October 22, 2017

Never thirst again

John 4:13-14 and Jesus said that if we drink of the water that he offers?

We will NEVER thirst again.

I am never thirsty for peace, or patience, or love.

I have no need.

He IS my Shepherd.

Is he yours?

Do you long for love that never ends to flow from you to everyone?

Do you need peace?

Jesus does not give peace.....he IS peace.

If God lives in you, by his spirit, then you are peaceful.

You have rest.

You have joy.

You have him?  You have love, and patience, and gentleness.

You do not get the Lord, and then turn around to need anything.

Is that your story?

Is that what you say of your life?

Is that what he has done in you?

You do not get saved to then need saving from impatience, and hate, and a worrisome spirit.

You are saved from that sin of living in the flesh, and how you feel, and how you were born.

You are saved from sin, and those who are truly saved?

They do not wander in the desert of hate any longer.

If so?

Then that one needs saving.

How are you different if you say that you are saved?

Are you saved from hate, and then to do what?

Need love?

Need gentleness?

Need long-suffering?

How does that work?

Do you have to work for any of that?

Do you?

Do you thirst?

Drink of the Lord.

Ask of him.

Seek him.

Knock on the door.

Or dwell in the world, and live as they do, and worry, and quarrel, and hold grudges, and hate.

Or be born new to never thirst again.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

October 16, 2017

Seeking his face

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart," Jeremiah 29:13.

Have you done that ...yet?

Or did you just "pray a prayer" and do you think you have found God?

If so, how long did that prayer take?

Less than a minute?


Is that what you would consider seeking God with "all" your heart?

Do you know God?

If so, then you know perfect love, and perfect love does what?

It casts out fear (I John 4:18).

Do you fear?

If so, then you do not know perfect love, or in other words, God.

That is what the Word says, right?

To believe in the Word, and thus Jesus, then you do the Word, and NOT of your own power.

Obedience is a gift given with that new nature, it (obedience) is not of works that you do.

Otherwise you could "work" your way to perfection, and to not be perfect is to sin, and no one WORKS their way OUT of sin.

Darkness does not dispel darkness.

Jesus, his life, and death, and resurrection, is all worthless if you can WORK your way out of sin.

And once you repent, and are given that new nature, then do YOU think that you KEEP yourself clean, and if so, HOW can that be the case if YOU could do NOTHING in the first place?

Come now, let us REASON together.

No soul, who seeks to know another soul, does that in less than a minute.

Do you say that you love your mate? And if so, does that happen in less than a minute?

Did you, or do you, seek to know your husband?

How hard do you work at that? How much of your heart is in that endeavor? A little bit of you?

Or your whole heart? What do you do with what you know of him? Love or despise?

It will be one or the other.

You will lay down your life for him, or you will connive, cajole, and try to manipulate... always.

Or you will, because of a new heart, love him.... always.

Seek God.

In your sin, seek him. In your lack of peace, seek him. In your hate? Seek him.

Psalm 27:8 tells us that the psalmist says that when the Lord says, Seek me with all your heart," then the psalmist says, I will do that.

If you are NOT seeking the Lord, then you are living life YOUR way.

(You will also be TRYING to love God, and live for him, and you will be failing.)

Salvation does not work like that. It is not about trying. But watch the "Bible studies" talk about that.

And listen to preachers talk about that.

It is rampant.

Jesus came to set people FREE from SIN (Matthew 1:21).

Are you free... from sin?

Do you have the new nature, or do you still have the old one?

One nature sins, and the other does not.

The new nature does not TRY to be good.

The one born of God, and thus has a new heart, has been transformed from darkness (sin) to light.

Along with the new nature is peace, joy, kindness, generosity, a no-holding-grudge heart, and rest.

What defines you?

Who defines you?

How is it that a soul is defined?

Are you seeking?

Are you knocking?

Are you asking the hard questions?

Do it, and you will find, not a way to WORK your way to God, but God.

Jesus leads us to God, and he changes us, and a good tree does NOT produce bad fruit.

Look it up.

Study, my friend.

Seeking his face does not involve a wink and nod at God.

All the heart?

What does that mean to you?

Are you seeking God with ALL your heart?

October 14, 2017

More or Less?

We hear the phrase, "I love you more!" and typically then there is a back and forth about who is loved more, and who is loved less, and the competition rages on until someone gives up, and loses.

But in truth, love is love. Simple and pure. Love is always one way.

It is not more to some, and less to others.

It is kind.

It is patient.

It never seeks its own way, or is puffed up, or acts unseemly.

It never ends.

In your life, do you have someone with whom love has ended?

If you have been given love, then that will never be the case.

The love of God, given to a soul, loves as God loves.

How does God love?

How do you know when you have loved?

Do you know for sure that you love God?

Did you know that you can say it  is so, and it not be so?

Read the Word.

Know that your prayers, even though you may say them every day, are not heard if you sin.

Psalm 66:18 tells us this is so.

In Matthew 7:21-23, we see people who argue with Jesus that they prayed, and used the name of the Lord in doing so, and yet Jesus tells them that they are not known by him, and they do not go to heaven. What are these people missing? What went "wrong" with their supposed conversion?

They did not love God with all their heart, and neither did they love the neighbor as self.

If that happens?

Then the law is fulfilled in a life. They are perfect. Of their own works? Never. It is a gift.

Love is given to a pure heart upon repentance.

The old heart that holds grudges is replaced with a new heart upon repentance.

Have you repented?

How will you know?

You will love, and not more nor less, but you will love.

No one escapes the love that you have in you.

Is that your life? With your spouse, are you kind, always, and gentle, and do you serve him?

With your neighbor, do you avoid them? The one in the ditch? Do you look the other way?

Repent. Be born new. Prayers are not heard by the sinful soul.

Are you really the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus?

I John 2:3 is happening if so.

Not more or less, but always.

October 2, 2017

The rich man, and the poor man

How do you know you are saved?

You share.

Not once, or twice, but you will have a lifestyle of giving to the poor.

The apostle Paul said that remembering the poor was the ONE thing he was eager to do (Gal. 2:10).

Do you eagerly share? Do you go OUT of your way to help the poor beggar? Or do you try to avoid them?  Do you think you must survey them as to why they are poor? Where are we told to do that?

Sit on your wealth, your good food, your stash, and as the poor are begging, and as you walk on by, know this, the rich man in Luke 16:19-31 did the same thing, and went to hell.

Being poor does not mean you go to heaven.

The poor man, Lazarus, ends up there however.

We do NOT know why he was poor. We do NOT know why he hadn't enough money to get good food. We DO know he was covered in sores.

We DO know that the rich man did NOT share of his good food with Lazarus.

He went to hell when he died.

He possessed a selfish heart.

One cannot be made new, and be given a new nature, and continue to live selfishly.

It won't happen.

To whom do you give? Out of your resources, your stash in your checking, or savings account? Do you share it with the poor? Do you think you know of no one who is poor? Do you have eyes to see?

Is your heart NOT moved to give? Are you saying God has not given you anyone with whom to share of your abundance, and yet he gave you a new heart that wants to share, but you can't do it?

Do not mock God. In fact, we are told he cannot be mocked (Galatians 6:7).

Those who truly know God will give, and not to be seen, but they will give. And give. And give.

They sow seed. They speak the Word. They give.

And for it they will be hated as was Jesus. For a life of righteousness, Jesus was hated by the religious ones, and many desired him dead.

Do you suffer as did Jesus?

Do religious folks hate you? If so, rejoice for great is your reward in heaven (Matthew 5:12).

Who do you feed? Who needs a crust from your table? Do you ignore the hungry, and needy?

If so, you do so at your eternal peril.

That mindset is a big hint that things are NOT well with your soul.

Examine your heart. We are told to do that in II Corinthians 13:5. Do it. See what you find.

If you are not generous to a fault, then repent.

When you begin to give generously, and if religious people discover it? They will find fault.

But the soul who loves God does not live to please mere man.

That soul just continues to give, and the peace of God flows through them. They rest.

The rich man had NO love for Lazarus, or he WOULD have shared!

With your husband, are you giving, and kind? With your children, and grands, are you generous?

With your friends, do you give, and not keep score?

With the stranger begging on the corner, do you generously hand out a meager $5 or $100 bill?

Come on, sisters, if you love God, examine your heart, and if you are not moved - compelled - to give, then repent of hate. Hate allows you to sit on your stash, and keep it for you.

Love is a force in a redeemed soul that cannot sit on wealth.

Wealth is a relative term. You do not need millions to be wealthy to some people.

Give and it will be given to you. Or keep all that you have and suffer hell.

Which road do you walk?

It will never be the narrow one, and the wide one.

Choose wisely this day, and give, or repent, and then give, or hoard, and go to hell.

Which road do you walk?

If it is the narrow road, then in your wake will be a trail of giving that will take you to heaven.

Are you obedient to the Word?

The evidence is in I John 2:3.

Do you love? Are you giving? Is there going to be evidence later?

September 28, 2017

A $500 betrayal

In today's money, thirty pieces of silver would equal a bit more than $500.

Betrayals happen for a lot less today.

Hate drives betrayal.

It always has, and always will.

So, what do you do with it?

Not the $500, but the betrayal?

Against whom will you hold a grudge for free?

Against whom will you speak evil, and condemn, and refuse love?

To use your faculties in any way against another equals betrayal.

Do YOU do that in any way against another?

It's so easy to do isn't it? For the old nature? Yes.

To the reborn soul, who has been given the new nature?

Not only is it not done, but it would be .... it would betray the new nature.

Can that happen?

What would that take?

When you do the sin that you do, do you turn away from the God you would claim to love...

or do you do it facing the God you would claim to love?

Either way, to sin is to be against, and betray, the God you would claim saved you, and set you free....

from betrayal, and sin, and hate. 

Do you really love God?

If you do, then here is the proof.

I John 2:3.

Betrayal will not happen with those who truly love God.


Easy. Counts for nothing. So what's the point?

Be quiet. Love. Prove that you have been given the new nature.

If you cannot do that?

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand - Matthew 4:17.

September 18, 2017


Are you contentious?


Do you "tend" toward argument, strife, controversy?

Do you cause it?

If so, then it is in your nature to do so.

If so, then it is indicative of living with the old nature.

I wish someone had told me that when I was living with the old nature, but thought I was new.

"It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a contentious wife."
Proverbs 25:24

To be contentious is to be demanding.

Love does not demand its own way.

See I Corinthians 13.

It is a horrid existence for any man. They would rather live on the roof, if possible, than hear the fuss.

The bitterness. The grouchiness. The always having to state the opposite point of view-ness.

Submit, or be contentious.

Love, or hate.

Repent, and be given the new nature, or live in the old nature, and continue to sin.

One way or the other, and never both.

A good tree produces good fruit, but a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. Matthew 7:17

Do you see that contention is evil fruit?

If you argue with your husband, and state your mind, and put your foot down, and override his word?

That is evil.

You are either pleasant to your man, or contentious.

He loves to come home, or he dreads it.

He feels safe, or threatened.

His opinion matters to you, or not.

He is the head, or he is not.

You know what you do.

You will either, with God's power, bend your heart to your husband, or you won't, and don't.

Which way do you walk?

The wide way, or the narrow way?

If you are on the wide way, then repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Matthew 4:17)

August 31, 2017

where's your hope?

If your hope is not solely in the Lord, then you have fear.

Either your feet are on solid ground, or you wobble.

Understand this, you cannot do anything to keep yourself on solid ground.

That is works.

You cannot read the Bible enough, nor sing enough, nor shout enough, nor deny yourself enough, nor DO anything enough, to get TO solid ground, nor STAY on solid ground.

Any 'effort' on YOUR part is works.

MANY are the false teachers, and preachers, and pastors today, just like Jesus said.

MANY of them, no, all of them, mix a bit of truth, with their lies, and the result is a lie.

They SOUND sweet, funny, folksy, and sincere, and they will tell you, in so many words, to DO something, like go to church, pray more, dig deeper, be accountable more to others, and have those quiet times, and do this, and do that, and buy their books, and keep your head up, and just DO it!

You cannot do it.

NOTHING about salvation is of a human effort.

You are commanded, while still in sin, to repent of it, and THEN you are MADE clean.

Not of works.

It is a gift of God.

You will be born of GOD when you repent, and until then, as you can read about in Romans 1, the wrath of God is on the ungodly, and sin in anyone is ungodly, for sin is sin, and do not be deceived, if you sow to the flesh, then you will reap corruption, and you cannot sow to the flesh, and the Spirit.

You will sow to the Spirit exclusively when you repent, for God does that IN you, not of works.

If your hope is in a better you, as Joel Osteen seems to think we can be, then be aware, he lies.

You cannot be a better you.

You are either in sin, or in the Spirit, never are both in the soul at the same time.

A good tree ONLY produces good fruit.

That good fruit is love, and if you are born new, then your hope is solely in God, and you are at rest.

You love that neighbor as you love yourself.

Never do you hold a grudge, and not of any effort on your part, for your efforts are as a filthy rag.

A filthy rag is good for NOTHING.

Are you good for anything?

It will be for loving others if so, and you will be pointing to your Savior alone for that good work.

I John 2:3.

August 9, 2017

Feel it, or know it?

As much as I may want to think that we feel God's love, I read otherwise in his Word.

Scripture speaks of knowing, not feeling.

We err to use the word "feel" when speaking of knowing God.

If you hear that word from the pulpit, or read it in a devotional book, or a Bible study, then be aware that emotions are being played, and the gospel message is not being proclaimed.

Many are the false teachers/preachers in this world today.

They want you to feel good, because people who feel good can easily be talked out of their money.

They like to be liked.

They enjoy the kudos, and accolades, and praise.

They cannot easily be told to repent of their hate.

They hate that message. It doesn't feel good. The appeal is lost when we speak of hate, and murder.

A murderer can feel just fine.

A murderer can enjoy a nice meal, and laugh, and tend a baby.

A murderer can feel as though the hate she has is justified, and in fact, she won't call her hate— hate.

And a woman can feel fat though skinny, cold though feverish, sad though all is well with the family, money is in the bank, the fridge is full, and the skies are sunny, and the breeze is soft, and cool.

She can also feel okay though unkind to a child, a husband, and a neighbor.

She can feel unloved though God gave his best for her.

Feelings need salvation.

Who, or what, is saved when one is born new?

Jesus said, "You must be born again."

Who is the "you" to whom he refers?

Is it a person's body?

No. The redeemed get new ones in heaven, and if we got new bodies here on earth, then the physical body would not be in decay, and would not physically perish, but they do, so new ones are given.

Is the "you" to whom Jesus refers the emotions?

Well, yes, in part.

But what makes up YOU?

If you had no arms, then would you still be you?

Of course.

If you had, or showed, no emotion, then would you still be you?

Of course.

What makes up YOU?

What needs to be made new?

What part of you decides to sin?

Your body follows your mind.

Your emotions follow your mind.

Your mind is you, and it is what is born new, and made perfect.

If we are given perfect souls eventually, like not here on earth, then you must answer as to why the ones we read about in Matthew 7:21-23, who thought that they were saved, and thought that they knew Jesus, and in fact, they prayed, did great "things" for him, and even cast out demons, but they were NOT made perfect (new) as they faced Jesus, and were one step from heaven it seems.

Why did he not make them new at that point?

What did they still do on earth?

What does Jesus call them? And why did he not just say, "Presto, you are now made new?" to them, but he does not do that? Why? What is wrong with them? Who are those people? Do you know? If not, why not? They NEED the salvation of the Lord! They think that they are saved. They aren't.

Your mind (will), heart, and soul, are synonymous.

When born new, then all things become new that make up who you are as a person.

The emotions, once dead, and "feeling" incorrectly, are made new.

The body, once dead towards movement to love, now moves to love as directed by the new mind.

God gives a new mind to the repentant soul.

That soul then "feels" different for they are different, and NOT of their doing.

I can get a "makeover" of my face, and hair, and still be the same old me.

I can lose weight, and look physically fit, and still be the same old me.

I cannot be born new of my soul, and be the same old me.

That part of "me" is crucified, not of my doing, or of any works, which I must maintain, as in going to church, reading my Bible, and praying, and singing, and making disciples, and friends.

But I will sing, and pray, and read the Word, and that will not cease, for Christ has taken over what was given in repentance, and that is my will, which said, "You're right, and I'm wrong."

In your sin, repent of it, or agree with God that your dislike of anyone, is hate, and hate is murder.

Jesus said so.

He makes a soul new.

And then that soul "feels" like never before because they are new. The old is GONE.

East does not meet west.

The old is that far gone.

The old is the old nature. The moodiness. The bitterness. The sin. The hate. gone...gone...gone.

No more does that soul "try" to be good.

That is called works.

People, who think that they are saved, and yet still work, or try, to be good, are not new.

A lost person tries not to lie, or steal, or gossip, or hate, or you name it.

They "feel" more than they know.

In more ways than they know.

They use the word "feel" more than they use the word "know" and that is how you will know.

Do you live in your feelings?

Or do you live in Truth?

If you live in Truth, then you speak it, and you will die for it, and you do die daily for others.

And absolutely you will "feel" as never before for you will be new.

You will understand peace that passes understanding, and joy that cannot be properly expressed.

You will no longer know hate, bitterness, jealousy, envy, and you will seek no vengeance.

There is not ONE person who will not have one more chance to hear the gospel if you can help it.

You will gladly give your already sacrificed body for them, if possible, that they might repent before they perish in their sin, and face eternal hell.

That is another thing.

You will really believe in an eternal hell, of which Jesus speaks, and you will be hated for it.

Hell seems so mean to the one who has yet to repent, and who has yet to have the mind of Christ.

Feel it, or know it.

Wonder if you are loved, or know it.

Think that you are okay, or know that you have been crucified with Christ.

The proof of being born new?

The proof of hating, or loving every last soul on earth?

The proof of feeling like you know God, and really knowing that you know God?

I John 2:3.

August 7, 2017

Offended to death?

Has someone said something, and/or done something, you don't like?

Have they crossed a line with you?

Did they go too far with their freedom, and forget who they answer to these days?

Who do people in your life answer to these days?

Did you write a law that is to be honored?

If the law is broken, then do you seek revenge?

Has someone left you in charge of the behavior of others?

What law did the Lord leave us with as he made things much simpler for us?

Have you read Matthew 22:37-39 lately?

Do you live a simple life?

One where the yoke is easy, and the burden is light? (Matthew 11:30)

Or is it "complicated" and one in which the moments of your days are filled with thoughts of someone who has done you wrong, and if they were on the edge of a cliff, and no one was looking, then would you push?

Are the offenses of others greater than yours, and what they did was too much, and the offense too great, and your mind is a muddle of evil thoughts, and love for them is no where to be found in you?

Have you been offended to death?

Do you want someone gone, as in for good?

And do you know what that law was that the Lord left us with, and do you know that it is a command, which means that if you are not doing it, then you are breaking his law?

Where do YOU stand with the Lord?

Does he know YOU?

Did you know that God doesn't know everyone?

Did you know that not everyone, who calls his name, is known by him?

Have you read Matthew 7:21-23?

And Galatians 4:9?

And did you know that God has a certain mindset toward those who get offended, and hate others?

Have you read Romans 1:18?

Would you classify hate as unrighteousness, or wickedness, or what?

Have you a love for all?

Do you know that you cannot hold a grudge, and love at the same time?

Did you write the law, and do you do all you can to hold an offender to it?

If so, then do you know that you think that you are on level with God, who is the rule writer?

Are you aware that when he makes someone new, then he writes a new law on a heart?

Can you explain Ezekiel 36:26?

Has a new heart been given to you, or do you work to be good?

Must you try to stop holding a grudge?

Do you know what happens when the new law is written on a heart, and a new spirit replaces the old spirit in a soul who repents?

Are you aware that a new person can one thing at that point, and for all points forward forever?

Do you know what it is that they exclusively do, and are known for doing, and for what they do, then they will be persecuted because of it, and yet they keep doing it, and speaking of it till they die?

Do you know what compelled means?

Have you read II Corinthians 5:14?

Is that happening in you?

Can you do NOTHING but love?

If not, then do you know that you have not repented?

Will you do that now?

Are you aware that if you will, then it means you let go of offenses, and hate, forever?

Do you want to do that, or do you love the hate more?

You are aware that you get to choose, right? (Joshua 24:15)

If you fail to choose the narrow road, then are you ready to face the rule maker, and give an account for your choice, and say that you were vindictive too, and that you loved your sin more than the Lord (John 3:19), and do you know what the Lord's prayer tells us to pray concerning forgiveness?

Do you understand that Matthew 6:12 is not a prayer for forgiveness, but a directive to God?

And are you also familiar with Matthew 6:15?

Do you want that to happen to you?

In your opinion, will the Lord keep his word?

If so, then do you still want to be offended, and hope to death that someone would just die already?

Or are you compelled to love?

August 3, 2017

It will be someone who you know

You will be betrayed.

You will be reviled.

You will have lies told about you.

It will be someone who you know who will do all of that, and maybe more, to you.

They will have kissed you.

They will have given you gifts.

They will have maybe even promised to stick closer than anyone else to you.

That person, who you may be thinking of right now, will betray you.


Jesus said that those who follow him will share in his sufferings.

He suffered all that and more.

What have you suffered?

Anyone close to you been mean lately? Hateful even? Spiteful even?

Well now, what are you to do?

Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven...Matthew 5:12.

If that person should ask of you, then, by all means, do for them, all the while speaking truth.

All the while, be gentle, and kind, and of course, hold no grudge.

Would you die for that soul who has persecuted you?

Of course, for you live for heaven now, and this world holds no goodies for you at all— ever!

NOTHING compares to being used by God, to love others, for the one who is transformed by God.

That soul knows that the reward is in heaven.

That soul is homesick now, and is known by GOD! (Galatians 4:9)

Oh to be known by God!

Yes, he so loved the whole world.

Yes, he shows no favoritism.

However, his wrath is on the un-believing heart (the wicked).

See Psalm 7:11, and Romans 1:18.

Understand that the wicked, and the unbeliever, and the one who sins, are one and the same.

All of them suppress the truth, or in other words, they don't speak it.

They shun it.

They try to avoid it at all times even while going to church all the time where they most likely don't hear it, cause the Lord Jesus said that MANY will be the false teachers/preachers in the last days.

We are in the last days.

Who are the MANY false ones that you know?

How will you know them?

They make you feel good. "I'm okay, you're okay" type preachers. All is well, and go for more types.

They will not be persecuted. "Supposed" preachers, who are not being persecuted, suppress truth.


They are NOT speaking it.

We speak of that which we love.

If you love the gospel, you will not only be kind, and hold no grudge, but you will SPEAK the truth.

That is how faith is known— by hearing it - Romans 10:17!

Will everyone LOVE you for that message?

NO! Many walk the wide road. MANY hate it, and will hate you for speaking it.


They hate God.

Can't love both, Jesus said.

But you'll not be able to NOT speak of Truth if you know him, for the love of God compels you.

Who will revile you?

It will be someone who you know who will hate you for the truth you speak, and perhaps you will lose an inheritance, a relationship with a child, a parent, or an in-law - Matthew 10:35-38.

Also, please take special note right here if you are a married woman:
You, dear woman of God, will not be preaching to your husband. There are clear instructions for the marriage relationship that are different that any other relationship. So, you will not be running him off, and he will not be asking you to leave, because of the message you are preaching to him, because you won't be preaching to him. See I Peter 3:1, and understand that if you are preaching to your husband, then it will sound like nagging, and you will not be walking according to the Word, and the husband, who must endure a wife telling him how to live, and breathe, and walk, and interact with people, and worship God, and do EVERYTHING, would rather not be near you. Check yourself.

To NOT speak the gospel, the Truth that sets mankind free, is to gain the whole world (inheritance included) and lose your soul, so you must choose, and in fact, you choose every waking moment.

Choose wisely.

Repent, and be born new, or perish in sin.

Matthew 4:17.

The SOMEONE you know, or who knows you, keeps your foot from slipping - Psalm 121:3.

Is he keeping your foot from slipping?

If not, then he does not know you.

He keeps his child on the narrow road, not of works, lest you boast.

July 30, 2017

Proof of love

We love proof of someone's love, don't we?

He says that he loves me, so why don't I know it? we think, perhaps.

If he loved me, then he would do this or that, or the other thing, we think, perhaps.

Do you know that there is a verse that tells us exactly when we will know that we love God?

You can say that you love God, just like your husband, or friend, or family member, can tell you that they love you, and then you doubt it, but have you ever wondered if God doubts your love for him?

I John 2:3.

Easy to remember that verse.

Look at it.

Remember it.

It goes like this: "We know that we have come to love him, if we keep his commands."

Now, you can have people tell you, "Don't you worry about it. Don't think twice. You love God!"

And you will rarely hear this: "Have you come to love God?"

Sounds like it's a process, and not a "say this prayer, and you're good to go," type scenario, right?


Look at your actions. Check your heart. See if you can determine if you have love one for another.

Towards all.

That does not mean that you sweet talk everyone, and never get angry, and never have temptations.

Of course you will be tempted to spit in someone's face, and hold a grudge, and lose your temper.

Tempted, and tried we all will be, but the transformed heart, the born new soul, the repentant?

What is different about that person?

They know of all the temptations, and yet obey.

They have been made brand new, and are not the same as they were prior— in their heart (soul).

They have come to love God.

In repenting of hate, they have been made new, given a heart of love, and have been crucified with Christ, and they don't just perform easy lip-service, oh no, they love, they really do.

How often do they love?

To not love is to not obey.

To not submit to a husband is to not obey.

To not honor a parent is to not obey.

To not live with outstretched arms ready, and eager to give, is to not obey.

But to those who have come to love God, they obey him.


I John 2:3 tells us this is so.

John didn't end that verse with "sometimes," or "when you can," or "most always."

He ended that sentence with a period.

He means that one who has come to love God, always obeys.

What else would a made new heart, that is now completely different because the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in it, do?

Try to be good?

Do you believe that you can be good of your own effort— at all?

Do you have any light in you before being made new?

If not, then how can darkness "help" the light?

Either you can boast, cause you "helped" God with that obedience thing, or it is all him.

See, that is the crux of salvation— believing the Word— all of it— and then doing it.

Repenting while still in sin. First. Finding oneself changed. Second. Loving and obedient. Third.

I John 2:3.

There is proof of love for God.

Do you really love him?

July 26, 2017

I am going to your house today

Imagine meeting someone, and then saying to them, "I am going to your house today."

Our granddaughter frequently, and sweetly says to us on FaceTime, "You can come to my house."

It's a given with her. She says it so sincerely as only a three-year-old can do. She means it!

Her house is open to me and her papa— anytime, and always, and what a joy that is for us to know!

She loves us. She wants to be near us. She wants to play, and commune as only a child can do!

Is your house (heart) open?

How long must you know someone before you say to them, "Come over. Anytime. The door is always open to you. You don't even need to knock."

What is it you fear?

For your life?

For your stuff?

Why would you not invite anyone, who would, to come to sit at your table, express their heart, share a coffee, a pastry, a chicken leg, and just talk?

Do you not care for their soul?

Do you not have time for their grief?

Do you not have time for their needs?

What is it you have time to do?

Your......nails? Hair? Shopping for one more whatever?

Where is your heart?

Do you really love God with all that is in you, and your neighbor as yourself?

If so, then what?

What does that life resemble?

Would it look strange, like someone who is set apart, and behaves not as the world would at all?

Would you say to a virtual stranger, "Come and dine. Feast with me. Let's talk!"

How open is your heart (home) to others?

It will be as open to others as it truly is to God.

When his love is in you, then your heart is open, and so is your door.

Is it open?

Is anyone coming to your house today?

If someone wants to come over, or made the statement that they were coming, then what do you do?

Do you panic, fret, or wish, or maybe even pretend, to be sick?

What do you have to hide?

How would you have responded to the statement Jesus made to Zaccheus?

"I am going to your house today."

Some versions indicate that Jesus said "staying" instead of  "going" which indicates maybe more than just coffee, or tea, was on the mind of Jesus. Maybe he needed a place to rest for a few days, a week, or more. Another version uses the words, "I must abide at your house."

Does it really matter how long someone stays at your home if they have need?

Sweetly, we read that Zaccheus made haste to get to Jesus, and received him joyfully, and immediately began to show signs of repentance.

Zaccheus gave, and made restitution, and cared not what the masses were saying about him.

Zaccheus had repented, and the masses were saying that he was a sinner!

But he only had eyes for the Lord!

Do you show signs of repentance?

Do you agree with what the Lord is saying to you?

He abides in you, and you in him, or not at all.

We do not jump on and off the Vine as it is convenient for us.

All or nothing.

You will be saying continually, "My house is yours, Lord," or you own it, and he is still knocking.

Or He owns you, and your house (heart) is his house.

You have been crucified with Christ, and your life stays on the altar, and you are a vessel, or you have yet to repent, and your life is still closed to others, and their needs, and his love does not flow in you.

Where does he reside? Who comes to your house? When do you extend the invitations?

What message is on your lips? How do others know what is in you? Is it of the Lord you speak?

Do his words flow through you?

If so, not very many will want to come to your house, but the door will always be open.

Your life will be one of sacrifice, joyful, and continual, or not.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

July 21, 2017

I believe I can fly

You've heard that song, right?

Silly one that it is, but it points out a very important lesson.

We can go ahead and believe we can fly, and get on top of a big building, and jump.

If we have nothing but our two arms to make us fly, we will die.

A good friend will follow you all the way to the edge of that building, and try to talk you out of jumping, and will, if they are a really good friend, say, "Let me prove this for you," and jump in your place, so that you can have one more moment to come to your senses, and repent of your beliefs.

For whom will you take the fall?

Do you take the fall for anyone now?

If not, then you won't ever, until you are ready to truly die.

If heaven is not running in your veins now, then you are not going to be taking the risks of speaking the gospel message, for those who do will have few friends (as did Jesus), and they will be betrayed (as was Jesus), and they will be reviled (as was Jesus), but all the while they will be true followers of Jesus, for those who are have already been crucified.

They do not live according to how they feel, but according to EVERY word that is in the Word.

They do not pick and choose, and just really like some verses, and ignore the ones about hell, and loving God with all the heart, and how it is a fact that if you continue in sin, then there is no sacrifice for you, and that is found in Hebrews 10:26, and that God does not hear the prayers of those who sin, and if you think that you overcome evil with "positive" thoughts, and you tell others to stop talking "negative" then you know not the Word. Tell me where we are told about positive, and negative?

Those who know the Word, speak it, and those who know the Word, love it, and they do not use the common vernacular of the world in speaking of it. The world and the Word do not mix. Not at all.

People do not "just stop it" when it comes to sin.

People, while in sin, repent of it, and are made new.

The great lie is that you are the same as you were prior to believing in Jesus, and while scores will say that they are not the same, they are if they still sin.

What's so new about a person still sinning after Jesus, as they did before Jesus?

Do not be deceived.

If you live the gospel, you will be hated.

But who cares about the world?

Only those who love it.

You cannot love both, for Jesus says that you will love one, and hate the other.

When you hate the world, then you do not pursue what the world offers, and the world will hate you for it, and by "the world" I also am including the "church" people who think that they are saved but are not, and Jesus defines them in Matthew 7:21-23. Can you find what he calls them?

Are you ready to die?

Those who have already been crucified with Christ are, and they long for heaven, but they will not be jumping off a tall building to prove it, unless it is to lay down their flesh for another.

They get a new body in heaven anyway!

Not a new soul! Nope. Jesus makes that clear in Matthew 7:21-23 as well, for these deceived people are not made new at heaven's gate, even though they think that they ought to be made new, because they are the ones who still sin, and they say that they will get a new soul in heaven. Nope.

If so, then why did Jesus not give them one in that passage in Matthew? 

I will fly one day.

And it will be soon.

Life is short.

Are you ready for the day you die?

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17).

July 19, 2017

Do you vigorously defend what you love?

What is it that you could sell if you had to sell something in order to eat?

I could sell La-z-boys, Tempurpedic mattresses, and soft sheets.

Do you see a theme there?

I could not sell running shoes, a vegan lifestyle, or juicing.

Again, do you see a theme there?

What is the theme of your life?

What I am asking, to narrow this down a bit, is what do you love?

What you love, you know.

Not everything that we know do we love however.

For instance, I do not love diabetes, and cancer, and sin, but I know a bit about a couple of those things, and I know a lot about sin.

If you know God, then you know love.

You know how you came to know his love, and you love everyone, and you want everyone to know of his love, and you want that none would perish in their sin, and you speak as often as you are allowed about the way to know God, and you CAN, and WILL defend your faith vigorously.

Or you know it not.

Do you simply drink in everything you hear from those who say that they know the Word and teach, or preach it? Do you question them? Do you ask them to define words for you?

Do you study to be approved by God?

We are commanded to study, and we are commanded to defend the faith we say we love.

Do you?

Would you allow your child to continue to be under the tutelage of an Algebra teacher who would not take endless questions from your child about that subject?

Some of us maybe cannot "get" Algebra, but the gospel message?

Everyone, who is ordained to get it, can get it, and since we do not know who can/cannot get it, then we speak it gladly, and often, and until we draw our last breath, because we love it, never saying that some are too stupid to get it. Course not. We are not the gate-keepers, and we know no one's heart.

Only God knows a person's heart.

The redeemed are simply vessels, never judges.

They know their place in the scheme of things, and they love the order under which they live.

It has brought them peace that passes understanding, and joy that cannot be properly expressed.

They are free.

Can you defend that which you call precious?

If not, please do not tell anyone to just "do it" or say the words that you think will get them saved.

Saying that I am a Christian does not make me one.

So, can you tell me what makes me one?

Do you know the words that Jesus said that would prove it?

And the words of the apostle Paul, and do you speak those truths, or do you make up words?

Study, my friend.

Or perish in your sin.

Defend what you say you believe, or you believe it not.

Paul defended his faith always, and then some until he was decapitated.

Do you love anything that much?

Will you speak the gospel message with a sword hanging over your head?

The gospel message separates sheep from goats, sons from fathers, mothers from daughters, and a mother-in-law from a daughter-in-law, and believe it or not, that is why Jesus came (Matt. 10:35).

It may separate your head from your body.

The redeemed love not their body to the death (Rev. 12:11).

That's been settled.

They have already been crucified, yet they live, and they live by the power that raised Jesus from the dead. The redeemed have heaven in their hearts, and they long for it. They love not this world.

Not one whit.

They fear nothing that man can do to them; their soul is saved.

You will speak the gospel message no matter what— if you love it.

It has the power to free one from sin.

Paul urges that we imitate him (I Cor. 4:16).

Can you?

Do you?

If not, consider that you know not the gospel message, for those who know it, proclaim it.

No threat stops the mouth of the one who loves God with all that is in them.

In season, and out, and it flows from them, not of their doing, or as a result of a pep rally.

The gospel is your life, or it is not.

For those who sell the vegan lifestyle, can you ever make them hush?

What if they think that it is a matter of life or death?

The gospel is a message of life or death. 

Light or darkness.

Love or hate.

Obedience or sin.

The narrow road or the wide highway.

Dead to self, and alive to Christ, or alive to the world, and lost in sin.

Non-respecter of people, or prejudiced.

Serving, or looking to be served. 

Salty or no flavor.

One or the other, and never both.

And you choose.

Wisdom or folly.

God's way or yours. 

Repent, or perish in sin. 

July 18, 2017

Do you brag about your many blessings?

I know your hear it, and maybe you say it.

"I am (or we are) so blessed, because of ..." and just fill in the blank.

What are you thinking?

Rain, sunshine, a bonus, a promotion, or money of any type, earned, inherited, or found under a rock?

A new house, a new church building, a safe trip, a good parking space, a productive garden?

Most always it will be for something material (it will rust/decay), and/or physical (it will perish).

With no doubt, we are to rejoice, and here is the "when" that we find in James 1:2.

We are told to count "it" (or life) to be all joy when we encounter various trials or temptations, like when someone lies to/about you, or when you find that your "best" friends aren't even "sort of" friends any longer, and when life looks "hard" in the eyes of others who see with old eyes.

And Jesus tells us that we are blessed when we are full of mercy, and mercy is only given to those who need it, like those who will not, and cannot reward us for caring for them, and those who betray us, and those who revile us.

And he goes on to say that we are blessed when we are peacemakers, and a peacemaker never will gossip, or hate, or hold a grudge, or look to get even, or betray anyone.

And so do you think that you are blessed?

Are you using that word "blessed" correctly?

You see, even the heathen are blessed if you are going to talk about the rain, and the beautiful rainbow, and a promotion, and more money, because they will get all those things.

Hitler had money, and power, and sunrises, and flowers, and friends.

But Hitler had the wrath of God on him, as do all sinners.

John 3:36 tells us that God's anger is on the ones who disobey.

Do you disobey?

If so, then you are still experiencing God's mercies even while his wrath is on you.

All sinners enjoy mercies like bountiful harvests, beautiful homes, and good food, health, and wealth.

Do you give thanks for all of that in your life, and is that why you would say that you are blessed?

God does not hear the prayer of thanks from those who regard iniquity in their hearts (Psalm 66:18).

You can go ahead and pray, and give thanks, and make your requests known to God, but he will not be hearing you if you have sin in your life, and anyone who sins has sin in their life.

Mormons pray. Every cult I know of has members who pray. Do you think God hears them?

He does not.

Jesus tells us in John 3:19 that sin is done for the love of it.

And then there is this: If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me (Psalm 66:18).

To sin (iniquity) is to love sin.

That is what "regard" means.

When you tell a family member, who has come to visit, and they are headed home to see grandma, who you have not seen for some time, "Tell grandma I send my regards!" then are you saying that you want them to tell her that you have a warm spot in your heart for her?  YES.

If you still sin, then that is what you have in your heart for it— a warm spot.

You will have a divided heart, and that type heart does not stand.

James 1:8 tells us that type of heart is unstable in everything.

Repent of hate, and be washed clean, and be set apart, and know of grace, and be filled with love.

All sin boils down to hatred for God, and/or others.

You will be holding something against God, like he has not "blessed" you like you think you deserve, or something like that, and you will be holding a little something against someone/everyone.

While still in sin, repent of it, or agree with God that you hate, and that hate is murder.

If you choose not to repent, then your soul will perish in sin, and you will be one of those who stand at heaven's door, and argue with Jesus, like those we read about in Matthew 7;21-23, and you will be saying, "But I prayed! I gave great testimonies about all my blessings! I said your name, and I made demons leave people, and I held Bible studies, and did good things for you!"

And Jesus tells "certain" people, who say those things, but don't go to heaven, that he does not know them, and they must depart from him.

Specifically, what does Jesus call them?

Do you know?

Check it out.


See if there is any wicked way in you.

Argue with God about your sin, and your love for it now for it will be too late later.

Know what sin is, and why it is that you do it, and figure out if you have really been born new.

Know what a blessing really is, and answer honestly if you rejoice when people revile you.

Know also that you will be reviled IF you are truly born new, for when you speak truth, and when people around you hear it, and they don't want to give up their sin, then they will hate you.

Know that regardless, you will continue to speak truth, and you will rejoice.

You will not be looking for blessings (more stuff, "good" parking places, or any temporal things).

You will know that great is your reward in HEAVEN.

You will long for it with all your heart if you truly have eternal life in you now.

To be blessed is to be a peacemaker.

To hunger and thirst after righteousness (God) is to love him with all the heart.

That is his command.

Are you blessed?

If so, then you will not be bragging about it, but you will be boasting of your weakness, and of the power of the Holy Spirit in you, and rejoicing only that you know God.

And you will weep over the lost, and while people revile you, you will rejoice and pray for them to be blessed, and you will know that you are on the right path, and that God hears you when you pray.

Now that's blessed.

July 11, 2017

Going "special" places?

It's that time of year.

People go on vacation, to beaches, mountains, anywhere but home, lots of people go just to get away.

When you pray, where do you go?

Is it someplace special?

Is it a prayer closet?

A room where only prayer happens?

Whey you pray, Jesus says to go where no one can see you.

Someone could see you in your special prayer closet.

Or in a special room, or "throne" or such as.

The only place no one can see you pray is inside of you.

In your heart.

It is no more special than to be looking at someone while they talk, and be praying for them.

And they not know it.

Who does the "work" of salvation in those for whom you pray?

Is it not God alone?

Must anyone see you in agony?

Jesus went off by himself, and his friends were elsewhere (sleeping) when he prayed.

Paul and Silas could not go someplace "special" when they were in jail.

Yet they prayed.

Don't set up a shrine, and think yourself holy when you go there to pray.

That is religion.

It makes a "rule" that says, "When I am here, don't bother me. I'm being holy. Be quiet."

In the cacophony of life, the one who knows God will be praying to him.

They will do so earnestly, and fervently, and the God who sees them in private, will reward them.

The ones who cannot be bothered are as the "religious ones" who passed by on the other side of the road from the man in the ditch who was naked, and bleeding to death.

The one who had mercy on him was moved with compassion, and when one is moved with compassion, then the feet will take them, not to "holy" places to pray, but to a hotel to tend someone, known, or unknown, all night perhaps, or all day, or all week, or for years.

Mercy knows no bounds in the redeemed.

They are full of it.

And they will obtain it.

Not because they holed themselves up at certain times of the day to do "religious" work, but because they have been made new, and they no longer live to make a show of their lives, but to serve.


Into all the world, go.

That's the special place God has commanded those who love him to go, and they do, and they love.

Do you?

June 11, 2017

Who are they?

It is interesting that some, perhaps many, claim to know Jesus.

It is also interesting that we find in Matthew 7:21-23 that is vitally important that Jesus knows you.

Rarely do we hear anyone say, "Jesus knows me."

It is of utmost importance that you can say with confidence that Jesus knows you.

He will tell those who he does not know to depart from him at heaven's gate.

How horrific that will be for those who think that they are saved, yet are not.

Many are deceived.

So who are these people who think that they are saved, yet are not?

They are not people outside the church.

People "outside the church" rarely say that they know Jesus, in fact, many take his name in vain.

In the common vernacular, the ones who think they are saved, and are not, are the religious ones.

They will be people who pray, for instance, and not everyone who prays knows Jesus.

Matthew 7:22 tells us this is so.

They will be people who have cast out demons, and who have done things for Jesus that they think are really good activities, at least according to them, and again Matthew 7:22 tells us this is true.

Not everyone who thinks that they are saved really are saved is what Jesus is saying in that passage.

So who are the unsaved ones who think that they are saved, and know Jesus?

Jesus calls them "workers of iniquity," and have you ever studied those words?

In our everyday vernacular who a "worker of iniquity," and is it you?

Look up the word "worker" and what do you find?

Look up the word "iniquity" and what do you find?

Do you study to approve yourself to God, or do you slack off, and think that  you are saved?

Do you have friends who might think that they are saved, yet are not?

Do you care?

What is the gospel message?

If there are people in your church who think that they are saved, yet are not, are you nevertheless earnestly speaking the gospel message to them?

Do you know what will happen to you if you speak the gospel message to people like that?

They will persecute you, just as they did Jesus.

You will be hated, just like Jesus.

They will wish you out of their lives, and they will try to shut you up, just like Jesus.

Is that happening to you?

Jesus said that persecution would occur in your life if you speak the true gospel message.

Do you prefer to gain the world? If so, you will lose your soul.

You cannot have both the world, and Jesus.

Many are deceived. The deceived do not want to hear the truth. They prefer to be blind.

They prefer sin because they love it, and not God (John 3:19, and I John 5:3).

Their dying day will be horrific.

They will have worse than a rude awakening.

They will go to hell.

Do you know him? Does he know you? Who does Jesus know?

From Matthew 7:21-23 it is only those who are NOT workers of iniquity.

Do you spend energy on sin?

June 10, 2017

Do you pray...

...thy kingdom come? (Matthew 6)

Those who long for his appearing do.

...thy will be done? (Matthew 6)

Those who know him, and are confident in his perfect provision will do so.

...Holy is YOUR name? (Matthew 6)

Those who know him as holy, and make nothing of themselves, and adore him, and him alone, do.

... that he will forgive you just as you forgive others? (Matthew 6)

Those who hold no grudges do.

...that others may have Christ dwell in them richly? (Ephesians 3:16-19)

Those who have Christ dwelling in them richly request that God do the same in others.

...that others will be rooted and grounded in love? (Ephesians 3:16-19)

Those who are rooted and grounded in love pray that for others.

... that others may know the depth of the love that God has for them? (Ephesians 3:16-19)

Those who know of his love pray endlessly for others to know of his love.

... that others will be filled up with the knowledge of God? (Ephesians 3:16-19)

Those who know God intimately long that others will know God intimately.

... that others will be blameless for the day of Christ? (Philippians 1:9-11)

Those who are blameless desire only that others will be presented blameless as well.

... that others will be filled with all spiritual wisdom? (Colossians 1:9b-12)

The wise will do that.

... and that they will please God in every respect? (Colossians 1:9b-12)

Those who please God beg him to bring others to perfection in his Son.

... and do you pray that others will share in the inheritance of the saints? (Colossians 1:9b-12)

Those who are no longer selfish pray that others will share in the inheritance.

... continually? (I Thessalonians 5:16)

Those who are pure in heart pray always because the line of communion is always open to them.

Not of works lest they boast.

They beg God to do to others what he did TO them.

It is just that wonderful.

Do you pray fervently for others?

Do you wrestle in prayer for others, or just wrestle with flesh and blood? (Colossians 4:12)

What is it that you pray?

For what do you pray?

For whom do you pray?

Your prayers will tell on you.

Examine your heart for out of it flows rivers of living water, or stale worldly words, and ways.

It will never be both (Matthew 7:17).

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17).

May 22, 2017

Don't suppose it

What is it that you suppose?

Then again, what does "suppose" mean?

Suppose- to assume for the sake of the argument


We, who believe that Jesus came to earth, died, and rose again (remember demons believe that), might assume that all that Jesus did was in order for us all to live in harmony.

Think again.

It won't happen.

That won't happen here on this earth.

Jesus says that it won't.

Don't even assume it.

Look what Jesus says in Matthew 10:34-35:

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; a man's enemies will be the members of his own house."

Astonishing words really.

Have you ever heard an invitation to follow Jesus using those words?

"Come follow Jesus. Perhaps your mother will turn against you, and your father will disown you, and your very enemies will now be the ones living under your roof with you."

"Come, hundreds of you!"

We hear quite the opposite it seems.

We hear of peace, and calm, and yes, that happens in the SOUL of the saved ones.

While all around them gives way, because they now preach the gospel, they are at peace.

While they are being hunted down for the kill by those who hate the gospel, they will be calm.

Don't suppose all is rosy and bright in a world where sin abounds.

The gospel (the Sword of the Lord) cuts to the heart of the matter.

People love the sin that they do. Jesus says so (John 3:19).

What people love, they don't want to stop doing.

They will fight to keep on doing the sin that they love.

They will not like hearing that they are sinners.

Either one follows Jesus as he teaches, or they teach their own gospel, that sounds easy on the ears.

They don't teach to NOT store up riches, for they store up riches.

They don't teach stop and help the needy, for they fear the needy, and getting their clothes dirty, besides a ballgame somewhere is about to start, and they need the easy chair, and food.

They don't teach that unless all that you do is BETTER than a Pharisee you will not see heaven, because they are the Pharisees, and they will not see heaven.

Hard words?

Jesus said them.

Do you use them, or do you preach a different gospel to your friends?

They will perish in their sin with you unless you are willing to forsake ALL for the Lord.

"Do not fear the one who can destroy the body but kill the soul. Rather be afraid of the One who can destroy both body and soul in hell." Matthew 10:28

Fear only God.

If you don't, then you fear "man" and you speak not the gospel, and if you speak not the gospel, then you know it not, and it has not set you free. The redeemed speak. They cannot but do that.

Is your "gospel" sweet smelling roses, and must no one ever speak of unrest?

Just keep your mouth shut, and never speak the Truth, for we don't want to upset anyone?

If so, then it is a false gospel, and false gospels are of the evil one.

Everywhere Jesus preached the gospel it seems there was an upheaval.

He confronted Pharisees, and he questioned their "religion" and it was for the sake of their very souls.

For whom do you live?

Your mom's approval? If it is for other than God alone, then beware. You are on shaky ground.

You will love riches. You are seeking to get more. You love not God.

Jesus says so (Matthew 6:24).

You will fear many, if not all things, when you walk the wide road.

The narrow road is filled with peace amid the fire, strength for battle, and rest for the weary.

What composes the walk you will take this day?

If it is with God, then don't suppose it to be a "peaceful" one with your family, and close associates.

If any of them walk not according to the Word, then they will hate you when you speak truth.

Wives, you have specific instructions to follow with a wayward husband.

Keep a gentle and quiet spirit that they might be won. I Peter 3:1-4

Otherwise, speak the Truth. The wise woman does. It is on her tongue (Proverbs 31:26).

It is always kind to speak the Truth, for it has the power to free one from sin, and to live for God.

And God alone.

Don't suppose you will get accolades for speaking the Truth.

Those who truly speak it do not do it for praise but that others might be won to their Lord.

Besides, what happened to Jesus for the Truth he spoke???

Don't suppose you will be loved by the world. They will hate you.

The church of today will hate you. It is in a filthy way. It is full of the world, and behaves just like it.

But guess who loves you?

Oh the love of God. Do you know him? If so, then you speak of him, come what may.

May 21, 2017

Have you repented?

When Jesus commands one to repent, he is saying "agree with me about the sin you do" and if you think that you continue to do that (repent) over and over in your life, then you are wrong.

If you agree with me that fire will burn you, then you will not touch it.

Will you not agree tomorrow, and then touch it? And then agree at the time, and not touch it?

Will you go back and forth with your assessment of fire?

If you agree with me that cyanide will kill you, then you won't ingest it.

If you change your mind tomorrow, and think that cyanide will not kill you, and ingest it, then you just might not have a tomorrow where you can agree with me again.

If you agree with me that hate is murder, then what?

Will you continue to murder people?

Do you desire to face Jesus at the judgment seat and say that you are a murderer?

"Hello, Jesus. I'm here to go to heaven."

He will inform you if you have come to him as a "worker of iniquity," or as a pure soul.

And Scripture tells us you will argue with him if he informs you that you are a worker of iniquity.

"But I prayed! And I cast out demons. And I did great things in your name. Having Bible studies is a good thing, right Jesus? And feeding poor people at church one night a week is a good thing!"

Matthew 7:21-23 tells us that Jesus will tell every single worker of iniquity to depart from him even though they will argue with him about all the good that they have done.

A "worker of iniquity" is a person who will spend energy on sin.

Do you spend energy on sin?

Sin exhausts people of the ability to love, and serve, and do it with gladness every single time.

All day long, and forever is how one serves when full of God's love.

And to hate is to spend energy on sin, and to hate is murder.

All sin is black, and sin is done for the love of it (John 3:19).

Jesus says so.

Do you agree?

All sin boils down to hatred of people or God.

What consumes your thoughts?

Is it God and his Word, and his ways, and do you long to talk of them all day long, but others grow weary of your words, and turn away from you, and shun you?

Do you try to convince people that the sin that they do is hate, and hate is murder, and do you get the cold shoulder, and do you hear, "Everyone sins, including Christians," and do you think, "Oh my, they are workers of iniquity, and are going to hell" and do you pray relentlessly for them?

Or do you talk about the weather, and what you ate, and where you are going, and what you like to craft, and how you are trying to get to the gym, and the restaurants that you love, and is your conversation, while boring, nevertheless, offending no one?

(The gospel message is offensive.)

And no one shuns you? Do you have friends who like to talk about their stuff, and how they would love a new house, or car, and you all talk all about that type stuff? And no one turns away?

You will love God with all your heart, or you will love to talk about your stuff, and things.

You will love your neighbor as yourself, or you will not love people at all.

Have you repented?

Have you agreed with God about his commands?

Until you do, then you will be like Job, who feared God, but did not love him.

We do not see Job repent until around chapter 42. Read it and see what happens when he repents.

The same thing will occur in your life when you repent.

All things will be made new.

You will no longer simply fear God, but you will love him with all your heart.

You will sin no more, for you will be washed clean.

Righteousness is applied to the soul, and it becomes born new, by the power of God.

Light dispels the darkness.

Jesus says so.

Do you agree?

You will be a good tree. Good trees only produce good fruit.

Jesus says so.

Do you agree?

You will be pure in heart, and you will see God.

Jesus says so.

Do you agree?


Agree with the Lord that your dislike of people is hate, and hate is murder, and Jesus says so.

Or continue in your sin, and perish in it.

Yes, he says that too, and do you agree with him?

Don't let your heart be cold.

Don't turn a cold shoulder to his Word.

Agree with him.


May 18, 2017

Absolutely no balance

Here is another catch-word heard everywhere one takes a listen: balance!

We all just need balance.

We need to balance this and that, work and play, exercise and rest, and you name it, it needs balance.

According to God, we are to love him with ALL the heart.

NO balance. Just all. The scale tips all to one side. All on the side of love.

According to God, we are to love the neighbor as we love ourselves.

NO balance. Just love the one in the "ditches" of life as you would love yourself.

I don't know about you, but if I ended up the ditch, "beaten up" by life, then I'd want warmth.




I would give myself that if/when I get beaten up by the world.

I do that now— just for me.

I'll do that also for the "neighbor" who needs it.

I buy used vehicles, and if my "neighbor" is in need of a vehicle, and cannot buy it, then I buy them a used vehicle, and if my neighbor needs a helping hand, a listening ear, or tending, they have it.

The redeemed have repented of their sin, and have been cleansed from all unrighteousness.

I John 1:9 has happened to them.

Their bodies stay on the altar; they've been crucified with Christ, just like Paul (Galatians 2:20).

All or nothing.

No balance.

No making sure everyone, and everything is fair.

What is fair?

Jesus, our leader, the one we say we follow, was a servant, totally.

He was killed for it.

Would you say that was fair?

It was love. It is love. It is exemplified in the redeemed, the very representatives of God on earth.

The ones, for whom, and to whom, you share the gospel, and your food, and your care, and money, and attention, and time, will not love you in return for the most part, unless they are redeemed.

The ones you tend, if you love God with all your heart, most likely will be heathen.

They will blaspheme God's name, and will stab you in the back perhaps, but you, if you love God with all your heart, will love them till you draw your last breath.

All or nothing.

How could a living sacrifice know when and what the balance would be in a relationship?

They just love.

They just give.

Absolutely no balance, and for sure it will not be fair according to worldly standards.

The just do not live according to worldly standards.

They love God. He rules them. They obey his commands.


May 17, 2017

Just like Jesus?

When one truly follows Jesus, and lives life as he commands, then all "things" will be different.

The people, who would say that you are a friend, may start thinking you are crazy.

For the words that you proclaim, you will be thought to be possessed of the devil.

Has that happened to you yet? It will if you live as Jesus lived, and speak as he spoke.

Do you speak truth, or flattery? Do your words lead someone to freedom, or bondage to you?

Do you want followers, or do you lead others to follow, truly follow, Jesus?

When you truly follow Jesus, and live as he lived, then many will enjoy the fruit of your labors, and will clamor for more of them, but not you, and the words that you speak,

They will want your goodies, but just don't think that they will want to visit with you.

They will do all that they can to silence you. You will be shunned. You will be an outcast.

Your words convict them of their sin.

You don't do it, but the words that you speak, because they are the words of Jesus, will convict.

They will want you to be gone. Gone from their presence. You will not have many true friends.

But do you want the world, and all that it offers, even fake love from people who hate you?

Pursue that, and end up perishing in sin.

Pursue that, and end up empty.

Pursue that, and get very frustrated, and you'll whine, and fuss, and be moody, loving no one- really.

Or repent of your hate, and find that God will do a miracle of cleaning in your soul.

You will be made whole.  All things will be made new. The words you speak will change.

You will believe in a literal hell, and you will do all that you can to persuade others to repent.

Just like Jesus.

May 15, 2017

What's the risk?

For the gospel message you proclaim, what's the risk to your life?

As Jesus says, the message he brought is not one of peace, but of a sword.

It separates sheep from goats, and mothers from daughters, and a mother-in-law from a daughter-in-law, and such as that, but interestingly he never says that it separates a husband, and wife.

His message cuts to the heart. That's where he cuts a soul. Right where they sin.

We want to call hate "dislike of others" and he never says that is the case.

We love, or we hate, according to him. Black and white. Narrow or wide.

Walk only this way, not that way.

He says that a good tree ONLY produces good fruit.

He says that a person can gain the whole world, and lose his (or her) soul, and you can't seek both.

You want your soul saved? Then lose the world. All of its ways are gone in the saved soul.

Your soul is saved, he says, not your spirit, as some will say in order to prove that the soul still sins upon being saved, but even if those who want to say that the spirit is saved must explain how it is that the spirit was sinning before it was saved? Really? Have you heard of that?

(People will go to great lengths to keep on sinning.)

So sin resides in the spirit, and the soul? Please I need a verse for that. I find none.

What sins?

Or the better question is this:

Who sins?


But I thought that sinners need to be saved?

Is that not the gospel message you hear preached? Is it the one you speak? It is confusing, is it not?

People, who say that they have been saved, and yet will say that they still sin, will sing:

"I ONCE was lost in sin."


"Amazing grace that SAVED a wretch like me."


"What can wash AWAY my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus."


"Saved to NEW life divine!"


"It is WELL with my soul."


"PERFECT submission, ALL is at rest!"

But none of that can be true if sin is still present in the soul.

What message do you "preach" that is one that might just separate you from those you love?

Or separate you from your home, as in it might land you in jail?

Would your message separate your head from your shoulders?

Does any of that make you think, "The gospel message does not do that!" 

Yes, it does, and yes, it did, and the message, if believed, will cause you to lose your life daily now.

How is it that the that message Jesus proclaimed, and the message that his early disciples spoke landed them in dire straits (death on a cross, in prison, and all of them martyred (but John, who was exiled), but the message that is proclaimed in a million pulpits, in this day and age, lands most of the ones proclaiming it with a substantial salary, a retirement plan, vacations, and an attached garage!

From the looks of it, the ones proclaiming the "gospel" message today can say what they say, and people love it, yet it was not embraced by the millions back in the day, and yet the "times" according to Jesus would get worse, not better, so the times are worse today than ever in history.

Do you know any preacher who is persecuted for what he says on Sunday?

What's the risk to his life for how he lives, and talks?

What's the risk to yours for what you say about the gospel message?

If there is none, then you are not speaking it, and neither is your pastor.

What gospel are you speaking?

What do you fear?

Anything, or any man?

There will be in the heart of those, who speak the true message, a knowing that what they speak has a great risk to it, and the risk is, not only of relationships here on earth, but their very flesh and blood.

But, they fear not, for you see, they love not their bodies to death.

They've been crucified already with Christ.

Those who love their bodies to death will pamper them, and protect them, and serve no one.

They will talk mostly exclusively about eating, how to do it, and not do it, and about exercise, how much they do, and don't do, and rest, and exposure to sun, how much is good, and how much is bad, and taking naps, and how many vitamins to take, or not to take, and vacations, etc, ad nauseam.

And yes, perfunctory duties will be performed, but a laying down of a life is not done.

Their flesh has not been crucified with Christ.

What does it profit one to gain the whole world but lose the soul?

There is no gain in that, but only loss.

If you are laying down your life now, then you won't later when called upon to stand.

You are on shaky ground now if you won't stand for what may cost you your neck.

What is your message that would cause that to happen right now if you spoke it to anyone?

What is your gospel message?

Does it comport with the words of Jesus?

Does any of it make you "feel" good?

Or does any of it cause you to only live by faith that God has your very life, and breath in his hands?

What's the risk of the message you proclaim?

The true gospel message is not one of being great, or having stuff, but come, and die.

Die to hate.

Die to comfort.


The way of the world is wide, and comfortable, and is a road where you will want many "friends" but wait till your really need a friend. Then where are they? Take people to lunch, laugh it up, and say the "I love yous" and then get sick, and they send "air hugs" and won't dare to even come in to your home to bring a simple meal for fear of catching what you may have. And you call that friendship? They fear getting sick, and have not a clue that death awaits those who truly preach the gospel message.

What do you do daily that would be considered hazardous, and exposes you to the chance of injury, or loss, because of the gospel message you live in front of others by what you say, and do?

Do you really follow Jesus?

His footsteps will take you to God, and God is holy, and only the ones made holy by him, can speak to him, and be heard, and that takes repenting (agreeing that dislike is hate, and hate is murder) while still in your sin. Do that. He will make you clean. Set you free. Light replaces darkness. Trust replaces all fear. Truth replaces lies. Let me serve you replaces entertain me. Life replaces death.


Be made new.

The old will be gone, and the new will take up residence in your soul.

Then you will speak the gospel message with no fear, for the message of freedom cannot be contained in the freed soul. 

That soul longs only that others be set free. Faith comes by hearing, and they preach the gospel message, and come what may, they live for heaven alone, and their words, and works prove it.

Do yours?

When last did you tell anyone of the message that frees a soul?

From what do you tell them they are free?

Are you free?

If so, then from what?

May 13, 2017

For whom do you make much ado?

As you work, or rest, for whom do you do it?

Is your mind on you, or the Lord you say that you serve?

Your food is consumed for whom?

You rest in order to serve yourself or others?

Don't misunderstand, and think that if one is needing rest, then it is selfish to rest.

It is not.

The question remains about the intent of your sleeping, and eating, and all that you do.

Is your life always on the altar?

Do you put it there?

Or does the Holy Spirit do that for you?

For the truly redeemed, even the ability to get on the altar of sacrifice, or the ability to present the body as a living sacrifice, is accomplished by the Lord, who lives in the redeemed soul.

They take no credit for anything.

Compliments sound like a foreign language to them which they cannot understand.

They do not soak up the glory for anything that they do, or say, or— anything.

The truly redeemed are only, exclusively, and totally a vessel.

They hold within them the power of God who raised Jesus from the dead.

They are containers.

If you absorb, look for, or need acclaim, then beware.

Your old nature still lives.

You have not repented.

You might think that you are saved, but what is the distinguishing factor of a saved person?

Do they give?

Cult followers give.

Do they pray?

Cultists pray.

Do they smile?

Cultists do that.

What makes you different, in your comings, and goings, that distinguishes you from a Pharisee?

A Pharisee will never be caught in adultery, or stealing, or lying.

Outwardly they are perfect.

Can you see inside the heart of a Pharisee?

What do you think you would find there if you could?

Inside the heart of a Pharisee is a stone. Death. Sin.

Sin, in any heart, is death.

Yet a Pharisee will eat, pray, and live, but they live for self.

And they will answer for the motive of all that they do.

So will you.

The Father sees the intention of your eating, and sleeping.

Is it to obtain energy for serving, or to have energy to pursue, and consume your lustful desires?

The intent of the redeemed is to serve, and it is accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit.

They have no need to TRY to live for God.

He lives in them to accomplish his purpose.

God will not let himself be mocked.

He will do in his child as he desires, for the child of his.....is HIS!

The woman, who belongs to God, does not belong to herself any longer, in fact  her "self" has been crucified with Christ, and she NO longer lives, but she DOES live, and it is by resurrection power.

A person can whoop, and holler that this is so, and yet still live for self.

They can be deceived.

So how/when will they know the truth of whether they are deceived or not?


Truth sets free.

The redeemed are free from sin.

Worry? Free from it. Fear? Free from it. Slander, lust, greed, contempt for others, and pride? Free.

Are you free?

If so, then you are making much ado about, and only about, the Lord who freed you.

Is that your story, and are you sticking to it?

If so, then it is easily accomplished, and you tell the redemption story to all, with no desire to "make friends" with anyone, for you will lose friends because of the story you will tell, and you WILL be persecuted for it, and if that is not happening in your life, then you are NOT telling the story.

And you are NOT free.

Your life is still about you. Your comfort. Your need for friends, and material possessions.

But what does it profit a woman if she gains the world, but loses her soul (Mark 8:36)?

Is your life all about God?

Which way do you walk?

Straight, or crooked, and up, and then down?

Is the food that you consume used for your shopping trips, and vacations, and pleasure, and can you seem to never get enough of entertainment, and money, and are your eyes fixed, or do they wander?

What's in your heart?

What are your motives?

For whom do you make much ado?

In the end, God will bring to light what is hidden in darkness.

He will expose the motives of the heart.

At that time, each will receive their praise from God.

Who makes you different?

What do you have that you did not receive?

And if you did receive it, then why do you boast as though you did not?

I Corinthians 4:5&7

May 12, 2017


Do you wonder when you meet someone new, "Are they saved?"

Do you watch for signs?

What about you?

What would someone see in you that would tell them that you are godly?

Do you know that there is a definitive sign?

Godliness isn't proven by going to church.

Many people think going to church makes them holy, or better than others.

It doesn't.

It is not always being able to keep "bad" words from escaping your lips; some people get highly offended at "bad" words.

Being highly offended is not a sign of godliness.

It is a lie to think that because you pray, then you are godly, and saved.

Everyone in a cult (most likely) prays.

II Timothy 3:1-5 tells us this:

But mark this (pay attention)---
 There will be terrible times in the last days.  
 People will be lovers of themselves,
 lovers of money, 
disobedient to their parents, 
without love, 
without self-control, 
not lovers of the good, 
lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—  
 having a form of godliness but denying its power. 
Have nothing to do with such people.

Did you see yourself in any of that description of an ungodly person?

Any one of those characteristics makes one ungodly. You do not need to possess all of them. If you possess one, or "do" one of those sins, then you have done them all.

Remember what James 2:10 tells us?

Look it up if you've forgotten.

Do you remember what it means is in your soul if you sin?


Jesus reduced all sin to hatred of God, or others.

All the law is boiled down to love God completely, and love the neighbor as you love yourself.

Did you catch the last phrase in II Timothy 3:5?

Read it again.

Do you go to church with anyone who is greedy, slanderous, proud, boastful, or conceited?

I Corinthians 5:11 is where we hear Paul say not to eat with people who sin.

Woman, do you still sin?

What is your sin?

Did you find it in the list from II Timothy 3:1-5?

Or are you thinking that your sin is not included in Paul's list?

He has another list in I Corinthians 5:11.

Is the sin that you do so little as to be inconsequential?

It is not.

Sin causes one to be dead (in their soul spiritually speaking).

Read Ephesians 2:1, and see what Paul says to those who have been truly redeemed.

Read what he says in verse 2 about what the redeemed "used" to follow.

Read in verse 3 what those who sin deserve, and will get unless they repent.

Read in verse 4 about the quality of God.

Read in verse 5 about what happens when one is truly saved.

Is that person still dead?

Where does sin go when one repents?

Read Psalm 103:12 and ask questions of God.

Ask him why if you think that you are godly do you still sin.

If sin is gone as far as the east is from the west when one is saved, then why do you still sin.

Have you been deceived into thinking that you can still sin, and still be holy?

You might think that you are godly, but if you still sin, then you have a "form" of godliness.

And you deny the power of God to keep you FROM sin (see verse 5 again).

Those who have a "form" of godliness, deny God's power, and are still in darkness.

Maybe you look good on the outside, but you are still dead on the inside.

That is the case if sin is still in you.

(Yes, sin is still in your physical body, and that is why the redeemed get a new BODY in heaven.)

Those, who are washed, have brand new clean souls.

They are godly.

God keeps them from sin (Psalm 121:3, I Corinthians 10:13)

They love.

And love is an "always" event in them, for love only behaves ONE way (I Corinthians 13).

And they know that their righteousness is not born of them, but of God.

They are not greedy for they always generously share for they know God to be a loving father.

They are not lovers of money. It does not drive them out of bed in the morning.

Service for others does.

They love God.

Are you godly, or do you just look that way?

Can you talk a good talk, and slander too?

Do you think yourself pretty darn good, or do you know of your great sin, and God's great grace?

Have you forgiven every single person on this planet, and hold no grudges at all, or do you keep some people at arm's length until they "get right with God," and become godly like you?

Do you adore vacations, and the easy chair, and entertainment, and long for it deep inside you?

Or are you singularly longing for heaven where the Savior waits to welcome the godly home?

Do you have the one true sign of godliness in you?

Do you love?

Or do you put on a good show at church, and then ignore the needy, and thank your god that you are not like those needy people on every corner, who really should go to church, and act like you?

You will love, or you are ungodly.

You will be godly, or you will be a fake.

One way, or the other, never both.

Are you godly?