKS that you are saved, and thus a redeemed soul can not help but do the righteous acts of God— loving deeds.

He commands repentance, and one must do that in order to do as he commands.

One must be born new, not of any effort on the part of the one who is born new.

But many, many, many so-called Christians do not do as Jesus commands.

They still sin. They have not agreed with Jesus that hate is murder, and that to think about a person with the intent to sleep with them is adultery. They do not see that their longing to have what belongs to another is to covet, and to wish that someone would die is hate, and is the same as murder.

The hater has murder on the mind, and in the heart.

And if that murder could happen, it would.

Do you want what someone else has?

If so, down deep, where you maybe won't admit it, you hate them.

You are not happy for them, nor do you pray for them, and wish them well.

If you do not submit to your husband, then you hate the God who commands that you submit.

He is not fair in your eyes.

When you love God with all your heart (and that is a gift given to you because we do not "work" ourselves into loving God), then you do as he says to do, and not by your own power, but by his.

Do you strive (try) to do good?

That is works.

You will strive until you repent, and then you will be born new, not of works, but as a gift.

You will be different, and you will not need to tell anyone, for they will know it.

They will know because you will give to them, and love on them, and while you will not dance to their commands, you will have a body that stays on the altar, for your desires will have become the desires of God, and that is to love others, and submit to your husband, and heaven is your vision.

Have you changed?

If so, then do you hate only a few people now, whereas before being made new you hated a lot more?

Is that how it works according to Jesus?

Did he say that he would make you new a little bit at a time, and a little bit of hate is okay?

Does the branch bear bad fruit, and good fruit, and is there any effort involved in producing fruit?

It is time to know. You will soon be gone from the face of this earth. You will face Jesus soon.

What will he say to you?

Will he say that you have been a worker of only a "little" bit of iniquity?

Does he make any differentiation about sin in Matthew 7:23?

When he speaks to you will he say, "You only hated your husband, but you had a good reason! Enter now into rest!" Will he say, "You only hated that neighbor who was such a heathen, but good job on those prayers every morning, or at least some mornings!" Will he say, "You were not kind to those who were a bit slow, but you did fast, on occasion, and you gave money to missions, so come on in!"

What will he say?

He will separate the sheep from the goats. Goats say "but I was good" and "but I tried!" and what does the Lord say? Workers of iniquity (those who spend energy on sin) will depart from him.

If you say that you do not spend any energy on sin, then you are perfect, and the only way for that to have happened is that you repented, and God made you perfect with the righteousness of himself.

You will love everyone.

You will be very different....always. There will be no excuses. There will be no striving.

Is that the change of which you know?

Have you changed?

From darkness to light, and from hate to love, and from fear to trust, and from angst to complete forgiveness to everyone, and from rebellion to submission, and from pride to humility?

Not sometimes, but always, and not because you try, but because the Spirit lives in you and does it?

Is that you?

Or do you say, "I'm working on it," and do you see that if you succeed, then it will need to be permanent, and always, and then you can do the boasting?

Your conversion will be all of God, or not at all.

Are you different?

Have you changed?

If so, how?


February 15, 2017

Thinking minds want to know

Have you ever sung the following words at church:

I was sinking deep in sin,
Far from the peaceful shore,
Very deeply stained within,
Sinking to rise no more.
But the Master of the sea
Heard my despairing cry,
From the waters lifted me.
Now safe am I.
Love lifted me!
(and so on...)
Did you notice from where the author says that he was lifted?
How about this one:
He breaks the pow’r of canceled sin,
He sets the pris’ner free;
His blood can make the foulest clean,
His blood availed for me.
Has the power of forgiven sin been broken in you? Are you free? Have you been made clean?
And one more: 
Would you be free from the burden of sin?
There's power in the blood, power in the blood
Would you o'er evil a victory win?
There's wonderful power in the blood.
When you sing about being free, and lifted, and having victory over sin, what does that look like?
Could you give a practical explanation to anyone who asked?
Would you say that yes, there is freedom, and victory over sin IF a person does something?
If so, then what is that something that must be done?
And whatever it is that you would name, must it be done constantly in order to be free or for only 5 minutes in the morning, and if so, what if a few mornings are missed, or maybe even a year or two is skipped, and what happens if whatever it is to be done is simply forgotten? What happens then?
Where/how/when does one pick up and go again?
What if they don't ever get around to picking up and going again before they draw their last breath?
Do they still go to heaven?
If so, then why bother to ever pick up and go again?
What would be the point?
What have they missed?
If nothing, then would you say that the person, who never picked up to go again, drifted back into the miry clay, and got deep in sin again, and if so, then who cares? If they go to heaven anyway, then there is no skin off their back, right? They are home-free, right? They have a golden ticket, right?
I would never ever tell anyone to live by the words of any hymn or chorus.
Jesus has told us how we must live.
It is according to his words, and not a few we pick and choose, but every one of them (Matthew 4:4).
What are all those words that he has said to us all?
Whatever they are, do you know them, and do you live by them— all?

How would you tell the seeker to live by all of them?
Are you a thinking mind, and do the words of the Lord mean anything to you at all?
Do you apply your feelings to them, and if you feel like doing them, do you do them? If so, how? By what power? Does that power come and go? How is it you access strength when you want to do that?

Do you give orders to someone, or says special words, or act like you mean it in order to get power?

You will be held accountable, not for what you have put into your body, but for what has come out of it, therefore, what do you speak? God's words? Or are you more concerned about clean eating, and drinking, and what the latest guru says about all that, or do you spend time thinking on his Word?
Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. (Matthew 5:6)

When someone is filled with righteousness, do they still sin?
What are you filled with right now?
Does it affect what you say, and do?
Does it sound just like the world, and what is it that you do?

What do you offer your world that sounds of freedom, and victory, and eternal life?

Thinking minds want to know.

What would you tell them?

February 14, 2017

Keeping up appearances

The soul who really has no love for others will do what they do to be seen.

They get their reward, and they have their full reward, here on earth (Matthew 6:2).

Nothing is in heaven for them; they won't be there anyway.

Do you give to your church, and is someone keeping a record of it?

Yes, I know, for tax purposes, right?

But what did Jesus say?

In essence.....do not do it (Matthew 6:1).

Who do you follow?

Whose advice sounds better to you than the commands of Jesus?

You will be the servant of only one, not two (Matthew 6:24).

The ones who like to be seen by others for the good that they do, and the "righteousness" they have are like the two "men of God" who passed by on the other side of the road from the needy man.

The "men of God" didn't want to get dirty, and besides, they had important places to go.

They kept up their appearances with important people; what did the needy man have to offer them?


That is key.

The Samaritan gave to someone who would not, could not, repay him, in fact, as far as we know from the story, the needy man never even knew the Samaritan's name (Luke 10:25-37).

When you give, if you are thinking about what you will get in return, then you have your reward.

You will have nothing in heaven waiting for you.

God will be there, but you are not longing to see him now, and you won't see him later, not if your heart is not pure (Matthew 5:8).

Is your heart pure?

Or do you do just enough to keep up appearances to make others think that you are good?

Do you do just enough to pacify the "authorities" at your church?

Do you "sacrifice" your time just enough so that you friends know that you've done your part?

Is it important to you that others think that you are saved, and holy, and good?

If you are saved, then from what are you saved?

Pride? Lust? Greed? Hate? Deceit?


Are you free from anything?

If you do sin, do you know why it is that you do it?

Do you try hard to not let your real self be seen?

Keeping up appearances is exhausting work.

Those who are truly saved don't work at looking good.

They are good.

They are the very righteousness of God (II Corinthians 5:21).

His goodness is in them through Christ Jesus.

Do you have the righteousness of God in you?

If so, does the righteous nature of God, who lives in you, sin?

Of course not.

Neither do two natures dwell in a soul (II Corinthians 6:16).

One temple dwells in a soul.

You will be bowing to God or self.

God or evil.

Love or hate.

"Touch nothing unclean, and I will receive you (II Corinthians 6:17).

Repent, for you will soon be gone from this earth (Matthew 4:17).

God makes a soul perfect, and keeps that soul perfect (Psalm 121:3).

You will not find the redeemed soul bragging about being good.

They do not, will not, cannot work to keep up appearances.

They have been crucified with Christ; they no longer live (Galatians 2:20).

Have you been crucified with Christ, and is the life that you live now accomplished by God's power?

Or are you exhausted because of keeping up appearances?

February 12, 2017

The Good News

"The Son of Man came to seek and to save those who are lost," Luke 19:10.

Jesus is the Son of Man who is also the Savior.

Someone who is a savior saves people.

Jesus came to save people from sin.

If I am saved from a tornado, then the tornado does not touch me.

If I am saved from an avalanche, then the avalanche does not kill me.

If I am saved from a fire, then nothing about the fire does damage to me.

To be saved from sin....what does that mean?

Does that mean that I can still do sin, and the effects of sin do not touch me?

Does being saved mean that I go on sinning without repercussions?

Sin is always death. It always destroys. It always steals.

What is the good news?

If it is freedom from sin, and thus everlasting life, then how does the Savior say we must be saved?

We must go back to the very first word he spoke when he started his ministry.

We must do all that he said to do.

There is order to his saving.

Many will say, "Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved."

Yes. And what does "believe" on someone mean?

It is to do all they say to do. It is to buy into their way. It is to no longer argue with God.

Matthew 4:17 tells us the first word Jesus spoke at the beginning of his ministry.

That word was also proclaimed by the forerunner to Jesus John the Baptizer.

They commanded repentance.

Agreement with God about sin is the requirement.

Do it, or stay lost.

Do it, or think the way you want to think about the sin that you do.

John, and Jesus command those who would be saved must repent.

There is no other way to start the journey with the Master.

Everyone is on a journey.

Many are on the wide road.

Many, who are on the wide road, will have plaques in their homes touting verses from the Bible.

Many, who know verses, and sing praise songs are lost.

Few enter by the narrow gate.

Many wander about raising their hands in praise all the while lost in sin.

The good news is different than the old news. The old news consisted of sinning, being forgiven, and then sinning, and being forgiven, and the sacrifices continued because the sinning did as well.

Jesus is the final sacrifice for those who finally repent to sin no more.

They are saved.

Now, if you believe that you can still sin, and know God, then from what are you saved?

And where is your sacrifice?

Hebrews 10:26 tells us that you haven't got one.

If you are saved, then what is the good news that you tout?

Is it, "Get saved! You'll still sin. You won't want to do it. But you will!"

That happens already.

That happens to those who want nothing to do with God.

Are you telling people that they will still commit adultery, and have a marriage fall apart?

And that they will still hate, and lust, and covet, and be jealous, and bitter?

How is that good news?

Does your news sound anything like the old news?

If so, then how is it new, and freeing, and saving, and how is it everlasting life?

February 10, 2017


The fruit of the Spirit are not muscles that you must exercise.

Fruit is produced by abiding.

Abiding in the Vine means staying put, and staying put is not accomplished by the redeemed one.

It (the work) is done by the power that raised Jesus from the dead (Romans 8:11).

God keeps his child from slipping (Psalm 121:3).

So, go ahead and believe the lie that you must DO something to grow.

Go ahead and strive, and try, but you will fail.

That's the truth.

Here is more truth:

The redeemed one did nothing to get attached to the Vine, and does nothing to stay there.

No exercise is needed, and in fact is vanity to believe that to be the case.

Salvation is a gift (Ephesians 2:8).

What does one do to get saved?

While still in sin, repent of it.

Choose to agree with God about the sin that you do.

Or is your lying okay, and do you call it other than speaking falsehoods?

How about your "dislike" of some people?

Do you call it murder like Jesus says that it is?

And any stealing, no matter how benign you think it is, is that okay too?

Do you try to get away with evil?

Is just a little lust okay? Just thinking about adultery with one man is okay? Being lazy is okay?

Please tell me where it is in Scripture that your "little" sin is any better than the sin of Hitler.

Or is what you do not so bad?

If you sin, the Lord does not hear your prayer is what Scripture says (Psalms 66:18).

Do you believe that? Or do you speak the popular platitude that God hears when anyone prays?

If so, I need a chapter and verse on that one.

The fruit of the Spirit is (equals) love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, long-suffering, gentleness, faithfulness, kindness, and self-control, and all boiled down, that equates to love.

The fruit IS all of those things, not a few, and not in a soul sometimes, and not other times.

Or do you suppose that you can love, and not be patient, or that you can have peace, and not joy?

And do you think that the Spirit comes to a dirty vessel, and gives her endurance, but not love?

Luke 5:38 tells us differently.

Light overcomes darkness (John 1:5).

When a light is turned on in a dark, and stark room, then does the middle of the room remain dark?

What about the corner?

What about up near the ceiling?

Of course not.

The whole room is full of light.

The Lord fills a soul with light which is first cleansed by his grace upon repentance.

Chains are gone.

Freedom is known.

Communication with the Father starts, and never ends.

The Spirit embodies everything that is expressed in Galatians 5:22-23.

How can the Spirit come into a person on a partial basis?

How can the Spirit come into a dirty vessel?

Jesus said that does not happen.

Are you abiding in the Vine?

If so, then all of the fruit is produced continually in you.

If not, then you will be good one day, hateful the next, and kind to one neighbor, but not the other, and you'll exhibit happiness one moment, and then when things go askew from what you want, then you will explode, maybe pout, maybe slam doors, or maybe all three.

For sure, you do not know God.

You know of trying to be good.

Apple tree branches do not try to produce apples.

A redeemed woman does not try, nor strive, to be good.

The good that she does is not of any effort on her part.

Without a fuss, and by the power of God, she loves, for indeed his yoke is easy.

Without strain, she gives, for indeed his burden is light.

Study to show that you are approved of God (II Timothy 2:15).

Do you study?

Are your  prayers heard?

Do you still sin?

If so, then where is your sacrifice?

Hebrews 10:26 tells us that there isn't one.

Do you live by how you FEEL about God, and life, and the Word?

The redeemed do not live according to how they "feel"  about God.

They know God, and they have complete faith in him (Galatians 3:11).

Do you live by faith?

Is love being produced in you, not of any striving at all, but by abiding, simply abiding in the Vine?

You can't make me happy.

You can't.

Sorry, but if you think you need to try, don't.

You are off the hook forever.

You see, I am already happy.


I find it interesting that, with the new nature, since no one makes me unhappy because my delight is not in any mere human, then it stands to reason than no mere human can make me happy.

Believe me, I think my husband has tried to do that ... in the past.

But not any more. He is off the hook too. I don't want anything for Valentine's Day.

Nor do I want anything for any other day.

My cup runs over already.

If I'm given a gift, then that is kind, but it adds nothing to my over-flowing cup.

In fact, many times, gifts that I'm given (unless it's food...hahaha!) I give to someone else.

I have no need.

It is a wonderful thing to not be dependent on anyone for happiness.

If you are needy, then know this: No one will be able to make you happy.

You will say that you need one thing, and then it will be another, and the exhausting dance will continue until you repent, and find yourself with a new nature, that is full of love that you give.

And the giving never ends.

A river of love flows from the redeemed.

Never will their hands be held out asking for love.

They've been washed in grace, filled with love, and they are on the narrow road.

Do you, in any way, shape, or form, believe that your happiness depends on another?

Are you always happy, or sometimes angry, bitter, and grudge-holding?

When you repent of your hate, then you are new.

The old ways of needing people to dance, to your always changing tune, ceases.

Are you new?

Telling my husband, after he asks, "What do you want for Valentine's Day?" that I want for nothing, and that I am so happy just as I am, and just with him, is freeing not only to him, but for me.

Yes. The Lord sets free the woman who repents, once and for all time.

She lives as the woman we see in Proverbs 31.

Always doing. Always wise. Never in need.

That's the sound of freedom.

Do you know of it?

Do you sing of it?

Do you proclaim its message?

February 7, 2017

Does that sound like freedom to you?

Many, who profess to be Christians, will say that they are free to sin.

How does that comport with the words of Jesus?

He said that he sets people free, and not only free, but free indeed.

Everyone can sin before they even know the name of Jesus.

Everyone knows of that freedom.

Everyone has the "I do what I want" nature before being given, as a gift, the new nature.

Everyone knows jealousy, envy, strife, hate, sexual promiscuity, and the whole gamut of sin.

Everyone knows sin intimately, as in it is their nature, before being made new.

And Romans 8:2 tells us that those who have been born new are free from sin and death.

Sin and death go hand-in-hand always.

Think carefully about the prepositions used in Scripture.

You will find that we are free from sin to love.

Those who have been set free from bondage will not go back into it, spiritually speaking.

I know that there are people today who choose to do wrong in order to go back to jail.

A roof over the head and food in the belly are a big draw to the hungry, and lazy.

The prodigal son represents everyone who leaves the Father at the point of accountability.

Babies, and young children, who cannot make a decision to repent, for they do not understand the concept, are the Father's children, and will go to heaven when they die.

Older children, who leave the Father, and choose to go their own way, will not go to heaven unless they come to their senses, and go to the Father.

Notice that the prodigal son, who is called "the younger son" in Scripture, while still in the world, did not come to his senses by remembering great parties, fat calves, robes, and rings, and then decide to go to the Father, but he thought of the servants of the Father, and that caused him to turn.

He said to the Father, "I have sinned."

Then the party started.

Have you really accepted the fact that your little bit of jealousy, lust, and bitterness is sin?

Is the angst you harbor in your heart really hate?

Is it really murder? (Like Jesus says that it is? Do you really agree with him?)

Are you really calling it as the Father calls it?

When the prodigal made it back to the Father, then the party started. Then the son knew the Father.

Do you honestly believe that upon knowing the Creator intimately, then you would choose to sin?

After knowing great peace that cannot be explained by human tongue, then would you hate again?

If you say that you would, then you have not known my Father.

The world, where people try to be good, represents the law of sin.

It is a picture of people striving to be kind, and failing, for to truly love as God commands, then the love must never end, and the kindness is for everyone, not a few select best girlfriends, and buddies.

Why does that law, of trying, bring death?

It fails.

Failure is death. One cannot love imperfectly and see God. Not seeing God means that one perishes.

However, there is good news.

It is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He died for you. His spirit lives in the repentant to do what could not be done prior to new life.

No longer is there a "trying" when one knows the Father through repentance.

Does "trying" sound like freedom to you?

I tried all day long to be good, and love as I knew I should, before I repented, and I failed miserably.

The law of sin and death says to be good, but does not provide a way to do it.

The redeemed are not free to choose hate.

They've done that. They've been there too. Hate is not in the new nature that is given.

The sound of freedom is no more hate ever again.

No more fits of rage. No more angst. No more slamming doors. No more rants. No more fighting.


It is a gift, in the form of a new nature, given by the Father to the repentant.

If you say that you are have been redeemed, then from what has the Son set you free?

February 5, 2017

Are God's conerns the same as yours?

God has plans that he wants to see implemented in your life.

Those plans are for your future.

Do you think that God knows that your time on this earth is as a breath?

Of course, he wrote the passage about that fact, and in knowing that your life is a vapor, do you think that God is concerned about your momentary life here on earth, or your eternal life?

Many preachers would have you think that God wants you to have lots of money, and whatnot, and that he is all about your prosperity here, and now, and that you should never have an ache, or pain.

Tell that to the apostle Paul.

And of course, God desires that your life on this earth be blessed.

But what more blessed can one get than with having grace applied to a sin-sick soul?

The only way that happens is for the goodness of God to be born in a soul through Jesus Christ and that occurs when one agrees with God about the sin that they do.

Is your concern for everyone the same as God's concern for all?

Do you see all others with eternity in mind?

What is it that you do daily to demonstrate the love of God to others?

With what motivation do you do the deeds you do?

Those who are redeemed see eternity in everyone that they meet, and know.

Is the driving force in your life to have fun, be entertained, and sit in the shade with iced tea?

Is life boring unless ..... what? What makes life worth living for you? Is it of eternal value?

Do you serve when no one else will, or do you manipulatively try to make others serve? 

When no one else does what the redeemed are called to do, they still do it, and they pay no attention to the works of others, for their eyesight has been made new, and they are compelled to love.

Blessedly, they have no option. God keeps them from stumbling. They walk only on the narrow road.

They love, with love that does not need to be refilled on Sundays, in a hyped-up praise service, that feeds the emotions, as would a pep rally for Super Bowl fans, or a soulful song about a rainy day in Georgia, or as would a tearjerker chick-flick, or what? What moves you? Thoughts of winning the lottery? Thoughts of a vacation? Thoughts of what? When is it that you pick yourself up and love?

The love of God flows in the redeemed, and never runs dry (Romans 5:5).

"For Christ's love compels us, 
because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. 
And he died for all, 
that those who live should no longer live for themselves 
but for him who died for them and was raised again. 
So from now on, we regard no one from a worldly point of view. 
Though we once regarded Christ this way, we do so no longer."
 II Corinthians 5:14-16

February 4, 2017

A true friend


When I think of how Scripture defines a true friend, I don't envision a bobble-head.

(Read Proverbs 19:20, Proverbs 13:20, Proverbs 27:5-6.)

A bobble-head is a "yes" person.

We may think that a "yes" person would make an awesome husband, or friend.

Imagine someone who only says, "Yes," to every desire.

But bobble-heads never challenge anyone's thoughts or actions.

They don't bring a sword to the discussion.

They do a  person no good.

Many preachers are like that.

They bring no word of correction for fear of losing the membership, and money.

They are easy.

They live lives of only smiles, and only say, "Sure, do that. That's great! Terrific!"

They preach positive thinking and speaking, and sadly, that doesn't include the word "repent."

And what someone might be about to do just might be catastrophic, but the bobble-head will give a thumbs-up, and say, "Think positive!" as over the cliff they go because of poor decisions.

The bobble-head will not be at the bottom of the cliff, however, waiting to tend anyone.

They will be shaking their heads then, and saying sweet platitudes like, "My goodness, that is too bad. I hope you get better soon," as they turn away, go shopping, have lunch, and watch TV.

Are you a true friend?

Are you a wise mother?

In Proverbs 31, we see the wise mother saying to her son, "What are you doing?"

In essence, the wise mother will challenge her children, and say, "Think about your actions."

Do you bring the Sword to conversations with your friends, and children?

Are you shining the Word on the thoughts, and actions of others?

Jesus, the best friend anyone can have, came into this world with a mission.

It was not to bring peace, but a sword, and no doubt, he brought it every time (Matthew 10:34).

And why not?

Truth sets free.

To those who have ears to hear, freedom sounds wonderful.

Love for others means that one longs for all others to be free.

That requires repentance from sin.

When was the last time someone, a good friend, asked you about your sins?

When was the last time that your ways, and words were challenged?

Has your pastor encouraged you to repent of the hate that you have?

Do the ones with whom you socialize just sympathize, and agree with all that you do?

Do you appreciate being challenged?

Do you challenge your friends?

Love for others will produce in you a message of freedom.

It sounds exactly like the word "repent" for that is the only way anyone is free from bondage.

Or stay in the pigsty, and be a bobble-head, for as the world says, "Misery loves company."

Or repent of your sins, and be free, and live the life of a true friend.

Bring the truth. If you have it in you, then you will.

No one, who is free, and who has the truth in them, lives under a basket.

Their light shines.

Are you a true friend?

February 3, 2017

You don't repent.

Let me rephrase that.

You don't repent, and then move from one sin, to another sin, which you commit, and then grow weary of it, and then repent of it, and then move on through life in that viscous, burdensome cycle.

That is not indeed freedom from anything.

Constant repentance is not a concept found in Scripture.

According to Scripture, no one grows weary of sinning. They do, however, remember that God says to repent, and they long for fellowship with him, and to be heard by him, and they repent. Once.

Remember that all sin is boiled down to one sin.


One does not repent of jealousy (which is hate), and then move on to gossip (which is hate), and repent of it, and then move on to covet what their neighbor has (which is hate).

All sin is hate in one form or another.

Jesus did not say in Matthew 4:17 to repent, and then repent again, and then repent again.

He commands that we repent.

And you will not repent, and go on sinning.

To repent is to agree with God about sin.

In essence, when one repents, they are saying that they agree with God that their sin is hate.

They agree that it is evil.

They, in agreeing that sin is evil, are saying that they don't want evil in their life.

Then the miracle occurs that is not the doing of any mere human.

The miracle is the ability to always love.

It is the gift of God. It comes with being born-again. The old is gone, the new comes into a soul.

Please study repentance.

Do not be deceived that to repent means that you go on sinning.

That is a lie.

It is proclaimed by those who also enjoy the sin that they do. It is preached by the blind leading the blind. The new nature hates sin, and those, who are new, no longer sin (hate), for they are filled with love, as a river (Romans 5:5). To be filled with love leaves no room for hate.

Would you continue to sin?

It's a choice.

What will you choose today to do about the sin that you do?

Keep in mind that right after Jesus said (in Matthew 4:17) to repent, he also reminds us of the brevity of life. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Scoff if you will, or repent. Obey, or live in sin.

It's your choice.

Who is blind?

"But anyone who hates.....is still living and walking in darkness. Such a person does not know the way to go, having been blinded by the darkness," I John 2:11.

Notice the word "still" in that passage.

What is being said is that there will be many who think that they are saved, but because they still sin, then they are still in darkness even though they think that they are in the light.

To sin is to be in darkness.

Sin, in anyone who does it, is death.

Darkness is sin is death.

All sin is boiled down to hate.

To covet is to hate another who has what you want, and you'd take what they have if possible.

To lie is to hate because you are not being truthful to others, and you deceive them.

To commit adultery is to hate, not only the spouse of the one with whom you have relations, but you hate the one with whom you have relations because what is being brings destruction to that person.

To steal is to hate because you take what belongs to another, and in taking what is theirs, you prove you care not for them.

When Jesus says that all the law (the ten commandments) are boiled down to two, and it all boils down to love, he is saying to not love God, and neighbor is to hate them with the acts that you do.

So the blind are those who sin, and all those who sin, hate.

All sin is boiled down to hate.

Does your pastor still sin?

Would he say that all people, including himself, sin no matter that they say that they are Christians?

If so, then he is blind, and he is the "blind leading the blind" to whom Jesus refers in Matthew 15:14.

If he would say that he still sins, then what if his sin is stealing, or lying, or adultery?

Does it really matter if all sin is boiled down to hate?

If he still sins, then his sin is hate.

So is yours.

To be free from sin, then one must repent of it.

Agree with God that the sin that you do is hate.

Then what happens?

What is the gospel message?

From what is a soul saved?

From what is a soul freed?

What is given at true salvation?

It is everlasting life, and life and death do not dwell together, and sin is death, and death is sin.

Sin and everlasting life are opposites.

Which one dwells in you?

Sin or everlasting life?

Being in Christ Jesus, are you the righteousness of God, or do you still sin?

What does I John 2:11 tell us about those who still sin?

What about your pastor?

Does he still sin?

Many blind are leading many blind to hell.

Jesus said so.

Do you believe his words?

Are you blind?

Or have you seen the light?

Is there really no more darkness, no more night in your life?

To see the Light one must not be in darkness ever again.

To see the Light, repent, as he commands.

Matthew 4:17, "From that time on, Jesus began to preach, repent...."

"Nobody is happy all of the time."

Are you blessed?

If you are blessed, then you are a child of the King.

Only those who are peacemakers, full of mercy, pure in heart, and who hunger and thirst after righteousness are blessed, happy, and not just sometimes, but always.

So yes, some, a few in this world, are happy all of the time.

They do not have to try to be happy. They do not work for it. They've been given life.

All striving has ceased. Every morning they wake to a blessed new day. They always rejoice.

They don't try to do it, they cannot help but do it.

The burden (of sin) has been eternally lifted from them.

They do not pray for peace for their soul for they have the spirit of the Lord.

The Lord is peace.

He guards their minds, and God is not slack in his duties (Philippians 4:7).

Knowing him is strength, and they know him once and for all time (Psalm 28:7), and they don't need to be reminded that they know God; he is not forgettable.

He is the embodiment of what a soul longs to have, and when he fills a soul, that soul is not in need.

That soul knows peace for they know God.

So if you are one of the few, then when you hear, "Nobody is happy all of the time," then you will know that the person who speaks those words does not know the Lord.

Why would a soul not be happy all of the time when they are the righteousness of God?

Why would a soul not be happy all of the time when sin no longer rules in their heart ever again?

Why would a soul not be happy all of the time when heaven waits for them?

"Blessed (happy) are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence."
Jeremiah 17:7

Blessed, yes happy, all the time.

Is the Lord your hope and confidence?

Do you trust in him?

Upon repenting, one can trust as commanded.

Obedience (eternal life) is a gift given. 

Sin brings death (not eternal life).
Have you agreed with God about your sin?

If not, then you will not be happy all of the time.

Sin still rules you. Your striving has not ceased. The burdens of life are still yours.

A blessed happy life waits for those who trust that what God has said is true.

Sin keeps one bound in lies, hate, unhappiness, worry, and fear.

Those who keep on sinning are up one day, and down the next.

Singing one moment, and screaming the next.

If that describes you, then you are not happy all the time, and you are still striving.

When the onus is on you, then the burdens are heavy, and eternal happiness eludes you.

Sin, and trying not to sin, is a burden that kills and destroys (John 20:10).

That's why we are commanded to repent.

Why would you wait? Do not be deaf to truth. Agree with God.

February 2, 2017

What's your message?

What do you proclaim?

Does your message sound like one who is crying in the wilderness?

Or is your message similar to what the world preaches?

Is it one of light verses darkness, or do you talk of positive energy, and negative energy?

Do you promote yoga, and positive thinking, and meditation, or are you different?

Are you salt? Do you shed light on darkness? What is darkness to you?

In this world, is are there only two forces at work, evil and righteousness?

Are there gray areas where Christians can dabble a bit, just here and there?

Do you try to stay positive, or have you been crucified with Christ?

Is your money viewed as something you deserve, and you'll spend it as you want?

Or is all that you have a gift, and none of it belongs to you, and do you do the bidding of God with it?

What does God bid? What does he want? How does a Christian live?

Is it according to the latest out of Zondervan Press, or is it from every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord, and do you prefer to live by platitudes, or truth, and do you walk the wide road, or the narrow road, and what would you tell someone the narrow road consists of on a daily basis?

What is the truth of the gospel?

Are you just too busy to be salt, and light, and do you find it easier not to bring the Sword to a conversation? Those who know God, speak wisdom. He gives it to them, not sparingly either.

The message of the redeemed is one that does not change, nor blow this way, and then that way according to the ever changing "wisdom" of the world, who will mix a bit of truth with a lie making the whole thing corrupt, but it will tickle the ears, and it will sell.


Because it will give the buyer what they want to hear.

It gives a way out of following the truth.

The world will give you excuses to behave differently than what God commands.

The message of the gospel is one that divides the sheep from the goats.

In Matthew 10, we see that Jesus did not come to bring peace but a sword.

What does that mean?

And he goes on to say that the redeemed will have enemies that are in their own home.

What about that?

What does a sword do?

The Word, a sword, cuts through the evil ways in a person's heart, and exposes it.

Has that happened to you? Has the Word shown you your evil? If so, do you agree that it is evil?

When you agree that the sin that you do is indeed sin, then you will indeed be free from it.


That is my message, and I proclaim it every chance I'm given.

It is not a "fun" message because it implies someone is sinning.

The odd thing about that is that every Christian I know will tell me that they still sin, but for goodness sake, please don't imply that they sin! It is as if they want to hide the sin but still say that every Christian sins. If that is the case, then they sin! So, agree that it is sin. Or keep it, and perish in it.

That is the message Jesus proclaimed.

Sin separates you from God every time. You cannot sin and know God. When you repent, he purifies your heart, as a gift of grace to you, and you, because of his strength in you, are never the same again.


If you still lust, and covet, and tell lies, then you are not new.

He makes a person new.

Are you new?

What message do you proclaim that is one that speaks of good news?

Is it good news that I will still fight sin like was done before Jesus?

Why the need for what Jesus did if people went to heaven anyway before all that he endured?

What is the good news?

February 1, 2017

You're not perfect?

Supposed Christians will say, "I'm not perfect," or "Nobody's perfect," or in some way transmit the message that they are lacking in their lives, so don't expect too much, and don't expect it all the time.

How can that be so?

Do they get to pick and choose when to be perfect? Like when the weather suits them, and when they haven't got a headache, and when they aren't hungry, and when they've had a good rest?

For the one who is the righteousness of Christ, how are they not perfect?

For the one made new, how are they not always loving God with all of their heart?

How do they not love their neighbor as they love themselves?

What is it that is really being said?

If you claim not to be perfect, then are you saying that there are still imperfections?

If so, then what does God call those imperfections?

What do you call them?

Is it sin?

If you would call it sin, then what sin is it?

Why, if you are new, do you still do it?

Do you know why it is that Jesus says sin is committed?

Do you care, or do you still want to do those sins, and do you still want to give excuses?

Excuses like, "I'm not perfect!"

How is that sentiment any comfort to those who are bound in sexual sin, drunkenness, covetousness, jealousies, fits of rage, gossip, homosexuality, and all manner of evil, not to mention hate, or murder?

How would you tell them to be free?

"Work at it!"

Is that what you would say, and is that what you think when it comes to the freedom Jesus offers?

How is that easy?

How is that not "of works" of which one could boast if they "work at it" and are then free?

Does God give the saved soul the resources to set themselves free from sin?

If so, then what are those resources?

All that I know is that the redeemed are free, and they are new, and they have the Holy Spirit in them.

And that light and dark do not dwell together.

And that the reason sin is committed is because of a love for it.

And Jesus said all those things, and those who believe in him, believe what he said.

In other words, they DO what he said.

The first thing he said to do was to repent.

Nothing is new until one repents.

Then what happens?

They are perfect. They have (as a gift) the righteousness of Christ in them. They love.

They do not go around becoming perfect, by striving, and finding the ability to love simply by saying over and over again, "I am the righteousness of God." They repeat no mantras. They are free.

Are you free?

Are you perfect?

Are you really the righteousness of God?