January 8, 2017

Someone is hungry

Someone is hungry, dirty, lonely, needy, beaten-up, and in a ditch somewhere.

Do you care?

Or are you looking to be fed, coddled, and kept?

Your heart will automatically be one way or the other.

The degenerate heart cannot but be needy, always looking for someone to care for them, while gnawing at the back of their minds is the hint of knowing that they should be giving.

Giving, for the degenerate, is perfunctory.

Something done, to then be done with, so that they can then go about their day serving self.

Someone is always hungry.

Jesus said that the poor will always be among us.

Is he implying to simply ignore the poor?


Perfume is to be poured out liberally.

A sweet fragrance is always a good thing.

The gospel message is just that.

The gospel message is about freedom.

The soul set free is then a soul who freely gives.

To someone who is hungry, needy, and lonely, the free soul shares energy, time, and goods.

Never fearful of supply, for the God, who has set them free, gives them all that they need.

Is your giving perfunctory?

It is not like having a second nature to do what is required by God, to love him with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.

Second nature implies an acquired skill.

God gives a new nature to the repentant.

The redeemed don't work at giving until they finally get it, as if they have an "ah-ha" moment.

No work is involved in receiving the new nature.

The new nature is imparted upon repentance, and the redeemed woman gives.

Will she be tempted to not give??? Sometimes. But she dies to self, put on an apron, and gives.

Do you?


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