January 9, 2017

Can't be done

Until one repents, one cannot have faith.

Nor can one love God with all their heart.

Nor love the neighbor as self.

Nor have patience.




Nor truly believe.

In a sinful heart, darkness will prevail.

One may try to love, and be good, and have faith, and be patient, and not worry.

And they may succeed— for the moment.

But life, everlasting life, and freedom?

That is not known until sin is gone.

Do you wonder why you fail at the things of God?

Why do you suppose that is?

Must you try harder?

Where is that found in the Scriptures?

Must you pray more?

Must you remember to do "X, Y, and Z" and then the things of God will be successful in you?

If so, then any "goodness" you may do is of, by, and all about you.

And you will be fickle.

And you will love your husband one moment, and wonder why you married him the next, and be submissive today, and bossy tomorrow, and fix him a meal tonight, and tell him to help himself in the morning, and acknowledge his kisses now, and ignore him later.

Sin causes blindness.

You will think that you are good, but the goodness of God is not here today, and gone tomorrow.

He does not give his righteousness to anyone but the broken, and the contrite, and even that is not known until repentance.

You cannot say, "I'm so remorseful for my evil ways," until you repent, and are washed clean, and then when grace consumes you, not of your doing, you come to understand your evil ways.

While in your evil ways, you do not know how evil you are.

Darkness cannot see straight.

Repent. Agree with God that your desire to wipe some individuals off the face of the earth is hate.

Hate is murder.

Do you agree with Scripture about that?

You cannot really believe in all of the Word until you repent.

Are you in agreement with God concerning your lack of love?

If not, then living for him cannot be done.

Try if you like, but failure is guaranteed.

Those who walk in the light are purified from .... how much sin?

Look it up.

I John 1:7.

Are you contrite?

God is only near to those who have a contrite heart (Psalm 34:8).

The fruit of sin is not contrition, but more sin.

Do you walk in the light?

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