January 17, 2017

Not a few, but every

How is a woman to live?

With all that one must do, how do we go about our day?

How are we to live?

No matter what has happened to us, or how we were raised, we are commanded to live one way.

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God."

We only really live when what we do reflects all of God's word.

Jesus commands that (Matthew 4:4).

All of God's word has been summed up in two great commands (Luke 10:27).

Can you imagine hearing preaching from just that verse for the rest of your life?

Those who have repented would totally get it. Love is the theme. It's why they live.

A woman can think that praising God is a good thing to do, and that he must surely be pleased with her enough so that submitting to her husband is not always really required.

A woman can assume that talking about God is enough, and therefore serving others is an option.

A woman can build a ministry for God, and because she is so busy doing great things for God then it is okay to ignore her home.

Would God really ask a woman to do something and in the doing of it then give her a pass?

Why would God, who has given the redeemed woman his spirit need to give her a pass?

Why would she want one?

Love is not given to a woman only for her to then dry up in her affection for her husband.

Resurrection power is not given to a woman and then she in turn says that things are too difficult.


That woman will find all her burdens light, and the yoke easy.

Every single time, and she will abide by every word God has spoken, not just a few of them.

What is it that you do?

For your husband?

Every single day?

Do you love him, not for a few days, but every single day?

What is it that you tangibly do for him?

Is you love for him a gift that you give if he deserves it?

Is it reserved for the weekends, or evenings, or his birthday, and do you set aside special times?

Or, like the love that flows from God, is it always being poured on him?

Listen carefully.

The things that you do will tell on you.

Examine them.

The words that you say may be sweet as sugar, and your heart may be far from him.

God talks about that.

He says that there are those who talk a big talk, and yet they do not love him (Matthew 15:8).

Only those who obey really love him (John 14:23).

Do you obey God? If so, is it of your doing? Or is it really a new nature that allows you to obey?

Have you repented?

Only those who repent know God.

Only those who agree with God about sin will stop it.

Have you stopped?

Not a few sins, but every single one?

If not, which ones do you still do?

Why will you not repent?

If your eye is single, then you have the new nature.

If you walk with a double-mind, then in everything, not a few, you are unstable (James 1:8).

Hard to believe isn't it.

Yet, the repentant soul will believe every word, not a few, that comes out of the Word.

Do you believe every word of God?

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