December 23, 2016

This one thing I know

This season, as busy as it can be for us, and any season for that matter, this one thing is sure:

You will either be looking to serve, or waiting to be served.

Your heart is either like the heart of God, and is love, and you are following the example of the Master, and putting on an apron, or you are fighting the laying down of your life.

The heart, that was once selfish, is now, in the redeemed, crucified.


Desires to sit, and wait to be served, are of the past.

The old nature has died.

Physical limitations aside, the heart of the one, who has been crucified, serves.

In prayer, in out-stretched hands, in generosity of giving, in whatever need a neighbor has, the one, who has been bought is no longer a cry-baby, needy, or selfish soul.

No task is beneath the redeemed woman.

Trash pick up, and take out. Hard to wash pans, and sticky floors. Toilets, and unmade beds.

She works for the good of others, and finds that in giving, she receives.

In her dying, she is born new.

In her repentance, she walks on the narrow road.

Consistently without a care. Constantly with joy. Continuously in peace. 

She walks, putting one foot in front of the other, even if in a wheelchair, her heart beats for others.

The Lord's spirit performs tasks through her.

She yields. She cannot help but do that. She wants nothing but that.

Her nature is new.

The yoke (service to which she is now called), and the burden (of others that she carries) are light.

She rejoices in this life, and looks with expectant heart for the next.

She is just passing through.

And this one thing is for sure: She serves.

Do you?

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