January 22, 2017

Deeper, better, more

Often, in fact a lot of the time, one will hear, in Christian settings, that a person wants to have a better prayer life, or that we can go deeper with the Lord, or that we should pray more.

All of those words (in bold type) are words that imply an ability to do something...better.

How can one really rate that? Does one compare herself to herself? Or to someone else?

If you have a conversation with a person, let's say God, then can it really get any better?

If you pray, let's say always as commanded in Scripture, then can you pray more?

If you know someone, and again, let's say God, then can you know him deeper?

No where do I find references to those words in Scripture, yet Scripture tells us that if will we draw near to God, then he will draw near to us, and in thinking about effort, do you suppose that the effort that God puts into drawing close to you would be anything less that superlative in nature?

Would he draw closer to you...halfway?

Does he draw close to you.... a little at a time?

What is in God's nature that would lead one to think that he provides in piecemeal fashion?

To whom does he reveal himself, and on what grounds does that happen?

And when God draws close to someone, then is that person ever the same, ever again?

Would they say, "That's enough, God. I need a break. I'm good. I'll see you later... bye!"

Then where would that person go?

Where are you?

Are you close to God?

Do you know that it is not a feeling that one has when one has God's presence?

How does it happen that one gets God's attention, and ends up in his presence?

Do you know?

Could you explain it to someone, using Scripture of course, should they ask you about knowing God?

How does that works?

Can one have an encounter with the Creator, and then not remember it, or really want more....of anything.....ever again....EVER???

We fool ourselves.

We sing foolish songs about wanting more, or drawing closer.

We say inane words about praying more, when we really mean...what? Praying at all? Or three times a day, or remembering to make a real effort? Does any of that sound Pharisaical at all?

The intimacy provided for by God to a redeemed soul is as deep as it gets, and the best of everything, and that soul wants nothing more ever again, and to think otherwise is to not know God at all.

Do you know him?

The diligent seeker of God is rewarded.

Hebrews 11:6 talks about faith, and God, and seeking.

As you would seek for a lost treasure, have you sought God?

Not the "things" of God, but to know that he hears you, and that you are known by him?

What is it that you want?

God gives a seeker the desires of their heart, and the desire of the seeker of God is to know him, and nothing more, for He is peace, and joy, and love, and nothing deeper, or better, or more is needed.

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