January 21, 2017

Faith without works

Many will say that they have faith in Jesus, and yet they lie, steal, cheat, and are lazy, and demanding, and do not obey the Lord's commands, for they have not love, and the degenerate can say all the words that sound right, and be lost, and they will go to hell, though they say "right" words.

Hebrews 11:6 tells us about those who really know God.

Have you earnestly sought God, or did you easily walk an aisle?

God only rewards those who desperately seek him.

A child typically does not do that. They are easily led to do as their superiors wish. It is not wise to think that a child can know what earnestly seeking God really is, but it is wise to instruct them in the ways of God, and many don't do that, for they are simply relieved when that child walks the aisle.

They know not what they are doing for the most part.

If you think that all one needs to do is say the "right" words, then you are in error.

Jesus speaks to all of us, but not everyone is doing what he says to do.

Those who really love the Father do as he commands.


They don't lie, cheat, or steal.

They don't gossip, cause trouble, nor are they hoarders of their money.

The Word speaks of a faith that is dead.

Dead faith belongs to those who still won't submit to their husbands, and to those who still lie, and to those who still take his name in vain, and to those who do not lift a finger to help a stranger.

The truly faithful live and breathe to serve, and their fingers are guided constantly by the Holy Spirit.

They continuously work, and love, though they see not the automatic results of their labor, and love.

They don't need to see results, they have seen the Lord, and they trust him completely.

Sight unseen, they work, and until they pass on to glory, they work.

Work is proof of faith.

Getting no recompense for the work is not a bit of concern, for they have a free soul.

Their reward waits.

They can wait.

Do you work?

Like Noah, you've been warned, and like Noah, get to work.

Earnestly seek God.

Then you'll come to know him, and then you'll work, and not of yourself, it will be a gift.


Work is a gift.

Is that how you see it?

Or is life one big struggle?

Jesus tells us that his yoke is easy, and his burden is light but only to those who know God.

To know him, earnestly seek him, or remain lost in sin, and bound to fear, and hate.

Jesus sets free, and free indeed, the souls who seek him, and him alone.

You can have the world, or the Lord.


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