January 19, 2017

Freedom isn't forgotten

If you've ever been caked in stinking mud from a sewer, and could not see straight, and the stench from the mud caused continuous confusion in your mind, and the mire about your feet prohibited you from walking as you desperately desired, and then, through no effort on your part, had all the stink removed, and replaced with love, then you would never forget being washed free from that stink.

The love never ends its flow in the redeemed soul.

Thus, how is it possible to forget?

I have heard supposed redeemed women say that they need to be reminded to be thankful for what God has done for them.

All I think when I hear such as that is, "You have yet to be set free."

They make the Lord a liar to say that his freedom is forgettable.

For he does not simply set free.

His freedom is indeed freedom (John 8:36).

It's not just a little freedom here, and then maybe a bit more there, and maybe more later...maybe.

It's the difference between night and day, chains, and weightlessness, worry, and carefree.

And it is everlasting.

Oh yes, women can talk about God, raise their hands in praise, cast out demons, and talk about the Word, and not know God. That is what Jesus said happens to those who have a good talk going on, but have hearts that are far from him. The heart that is far from God is not a contrite heart.

God gives a contrite heart to the repentant.

The freedom that the Lord brings into a life is not some trivial, or trite occurrence.

It isn't forgotten.


No one needs to remind the freed captive to be thankful.

They have a continuously grateful heart.

You'll not find them complaining about anything.

What compares to being blind, and then seeing, or hating, and then only knowing love?

Those who have been washed in grace see newness every day in every way.

What do you see, and know, and proclaim, and do your feet take you to service?

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