January 5, 2017


"Our sufficiency is from God."

Paul says that is the case for the redeemed in II Corinthians 3:5-6.

The redeemed can do all things through the power that raised Jesus from the dead.

And the all that is required by God is to love him completely, and the neighbor too.

Nothing else is commanded.

The law is summed up in those two things.

That's it.

Nothing more.

Are you doing those two things???

There is no lack in this life for the true believer.

For the redeemed, the ability to love is never of, by, or because of what they have done.

They are whole.

While still in sin, one repents, and is then MADE whole.

Wholeness (sufficiency) is a gift, and the receiver never boasts, but instead is eternally grateful.

They are full of thanks, love, gentleness, courage, and prayer.

They are sufficient.


They have enough love to give to everyone, no one is excluded.

They never run out!

They have plenty of patience.

And joy, and peace, and they are ministers of the new covenant, not the old law, of trying to keep rules of their own effort, for the Spirit has given them life, a new nature, and they are full, content.

Are you?

Or do you try, and strive, and work at it? Must you listen to a sermon, good music, or have a walk, a bath, a good meal, or rest before you can love? If so, then your living is of you, and your efforts.

And you will find that style of life draining, exhausting, and futile.

That is the experience of those still living the Old Testament life.

Try, and fail, and keep trying, and needing a sacrifice over and over.

But there is no more sacrifice if you continue to sin (Hebrews 10:26).

Everyone who still sins, after supposedly getting saved, loves to point to Romans 7 where Paul says that he still sins even though he doesn't want to do that, but understand (from verse 1) to whom he is speaking, and that is to people who love the law, and know it, and try to live according to it.

His audience then, and now, are those who try.

Is your vocabulary full of that word?

"I'm going to try to do better, be better, talk better, love better."

That's not the new covenant life.

The truly redeemed no longer try. They don't do that, and they know it.

They have been given a new nature.

All their living is of, by, and for God.

All of it.

Do you  have a new nature?

Do you still sin?

If so, then you do not have the new nature.

Repent for your time on earth is short, and you will soon leave this world.

The redeemed are looking forward daily to that event, and until then they are sufficient.

They have enough.

They never lack. They know how to rejoice in having lots, or little. They just simply always rejoice.

They have been pulled from the miry clay that is the death-trap of sin, and they sin no more.

They have a new nature, the old is GONE.

Is it gone in you?

You cannot pray away your sin. You repent of it. Agree with God that your lust is adultery.

Agree with God that your "not liking" people is hate.

Agree with God that you do not love him with all your heart, nor your neighbor as yourself.

To not obey is sin, and those who continue in sin (are unloving) do not love God (I John 4:8).

Agree with him about that.

To agree with God is to truly believe in Jesus.

Belief in Jesus is to do his Word.

We cannot DO his Word until we repent, and then the doing of it is accomplished by the Spirit, not self, and the trying stops, and the yoke is found to be easy, and the burden light.

Then sufficiency is not just talked about, but it is known, and it is fact.

Is sufficiency your daily walk?

Having little, yet giving generously?

Having no earthly being truly love you, yet loving beyond measure?

Having been emptied of sin, the redeemed are filled to over-flowing with love (Romans 5:5).

Yes, they are sufficient.

Are you?

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