January 10, 2017

Check your eyesight

And when the woman saw......

What was it that Eve saw in the garden?

(Genesis 3:6)

The tree was good for food.

It was a highly pleasing to her eyes.

She desired it because it would make her wise.

Eve lost focus.

Her desire was not for her husband, or the Lord, or his commands.

What are you desiring?

Is your longing singular?

It is only to love God, and others as yourself?

We do not walk with one foot on the wide road, and the other on the narrow road.

While walking on the wide road, we do not take an occasional stroll on the narrow road.

And while one is on the narrow road, they do not long for the wide road, nor take a detour there.

On the narrow road there is constant communion with God, and peace flows, and contentment reigns.

Eve shows us what life is when we have not repented, and when we do not have the Holy Spirit to empower us to live as commanded, and those who love this world, and the things in it, are dead.

Ephesians 2:1 tells us that the redeemed used to be in something.


It is something that they are not in any longer.

Look it up.

And the next verse tells us that the redeemed used to follow something.


What is it that the truly redeemed do not follow any longer?

And verse 3 tells us that those who follow that something deserve something.


Disobedient souls are deserving of something and will receive it if they fail to repent.

What is it?

And verse 4 explains how it is that a soul is not lost.

And is it because of what happens as explained in verse 5.

And to those who have been brought near to God, they find that he does not give them peace.

He is peace.

When you know God, then you do not pray for peace ever again.

You have it.

Check your eyesight.

What are you seeing? Wanting? What are the desires of your heart?

When you truly delight in the Lord, then you will not want anything this world offers.

You will not pray for stuff.

You will pray differently for others than you did prior.

You will long for all to only know God, and you will love them, for him, and speak truth.

In love, and gentleness, and with long-suffering, and kindness, you nevertheless, speak truth.

Jesus was killed for speaking truth.

Not everyone will love the words of truth, nor will everyone think highly of you for the truth you speak, so rejoice when you are spitefully used, and be concerned if you are not being persecuted.

For everyone who follows Christ on the narrow road shares in his sufferings.


The new nature walks with clear eyes on the road that few walk.

Do you?

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