January 7, 2017


It seems that many equate being blessed with having needs met.

With having a home.

A family.



Money in the bank, or enough from week to week.

Maybe you got a raise, or a job promotion, or your garden produce was, or is, extra prolific.

Perhaps you have a husband who takes you on dates, and your children come to visit.

Do you consider yourself blessed?

How do you define it?

How did Jesus define being blessed?

Peacemakers, the pure in heart, the poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek, those who are full of mercy, and those who hunger, and thirst after righteousness— they are the truly blessed.

The person with all of those traits is happy, always happy, and never alone.

It is a lie to believe that a saved soul, who is full of mercy, is not also a peacemaker, or that God gives only some of those attributes to the redeemed soul as if he would withhold any good gift from his child.

As much as we think that we show love, God is love. He is generous, never selfish, and the grafted soul is a joint heir with Christ, and has the mind of Christ, and that soul loves, and over-flows, not with stuff, though they may have worldly goods, but with joy, peace, contentment, and happiness.

But to those, who love the word, they have stuff, and get stuff, and attention, and are first manic, and then depressed. They are up one day, one moment, and down the next.

They are consistently moody, and needy, never is their heart consistently content.



Sin robs the heart of happiness, and puts a cloud of death over a soul.


Do you want to be blessed?


Repent of your sin, and be washed from your sin to sin no more, or continue in your sin.

Choose this day whom you will serve.

It will not be two masters. It can never be two masters. You can fool yourself for a while.

You can think that you can have the world, and the Lord.


He who loves the world, hates God.

Scripture says so (James 4:4).

Do you believe it?


Those who really believe the Word, obey it, and not just occasionally when they try hard enough.

Life with God is not about trying, striving, and working at it.

It is about surrendering your thoughts about sin, and agreeing with what God says about it.

If you are not a peacemaker, and yet draw your next breath, then it is a mercy from God.

You may think that you are happy, but true happiness is knowing God.

Knowing God produces a contented, restful, and worry-free life.

Knowing God does not come from human effort.

Repent. Or hold onto your judging ways, and prejudices, and grudges.

Which way will you choose? 

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