January 13, 2017

What you know

What is it that you feel free to discuss?

Whatever that topic is will be something that you know well, intimately, and typically soundly.

If in a conversation, the topic of science arises, do you shrink back in your chair?

What about housekeeping?

Dog training?

Maybe it's music, either what is popular, or how to play it, or what you think music constitutes?

Whatever you enjoy discussing is what is in your heart.

It will be what you know.

Do you know God?

Do you love to talk about him, his ways, his word?

Do you long to talk about him while others discuss the weather, the next upcoming sports event, the latest out of Hollywood, or what is on the bestsellers list concerning books, or fashion, or decor?

The heart of the redeemed woman is single-minded to its core.

Is yours?

Do you long to talk only about your Savior, and the God you serve, and all about his ways?

What is it that freely comes out of your heart, and that you consider worthy of discussion?

If it is not solely of God, then he has not cleansed you, nor filled you.

He will only have all of you, not parts of you.

He will have all your heart, or none of it.

The branch abides (only) in the Vine, not in other things, and finds delight solely in the Lord, and the things of the Lord, and longs to be in heaven with him, and this world is as ashes in the mouth.


The world leaves the saint bewildered.

They want for nothing, and long for heaven, not more of God, for the redeemed are filled with him.

Nothing full of something, that continues to be filled, needs anything, nor wants for anything.

The redeemed do not sing "More of you," for they have all of him.

The fruit are completely present in the truly saved, or does fruit grow where sin dwells?

What is it you love to talk about with whomever will listen?

Is there anything that fills you to over-flowing?

What you know, what is in you, will fill your words.

What is it that you hear coming out of you?

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