January 28, 2017

"Watch out that no one deceives you."

Are you on a watch?

What do you watch?

What you watch, and what you think, determines your deception.

The redeemed will not, and cannot be deceived.

Why is that so?

They have been bought with the supreme sacrificial price.

They have been crucified along with the Sacrifice.

They no longer live.

Can someone dead be deceived?

Can someone, who is dead, still sin?

Can someone dead, to the ways of this world, love this world?

If you love this world, in any way, shape, or form, you are living in deception.

How will you know if you love the world?

The answers lies in whom you love.

Do you love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself?

If so, then you will not behave in a prejudicial way to anyone.

You will speak truth— always.

You will hear of wars, and rumors of wars, but you will have no fear.


You've been born new.

Does a baby make themselves be born?

Did you do anything to make yourself be born in the first place?

Being born new, or being born-again, happens to you.

You do nothing to make yourself new.

Or do the redeemed work their way to perfection?

What does it mean to repent?

To repent does not mean to feel sorry for wrong-doing.

A person who commits adultery can feel sorry for it, and then continue to do it.

If that same person, before committing adultery, agreed that adultery causes immediate death, then would they do it?

To repent, or metanoia in the Greek, is to agree with God concerning how he defines sin.

Do you know what God says about sin?

Do you know that he says that only those who diligently seek him will find him?

Have you made a diligent search for God?

Do you study the Word?

Is sin sometimes not dark, or deadly, and if not, then what is it when it is not deadly?

Do you know?

What would you say, and what do you say to the adulterer, liar, and hater?

What do you say to the sinner?

Know this, you are always saying something whether words come out of your mouth, or not.

Don't be deceived.

In Matthew 24:4, Jesus indicates that individuals get to choose whether to be deceived or not.

It's a choice.

What have you chosen right now, this day?

When/if you choose to repent, then will you choose differently later?

Can a soul choose to agree with God, and then change their mind?

Are you as the wind, and do you toss about in your beliefs, or are you on solid footing?

What happens to those who are on solid footing?

Do they slip?

January 22, 2017

Deeper, better, more

Often, in fact a lot of the time, one will hear, in Christian settings, that a person wants to have a better prayer life, or that we can go deeper with the Lord, or that we should pray more.

All of those words (in bold type) are words that imply an ability to do something...better.

How can one really rate that? Does one compare herself to herself? Or to someone else?

If you have a conversation with a person, let's say God, then can it really get any better?

If you pray, let's say always as commanded in Scripture, then can you pray more?

If you know someone, and again, let's say God, then can you know him deeper?

No where do I find references to those words in Scripture, yet Scripture tells us that if will we draw near to God, then he will draw near to us, and in thinking about effort, do you suppose that the effort that God puts into drawing close to you would be anything less that superlative in nature?

Would he draw closer to you...halfway?

Does he draw close to you.... a little at a time?

What is in God's nature that would lead one to think that he provides in piecemeal fashion?

To whom does he reveal himself, and on what grounds does that happen?

And when God draws close to someone, then is that person ever the same, ever again?

Would they say, "That's enough, God. I need a break. I'm good. I'll see you later... bye!"

Then where would that person go?

Where are you?

Are you close to God?

Do you know that it is not a feeling that one has when one has God's presence?

How does it happen that one gets God's attention, and ends up in his presence?

Do you know?

Could you explain it to someone, using Scripture of course, should they ask you about knowing God?

How does that works?

Can one have an encounter with the Creator, and then not remember it, or really want more....of anything.....ever again....EVER???

We fool ourselves.

We sing foolish songs about wanting more, or drawing closer.

We say inane words about praying more, when we really mean...what? Praying at all? Or three times a day, or remembering to make a real effort? Does any of that sound Pharisaical at all?

The intimacy provided for by God to a redeemed soul is as deep as it gets, and the best of everything, and that soul wants nothing more ever again, and to think otherwise is to not know God at all.

Do you know him?

The diligent seeker of God is rewarded.

Hebrews 11:6 talks about faith, and God, and seeking.

As you would seek for a lost treasure, have you sought God?

Not the "things" of God, but to know that he hears you, and that you are known by him?

What is it that you want?

God gives a seeker the desires of their heart, and the desire of the seeker of God is to know him, and nothing more, for He is peace, and joy, and love, and nothing deeper, or better, or more is needed.

January 21, 2017

Faith without works

Many will say that they have faith in Jesus, and yet they lie, steal, cheat, and are lazy, and demanding, and do not obey the Lord's commands, for they have not love, and the degenerate can say all the words that sound right, and be lost, and they will go to hell, though they say "right" words.

Hebrews 11:6 tells us about those who really know God.

Have you earnestly sought God, or did you easily walk an aisle?

God only rewards those who desperately seek him.

A child typically does not do that. They are easily led to do as their superiors wish. It is not wise to think that a child can know what earnestly seeking God really is, but it is wise to instruct them in the ways of God, and many don't do that, for they are simply relieved when that child walks the aisle.

They know not what they are doing for the most part.

If you think that all one needs to do is say the "right" words, then you are in error.

Jesus speaks to all of us, but not everyone is doing what he says to do.

Those who really love the Father do as he commands.


They don't lie, cheat, or steal.

They don't gossip, cause trouble, nor are they hoarders of their money.

The Word speaks of a faith that is dead.

Dead faith belongs to those who still won't submit to their husbands, and to those who still lie, and to those who still take his name in vain, and to those who do not lift a finger to help a stranger.

The truly faithful live and breathe to serve, and their fingers are guided constantly by the Holy Spirit.

They continuously work, and love, though they see not the automatic results of their labor, and love.

They don't need to see results, they have seen the Lord, and they trust him completely.

Sight unseen, they work, and until they pass on to glory, they work.

Work is proof of faith.

Getting no recompense for the work is not a bit of concern, for they have a free soul.

Their reward waits.

They can wait.

Do you work?

Like Noah, you've been warned, and like Noah, get to work.

Earnestly seek God.

Then you'll come to know him, and then you'll work, and not of yourself, it will be a gift.


Work is a gift.

Is that how you see it?

Or is life one big struggle?

Jesus tells us that his yoke is easy, and his burden is light but only to those who know God.

To know him, earnestly seek him, or remain lost in sin, and bound to fear, and hate.

Jesus sets free, and free indeed, the souls who seek him, and him alone.

You can have the world, or the Lord.


January 20, 2017

No weapons forged means no mantra repeated

"See, it is I who created the blacksmith who fans the coals into flame and forges a weapon fit for its work. And it is I who have created the destroyer to wreak havoc; no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD (Isaiah 54:16-17)

Are you a servant of the Lord?

If so, then that will be the reason there is not one ounce of worry in your soul.

For God's servants, no weapon formed against them will prosper, and they know this to be true.

They will not be repeating words mantra-style.

As in saying over and over again, "No weapon forged against me will prosper."

Victory is not guaranteed to those who say anything over and over again.

In fact, belief in mantras is proof that one knows not God, and that one is "working" for her own good, and working for freedom from fear, and working for happiness fails every time.

It is only in dying that one lives, and is blessed.

It is in repenting that one knows of dying.

Success in the life of the redeemed is not based on "positive" words spoken.

We hear a lot about that these days, don't we? Very regrettably, we hear it from pulpits, and out of the mouths of supposed Christians, as in, "Don't say negative words, only think, and say positive words."

Mantras are of the evil one, and are based in the Hindu religion.

Those who practice mantras believe that it is in their doing of the chanting that the good vibrations get into all aspects of their being, and therefore they are to be commended for their good behavior.

That is 180 degrees opposed to God's way.

God cleanses a repentant soul, and HE makes them good.

The cleansed soul need not repeat anything, and does not repeat anything, but praises to God.

Knowing God means knowing no weapon formed against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you, because that is the right of the one born of God.

New souls think the thoughts of Christ, and speak his words, and live as he lived.

Jesus never repeated mantras.

Do you?

January 19, 2017

Freedom isn't forgotten

If you've ever been caked in stinking mud from a sewer, and could not see straight, and the stench from the mud caused continuous confusion in your mind, and the mire about your feet prohibited you from walking as you desperately desired, and then, through no effort on your part, had all the stink removed, and replaced with love, then you would never forget being washed free from that stink.

The love never ends its flow in the redeemed soul.

Thus, how is it possible to forget?

I have heard supposed redeemed women say that they need to be reminded to be thankful for what God has done for them.

All I think when I hear such as that is, "You have yet to be set free."

They make the Lord a liar to say that his freedom is forgettable.

For he does not simply set free.

His freedom is indeed freedom (John 8:36).

It's not just a little freedom here, and then maybe a bit more there, and maybe more later...maybe.

It's the difference between night and day, chains, and weightlessness, worry, and carefree.

And it is everlasting.

Oh yes, women can talk about God, raise their hands in praise, cast out demons, and talk about the Word, and not know God. That is what Jesus said happens to those who have a good talk going on, but have hearts that are far from him. The heart that is far from God is not a contrite heart.

God gives a contrite heart to the repentant.

The freedom that the Lord brings into a life is not some trivial, or trite occurrence.

It isn't forgotten.


No one needs to remind the freed captive to be thankful.

They have a continuously grateful heart.

You'll not find them complaining about anything.

What compares to being blind, and then seeing, or hating, and then only knowing love?

Those who have been washed in grace see newness every day in every way.

What do you see, and know, and proclaim, and do your feet take you to service?

January 18, 2017

What you love

Humans will do what they love.

What fills your time, and your days?

Is it eating, clean, or otherwise?



Decorating, and redecorating?

Is your time spent conniving how you can get out of doing anything at all?

What is it that occupies your time, and thoughts?

The needs of others, or yourself?

You do know that you are to love yourself, right?

If you love yourself to the exclusion of others, then is that love of self?

To be self-indulgent to the exclusion of others ..... what would you call that?

Tending to self is not evil. Jesus slept, and ate. And he loved others just like he loved himself.

He fed others, and calmed the seas so that others could rest.

He tended to others who were not grateful, and others who left him in the dust when the going got tough. Do you do that? When the tending is difficult, do you run, or look for others to tend what is yours to do, and does the Lord find you sleeping when he's commanded that you pray?

When he commanded the disciples, "Pray that you won't enter into temptation," they went to sleep.

Have you fallen asleep?

Are the people that the Lord has commanded us to love the ones that you love?

Or is it only the lovely?

The ones you consider to be similar to you?

Or the like-minded ones, and ones who require nothing of you?

If not, then you love not.

In not loving, and while you may say that you love God, you don't love him.

The law of God is boiled down to love God with all your heart, and others as self.

Is that what defines your life?

The truly redeemed woman, who doesn't simply proffer lip-service, obeys.

What she loves are the ways of God, and who a woman loves, she serves.

Her service is without preference for one over another for prejudice is a sin, and she's been washed.

What you do shows the world, and God, who it is that you love.

What is that?

Who is it?

January 17, 2017

Not a few, but every

How is a woman to live?

With all that one must do, how do we go about our day?

How are we to live?

No matter what has happened to us, or how we were raised, we are commanded to live one way.

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God."

We only really live when what we do reflects all of God's word.

Jesus commands that (Matthew 4:4).

All of God's word has been summed up in two great commands (Luke 10:27).

Can you imagine hearing preaching from just that verse for the rest of your life?

Those who have repented would totally get it. Love is the theme. It's why they live.

A woman can think that praising God is a good thing to do, and that he must surely be pleased with her enough so that submitting to her husband is not always really required.

A woman can assume that talking about God is enough, and therefore serving others is an option.

A woman can build a ministry for God, and because she is so busy doing great things for God then it is okay to ignore her home.

Would God really ask a woman to do something and in the doing of it then give her a pass?

Why would God, who has given the redeemed woman his spirit need to give her a pass?

Why would she want one?

Love is not given to a woman only for her to then dry up in her affection for her husband.

Resurrection power is not given to a woman and then she in turn says that things are too difficult.


That woman will find all her burdens light, and the yoke easy.

Every single time, and she will abide by every word God has spoken, not just a few of them.

What is it that you do?

For your husband?

Every single day?

Do you love him, not for a few days, but every single day?

What is it that you tangibly do for him?

Is you love for him a gift that you give if he deserves it?

Is it reserved for the weekends, or evenings, or his birthday, and do you set aside special times?

Or, like the love that flows from God, is it always being poured on him?

Listen carefully.

The things that you do will tell on you.

Examine them.

The words that you say may be sweet as sugar, and your heart may be far from him.

God talks about that.

He says that there are those who talk a big talk, and yet they do not love him (Matthew 15:8).

Only those who obey really love him (John 14:23).

Do you obey God? If so, is it of your doing? Or is it really a new nature that allows you to obey?

Have you repented?

Only those who repent know God.

Only those who agree with God about sin will stop it.

Have you stopped?

Not a few sins, but every single one?

If not, which ones do you still do?

Why will you not repent?

If your eye is single, then you have the new nature.

If you walk with a double-mind, then in everything, not a few, you are unstable (James 1:8).

Hard to believe isn't it.

Yet, the repentant soul will believe every word, not a few, that comes out of the Word.

Do you believe every word of God?

January 15, 2017

To whom does he speak?

Look at the wise woman's husband.

Where do you find him?

What is he doing?

With whom is he having a conversation?

I find it fascinating that women seem to love to say that they want their husbands to share with them, and talk about everything with them, and on and on it goes about talk, talk, talk.

And if you are not having those "deep" conversations with your husband?

Well....something is wrong!

We find that the wise woman described in Proverbs 31 is doing many, many things.

She is very active in her life.

She buys, and sells, instructs, keeps her home, but not once do we see her talking with her husband.

I'm sure that she did. Husbands and wives talk. Yet is that a priority with her?

Read about her again if you want a study in how a wise woman lives.

Read about what her family knows about her.

Read about her and find out how she is a helper to her husband.

See that a wise woman can go about her day completely trusting the Lord and being quiet.

Trust and quiet go hand in hand.

The fearful speak, and are anxious, and cry, and wring their hands, and have no faith.

A gentle and quiet spirit is found in the wise woman.

To whom does she speak?

Continually with the God whom she loves, and obeys, and while tempted to dominate, she doesn't.

She rests, and is restored, and rejoices.

She knows peace that passes understanding.

Her contemporary counterparts, in the world, would laugh should they know of her belief.

They would mock her.

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad when others don't understand your lifestyle.

Great is your reward in heaven.

Love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself is the command.

It doesn't say, "Convert your husband, and make sure he knows the Word, and discusses it with you."

Love him. Pray for him. Submit to him, and in so doing, you help him.

To God be the glory, or do you want that glory?

Whom do you serve?

Will you repent, back down, and let God bring your man to where he wants him?

Or will you be as a constant drip, drip, drip?

Will your husband be glad to live with you, or will he desire to be on the roof?

To whom does he speak?

Would you consume all the oxygen, or will you repent, and let God speak to him?

Would your husband say that you serve him, or that you try to rule him?

If you are trying to be "god" to your husband, then you do not serve God.

The servant of the Lord is obedient.

Are you?

January 13, 2017

What you know

What is it that you feel free to discuss?

Whatever that topic is will be something that you know well, intimately, and typically soundly.

If in a conversation, the topic of science arises, do you shrink back in your chair?

What about housekeeping?

Dog training?

Maybe it's music, either what is popular, or how to play it, or what you think music constitutes?

Whatever you enjoy discussing is what is in your heart.

It will be what you know.

Do you know God?

Do you love to talk about him, his ways, his word?

Do you long to talk about him while others discuss the weather, the next upcoming sports event, the latest out of Hollywood, or what is on the bestsellers list concerning books, or fashion, or decor?

The heart of the redeemed woman is single-minded to its core.

Is yours?

Do you long to talk only about your Savior, and the God you serve, and all about his ways?

What is it that freely comes out of your heart, and that you consider worthy of discussion?

If it is not solely of God, then he has not cleansed you, nor filled you.

He will only have all of you, not parts of you.

He will have all your heart, or none of it.

The branch abides (only) in the Vine, not in other things, and finds delight solely in the Lord, and the things of the Lord, and longs to be in heaven with him, and this world is as ashes in the mouth.


The world leaves the saint bewildered.

They want for nothing, and long for heaven, not more of God, for the redeemed are filled with him.

Nothing full of something, that continues to be filled, needs anything, nor wants for anything.

The redeemed do not sing "More of you," for they have all of him.

The fruit are completely present in the truly saved, or does fruit grow where sin dwells?

What is it you love to talk about with whomever will listen?

Is there anything that fills you to over-flowing?

What you know, what is in you, will fill your words.

What is it that you hear coming out of you?

January 10, 2017

Check your eyesight

And when the woman saw......

What was it that Eve saw in the garden?

(Genesis 3:6)

The tree was good for food.

It was a highly pleasing to her eyes.

She desired it because it would make her wise.

Eve lost focus.

Her desire was not for her husband, or the Lord, or his commands.

What are you desiring?

Is your longing singular?

It is only to love God, and others as yourself?

We do not walk with one foot on the wide road, and the other on the narrow road.

While walking on the wide road, we do not take an occasional stroll on the narrow road.

And while one is on the narrow road, they do not long for the wide road, nor take a detour there.

On the narrow road there is constant communion with God, and peace flows, and contentment reigns.

Eve shows us what life is when we have not repented, and when we do not have the Holy Spirit to empower us to live as commanded, and those who love this world, and the things in it, are dead.

Ephesians 2:1 tells us that the redeemed used to be in something.


It is something that they are not in any longer.

Look it up.

And the next verse tells us that the redeemed used to follow something.


What is it that the truly redeemed do not follow any longer?

And verse 3 tells us that those who follow that something deserve something.


Disobedient souls are deserving of something and will receive it if they fail to repent.

What is it?

And verse 4 explains how it is that a soul is not lost.

And is it because of what happens as explained in verse 5.

And to those who have been brought near to God, they find that he does not give them peace.

He is peace.

When you know God, then you do not pray for peace ever again.

You have it.

Check your eyesight.

What are you seeing? Wanting? What are the desires of your heart?

When you truly delight in the Lord, then you will not want anything this world offers.

You will not pray for stuff.

You will pray differently for others than you did prior.

You will long for all to only know God, and you will love them, for him, and speak truth.

In love, and gentleness, and with long-suffering, and kindness, you nevertheless, speak truth.

Jesus was killed for speaking truth.

Not everyone will love the words of truth, nor will everyone think highly of you for the truth you speak, so rejoice when you are spitefully used, and be concerned if you are not being persecuted.

For everyone who follows Christ on the narrow road shares in his sufferings.


The new nature walks with clear eyes on the road that few walk.

Do you?

January 9, 2017

Can't be done

Until one repents, one cannot have faith.

Nor can one love God with all their heart.

Nor love the neighbor as self.

Nor have patience.




Nor truly believe.

In a sinful heart, darkness will prevail.

One may try to love, and be good, and have faith, and be patient, and not worry.

And they may succeed— for the moment.

But life, everlasting life, and freedom?

That is not known until sin is gone.

Do you wonder why you fail at the things of God?

Why do you suppose that is?

Must you try harder?

Where is that found in the Scriptures?

Must you pray more?

Must you remember to do "X, Y, and Z" and then the things of God will be successful in you?

If so, then any "goodness" you may do is of, by, and all about you.

And you will be fickle.

And you will love your husband one moment, and wonder why you married him the next, and be submissive today, and bossy tomorrow, and fix him a meal tonight, and tell him to help himself in the morning, and acknowledge his kisses now, and ignore him later.

Sin causes blindness.

You will think that you are good, but the goodness of God is not here today, and gone tomorrow.

He does not give his righteousness to anyone but the broken, and the contrite, and even that is not known until repentance.

You cannot say, "I'm so remorseful for my evil ways," until you repent, and are washed clean, and then when grace consumes you, not of your doing, you come to understand your evil ways.

While in your evil ways, you do not know how evil you are.

Darkness cannot see straight.

Repent. Agree with God that your desire to wipe some individuals off the face of the earth is hate.

Hate is murder.

Do you agree with Scripture about that?

You cannot really believe in all of the Word until you repent.

Are you in agreement with God concerning your lack of love?

If not, then living for him cannot be done.

Try if you like, but failure is guaranteed.

Those who walk in the light are purified from .... how much sin?

Look it up.

I John 1:7.

Are you contrite?

God is only near to those who have a contrite heart (Psalm 34:8).

The fruit of sin is not contrition, but more sin.

Do you walk in the light?

January 8, 2017

To what are you dedicated?


The man, more people think they know than any other.

Yet, Scripture tells us that he made of himself no reputation.

Do you?

Are you looking for accolades, and when you don't get them, do you wonder why not?

And do you think less of others who do not think highly of you?

And do you always wonder what others are thinking of you?

And when you do get accolades, then do you think, "It's about time."

Philippians 2:7 tells us that Jesus made nothing of himself.


He became a servant.

Do you?

Servants are in the background, always doing grunt work.

Work no one else wants to do, and it is work that most people try at all times to escape— if possible.

Servant work is repetitive activity.

Boring work, some would describe it.

Is your life defined by servant work?

Dishes. Meal prep. Grocery shopping. Toilet scrubbing. Floor mopping. Bed making.

Are you looking to escape the life of a servant?

Do your eyes see who isn't working, or who ought to work, or do you watch to see who sees you?

Jesus humbled himself.

Imagine washing the dirty feet of those who could jolly well wash their own stinking feet.

Imagine the King of all kings doing just that.

Imagine not complaining about it.

Jesus had the VERY NATURE of a servant (Philippians 2:7).

Do you?

The only way for that to occur is not by works.

It is by, while still in sin, agreeing with God about it.

God makes the repentant what he wants of them.

The redeemed are people who love God, and others as themselves.

They don't look for adoration, nor do they want it, for they are whole.

Wholly content, satisfied, loving, and dead to the desires of the flesh.

All men are equal in their eyes.

They love without prejudice.

They have the very nature of a servant.

Which nature do you have?

Do you call attention to yourself, or do you lift up the name of the one true God?

Do you hope for servants, or are you one?

Does the life of a celebrity appeal to you, and appear idyllic?

Do you want to be the one who hires the servants, and do you hope to keep your fingernails clean?

At all cost, what do you long to do, become, or have?

Do a little examination of your heart.

It definitively informs the seeker.

Is your drive, and dream to have status?

The wide road allows for that.

On the narrow road walks the servant.

Where do your feet walk?

Someone is hungry

Someone is hungry, dirty, lonely, needy, beaten-up, and in a ditch somewhere.

Do you care?

Or are you looking to be fed, coddled, and kept?

Your heart will automatically be one way or the other.

The degenerate heart cannot but be needy, always looking for someone to care for them, while gnawing at the back of their minds is the hint of knowing that they should be giving.

Giving, for the degenerate, is perfunctory.

Something done, to then be done with, so that they can then go about their day serving self.

Someone is always hungry.

Jesus said that the poor will always be among us.

Is he implying to simply ignore the poor?


Perfume is to be poured out liberally.

A sweet fragrance is always a good thing.

The gospel message is just that.

The gospel message is about freedom.

The soul set free is then a soul who freely gives.

To someone who is hungry, needy, and lonely, the free soul shares energy, time, and goods.

Never fearful of supply, for the God, who has set them free, gives them all that they need.

Is your giving perfunctory?

It is not like having a second nature to do what is required by God, to love him with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.

Second nature implies an acquired skill.

God gives a new nature to the repentant.

The redeemed don't work at giving until they finally get it, as if they have an "ah-ha" moment.

No work is involved in receiving the new nature.

The new nature is imparted upon repentance, and the redeemed woman gives.

Will she be tempted to not give??? Sometimes. But she dies to self, put on an apron, and gives.

Do you?


January 7, 2017


It seems that many equate being blessed with having needs met.

With having a home.

A family.



Money in the bank, or enough from week to week.

Maybe you got a raise, or a job promotion, or your garden produce was, or is, extra prolific.

Perhaps you have a husband who takes you on dates, and your children come to visit.

Do you consider yourself blessed?

How do you define it?

How did Jesus define being blessed?

Peacemakers, the pure in heart, the poor in spirit, those who mourn, the meek, those who are full of mercy, and those who hunger, and thirst after righteousness— they are the truly blessed.

The person with all of those traits is happy, always happy, and never alone.

It is a lie to believe that a saved soul, who is full of mercy, is not also a peacemaker, or that God gives only some of those attributes to the redeemed soul as if he would withhold any good gift from his child.

As much as we think that we show love, God is love. He is generous, never selfish, and the grafted soul is a joint heir with Christ, and has the mind of Christ, and that soul loves, and over-flows, not with stuff, though they may have worldly goods, but with joy, peace, contentment, and happiness.

But to those, who love the word, they have stuff, and get stuff, and attention, and are first manic, and then depressed. They are up one day, one moment, and down the next.

They are consistently moody, and needy, never is their heart consistently content.



Sin robs the heart of happiness, and puts a cloud of death over a soul.


Do you want to be blessed?


Repent of your sin, and be washed from your sin to sin no more, or continue in your sin.

Choose this day whom you will serve.

It will not be two masters. It can never be two masters. You can fool yourself for a while.

You can think that you can have the world, and the Lord.


He who loves the world, hates God.

Scripture says so (James 4:4).

Do you believe it?


Those who really believe the Word, obey it, and not just occasionally when they try hard enough.

Life with God is not about trying, striving, and working at it.

It is about surrendering your thoughts about sin, and agreeing with what God says about it.

If you are not a peacemaker, and yet draw your next breath, then it is a mercy from God.

You may think that you are happy, but true happiness is knowing God.

Knowing God produces a contented, restful, and worry-free life.

Knowing God does not come from human effort.

Repent. Or hold onto your judging ways, and prejudices, and grudges.

Which way will you choose? 

January 6, 2017

Repentant or righteous?

"I say to you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repents,
more than over ninety and nine just persons,
which need no repentance."
Luke 15:7

Those who think that they need not repent are as self-righteous Pharisees.

Pharisees believe that they need not repent.

They are good according to their judgment.

Sinners need to repent.

After a sinner repents, then there is rejoicing in heaven.

After a sinner repents, then there is no need to ever repent again.

For to repent is to agree with God about sin.

How many times does one need to agree with God about sin?

Do you think that a person can at one point agree with God about sin, and then not agree with him?

How does that work in a life?

Have you considered that?

When one has repented, and been washed clean, then they have audience with God.

If one has God's ear, then do they sin again, and if so, then do that do that facing God?

Surely not.

Then they turn their back on God?

After knowing him?

To turn one's back on God is to deny him.

To ever have the ear of the King is to never sin again.

To ever have been washed, not of one's doing, is to never need to be cleansed again.

To have love flowing, not of one's doing, and to have an easy yoke, and to be joyful beyond measure, and to have peace explainable, then can you imagine saying, "That pig-sty sure looks good!"


It doesn't happen.

Have you repented, or have you just considered yourself righteous?

January 5, 2017


"Our sufficiency is from God."

Paul says that is the case for the redeemed in II Corinthians 3:5-6.

The redeemed can do all things through the power that raised Jesus from the dead.

And the all that is required by God is to love him completely, and the neighbor too.

Nothing else is commanded.

The law is summed up in those two things.

That's it.

Nothing more.

Are you doing those two things???

There is no lack in this life for the true believer.

For the redeemed, the ability to love is never of, by, or because of what they have done.

They are whole.

While still in sin, one repents, and is then MADE whole.

Wholeness (sufficiency) is a gift, and the receiver never boasts, but instead is eternally grateful.

They are full of thanks, love, gentleness, courage, and prayer.

They are sufficient.


They have enough love to give to everyone, no one is excluded.

They never run out!

They have plenty of patience.

And joy, and peace, and they are ministers of the new covenant, not the old law, of trying to keep rules of their own effort, for the Spirit has given them life, a new nature, and they are full, content.

Are you?

Or do you try, and strive, and work at it? Must you listen to a sermon, good music, or have a walk, a bath, a good meal, or rest before you can love? If so, then your living is of you, and your efforts.

And you will find that style of life draining, exhausting, and futile.

That is the experience of those still living the Old Testament life.

Try, and fail, and keep trying, and needing a sacrifice over and over.

But there is no more sacrifice if you continue to sin (Hebrews 10:26).

Everyone who still sins, after supposedly getting saved, loves to point to Romans 7 where Paul says that he still sins even though he doesn't want to do that, but understand (from verse 1) to whom he is speaking, and that is to people who love the law, and know it, and try to live according to it.

His audience then, and now, are those who try.

Is your vocabulary full of that word?

"I'm going to try to do better, be better, talk better, love better."

That's not the new covenant life.

The truly redeemed no longer try. They don't do that, and they know it.

They have been given a new nature.

All their living is of, by, and for God.

All of it.

Do you  have a new nature?

Do you still sin?

If so, then you do not have the new nature.

Repent for your time on earth is short, and you will soon leave this world.

The redeemed are looking forward daily to that event, and until then they are sufficient.

They have enough.

They never lack. They know how to rejoice in having lots, or little. They just simply always rejoice.

They have been pulled from the miry clay that is the death-trap of sin, and they sin no more.

They have a new nature, the old is GONE.

Is it gone in you?

You cannot pray away your sin. You repent of it. Agree with God that your lust is adultery.

Agree with God that your "not liking" people is hate.

Agree with God that you do not love him with all your heart, nor your neighbor as yourself.

To not obey is sin, and those who continue in sin (are unloving) do not love God (I John 4:8).

Agree with him about that.

To agree with God is to truly believe in Jesus.

Belief in Jesus is to do his Word.

We cannot DO his Word until we repent, and then the doing of it is accomplished by the Spirit, not self, and the trying stops, and the yoke is found to be easy, and the burden light.

Then sufficiency is not just talked about, but it is known, and it is fact.

Is sufficiency your daily walk?

Having little, yet giving generously?

Having no earthly being truly love you, yet loving beyond measure?

Having been emptied of sin, the redeemed are filled to over-flowing with love (Romans 5:5).

Yes, they are sufficient.

Are you?

January 2, 2017

A one-track mind

Philippians 2:5, "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus....."

What mind-set was that?

Jesus emptied himself.

He became a servant.

Though you are born new, though you are righteous through Christ, though you are an heir...

Become a servant.

And the one who loves God, who has a new nature, says, "Yes, I will do that."

The born new one, who truly loves God, is obedient (I John 5:3).

The born new one becomes a servant.

With a one-track mind, on the narrow road, the new creature is a servant.

Never do they wonder, "What shall I do now?"

They know what to do.

They serve.

It is not a matter of deciding, for the decision was made at repentance to no longer serve self.

To no longer disagree with God concerning sin.

To no longer go about the day as they see fit.

To no longer fight against the Word, but to agree with it.

To follow Jesus, to stand firm to the end, then one will be saved (Matthew 24:13).

Many followed Jesus, but few followed to the end, and will follow to the end.

Will you?

When you are called to love a husband who is inattentive, unsaved, and a mother who is prejudiced against you, and a sister who is not loving, and a friend who betrays, and on and on it goes.

The world loves only those who love them.

Those who repent are given the gift of salvation from sin to sin no more.

They know God, and are given, through the Spirit, the ability to love, not only God, but all.

They love the neighbor, the sister, the mother, the husband, the unworthy father.

They serve without prejudice. Their love is other-worldly. It is not of them.

With a one-track mind, the born new soul takes one step, and then the next into their world.


Washing a sink-full of dishes.

Raising children who are taught to obey, and serve.

Cooking meals, praying without ceasing, always thankful.

A one-track mind which loves replaces the worldly one which wanders.

What mind do you have?

Do you have the mind of Christ?

Are you obedient?

To serve?

To walk one way, and one way only?

Or do you wander?

The yoke is easy, and the burden is light when all one must do is take up their cross and serve.

And then do that moment after moment through the Spirit who gives them power.

More than conquerors (Romans 8:31-39).

That's what souls are who have a one-track mind.

Imagine that. To succeed at something is exhilarating. But to be more than successful at something?

Are you more than successful at love, and service, and obedience?

Or does a little "tribulation" cause you angst?

Does a little persecution, danger, or simple change of plans make you angry, fearful, or distraught?

Do you love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself?

Do you have a one-track mind?

Or do you wake wondering what you will do?

The soul who knows God knows every moment what to do.

Every moment they love.

Do you?

Continue to follow Jesus, and to do that, then you must know what he taught.

And the very first thing he commanded?

Repent (Matthew 4:17).

Agree with God about your sin.

Don't tell him that you sin.

He knows that.

Agree with him about it.

Sin is always evil; it always brings death, and destruction; and those who sin still need a Savior.

Those who sin are sinners.

Saved people have been saved from sin (death).

If you claim to be saved, then from what are you saved?

Do you still sin?

Do you know that those who still sin do not know God?

"No one who is born of God will continue to sin (I John 3:9).

If you sin, then you do not agree with God about it.

You cannot continue to love the world (which is sin), and believe in the Word.

To love the world is to be an enemy of God (James 4:4).

Do you have a one-track mind which singularly loves God and others?