January 15, 2017

To whom does he speak?

Look at the wise woman's husband.

Where do you find him?

What is he doing?

With whom is he having a conversation?

I find it fascinating that women seem to love to say that they want their husbands to share with them, and talk about everything with them, and on and on it goes about talk, talk, talk.

And if you are not having those "deep" conversations with your husband?

Well....something is wrong!

We find that the wise woman described in Proverbs 31 is doing many, many things.

She is very active in her life.

She buys, and sells, instructs, keeps her home, but not once do we see her talking with her husband.

I'm sure that she did. Husbands and wives talk. Yet is that a priority with her?

Read about her again if you want a study in how a wise woman lives.

Read about what her family knows about her.

Read about her and find out how she is a helper to her husband.

See that a wise woman can go about her day completely trusting the Lord and being quiet.

Trust and quiet go hand in hand.

The fearful speak, and are anxious, and cry, and wring their hands, and have no faith.

A gentle and quiet spirit is found in the wise woman.

To whom does she speak?

Continually with the God whom she loves, and obeys, and while tempted to dominate, she doesn't.

She rests, and is restored, and rejoices.

She knows peace that passes understanding.

Her contemporary counterparts, in the world, would laugh should they know of her belief.

They would mock her.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad when others don't understand your lifestyle.

Great is your reward in heaven.

Love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself is the command.

It doesn't say, "Convert your husband, and make sure he knows the Word, and discusses it with you."

Love him. Pray for him. Submit to him, and in so doing, you help him.

To God be the glory, or do you want that glory?

Whom do you serve?

Will you repent, back down, and let God bring your man to where he wants him?

Or will you be as a constant drip, drip, drip?

Will your husband be glad to live with you, or will he desire to be on the roof?

To whom does he speak?

Would you consume all the oxygen, or will you repent, and let God speak to him?

Would your husband say that you serve him, or that you try to rule him?

If you are trying to be "god" to your husband, then you do not serve God.

The servant of the Lord is obedient.

Are you?

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