January 28, 2017

"Watch out that no one deceives you."

Are you on a watch?

What do you watch?

What you watch, and what you think, determines your deception.

The redeemed will not, and cannot be deceived.

Why is that so?

They have been bought with the supreme sacrificial price.

They have been crucified along with the Sacrifice.

They no longer live.

Can someone dead be deceived?

Can someone, who is dead, still sin?

Can someone dead, to the ways of this world, love this world?

If you love this world, in any way, shape, or form, you are living in deception.

How will you know if you love the world?

The answers lies in whom you love.

Do you love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself?

If so, then you will not behave in a prejudicial way to anyone.

You will speak truth— always.

You will hear of wars, and rumors of wars, but you will have no fear.


You've been born new.

Does a baby make themselves be born?

Did you do anything to make yourself be born in the first place?

Being born new, or being born-again, happens to you.

You do nothing to make yourself new.

Or do the redeemed work their way to perfection?

What does it mean to repent?

To repent does not mean to feel sorry for wrong-doing.

A person who commits adultery can feel sorry for it, and then continue to do it.

If that same person, before committing adultery, agreed that adultery causes immediate death, then would they do it?

To repent, or metanoia in the Greek, is to agree with God concerning how he defines sin.

Do you know what God says about sin?

Do you know that he says that only those who diligently seek him will find him?

Have you made a diligent search for God?

Do you study the Word?

Is sin sometimes not dark, or deadly, and if not, then what is it when it is not deadly?

Do you know?

What would you say, and what do you say to the adulterer, liar, and hater?

What do you say to the sinner?

Know this, you are always saying something whether words come out of your mouth, or not.

Don't be deceived.

In Matthew 24:4, Jesus indicates that individuals get to choose whether to be deceived or not.

It's a choice.

What have you chosen right now, this day?

When/if you choose to repent, then will you choose differently later?

Can a soul choose to agree with God, and then change their mind?

Are you as the wind, and do you toss about in your beliefs, or are you on solid footing?

What happens to those who are on solid footing?

Do they slip?

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