January 18, 2017

What you love

Humans will do what they love.

What fills your time, and your days?

Is it eating, clean, or otherwise?



Decorating, and redecorating?

Is your time spent conniving how you can get out of doing anything at all?

What is it that occupies your time, and thoughts?

The needs of others, or yourself?

You do know that you are to love yourself, right?

If you love yourself to the exclusion of others, then is that love of self?

To be self-indulgent to the exclusion of others ..... what would you call that?

Tending to self is not evil. Jesus slept, and ate. And he loved others just like he loved himself.

He fed others, and calmed the seas so that others could rest.

He tended to others who were not grateful, and others who left him in the dust when the going got tough. Do you do that? When the tending is difficult, do you run, or look for others to tend what is yours to do, and does the Lord find you sleeping when he's commanded that you pray?

When he commanded the disciples, "Pray that you won't enter into temptation," they went to sleep.

Have you fallen asleep?

Are the people that the Lord has commanded us to love the ones that you love?

Or is it only the lovely?

The ones you consider to be similar to you?

Or the like-minded ones, and ones who require nothing of you?

If not, then you love not.

In not loving, and while you may say that you love God, you don't love him.

The law of God is boiled down to love God with all your heart, and others as self.

Is that what defines your life?

The truly redeemed woman, who doesn't simply proffer lip-service, obeys.

What she loves are the ways of God, and who a woman loves, she serves.

Her service is without preference for one over another for prejudice is a sin, and she's been washed.

What you do shows the world, and God, who it is that you love.

What is that?

Who is it?

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