January 8, 2017

To what are you dedicated?


The man, more people think they know than any other.

Yet, Scripture tells us that he made of himself no reputation.

Do you?

Are you looking for accolades, and when you don't get them, do you wonder why not?

And do you think less of others who do not think highly of you?

And do you always wonder what others are thinking of you?

And when you do get accolades, then do you think, "It's about time."

Philippians 2:7 tells us that Jesus made nothing of himself.


He became a servant.

Do you?

Servants are in the background, always doing grunt work.

Work no one else wants to do, and it is work that most people try at all times to escape— if possible.

Servant work is repetitive activity.

Boring work, some would describe it.

Is your life defined by servant work?

Dishes. Meal prep. Grocery shopping. Toilet scrubbing. Floor mopping. Bed making.

Are you looking to escape the life of a servant?

Do your eyes see who isn't working, or who ought to work, or do you watch to see who sees you?

Jesus humbled himself.

Imagine washing the dirty feet of those who could jolly well wash their own stinking feet.

Imagine the King of all kings doing just that.

Imagine not complaining about it.

Jesus had the VERY NATURE of a servant (Philippians 2:7).

Do you?

The only way for that to occur is not by works.

It is by, while still in sin, agreeing with God about it.

God makes the repentant what he wants of them.

The redeemed are people who love God, and others as themselves.

They don't look for adoration, nor do they want it, for they are whole.

Wholly content, satisfied, loving, and dead to the desires of the flesh.

All men are equal in their eyes.

They love without prejudice.

They have the very nature of a servant.

Which nature do you have?

Do you call attention to yourself, or do you lift up the name of the one true God?

Do you hope for servants, or are you one?

Does the life of a celebrity appeal to you, and appear idyllic?

Do you want to be the one who hires the servants, and do you hope to keep your fingernails clean?

At all cost, what do you long to do, become, or have?

Do a little examination of your heart.

It definitively informs the seeker.

Is your drive, and dream to have status?

The wide road allows for that.

On the narrow road walks the servant.

Where do your feet walk?

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