December 3, 2016

The Lord's guarantee

Shoppers love a guarantee (a promise, or an assurance).

"If you don't like it, bring it back for a full refund, no questions asked."

WOW! What a deal is that? Who wouldn't give a product like that a try?


Those who come to Jesus, and follow him, and are Christians, are told by him that he gives life.

Not only life, but abundant life (John 10:10).

It is guaranteed.

What the Lord says he will do he does.

But by the way some "Christians" talk, and the way they complain, and get depressed, and live in a state of mind just like the world, then it is a wonder that they don't take the abundant life that is guaranteed by Jesus back to him and say, "Try again."

To hear what comes out of the mouths of the "saved" would cause me, if I didn't know better, to say to them, "What's so special about salvation? You have no joy, and you are bitter. What's the point?"

It is an affront to the Giver of life when supposed Christians behave just like the world.

When Jesus sets a soul free, then they are free.

If you are not free from (sin) strife, complaining, depression, and a view of the world that leaves you acting like the world, then seriously question, not the Giver of life, but the life you claim you have.

If you cannot say that it is abundant, and free, and not only free, but free indeed, something is wrong.

Not with Jesus, mind you, but you.

The Word was written for a purpose.

We are told that as we read it, we will know if we are born new or not (I John 5:13).

The Word is not for us to read, and then spout to prove ourselves knowledgeable.

It is given as as a mirror for us to hold up, and look into it, and say, "Why am I fussing, and why can I not stop bickering with my husband, and why do I hate my neighbor, and why must I be reminded to praise the Lord, and why does it seem that my prayers are not heard?"

Yes. Question your salvation. Many will say not to do that.

If we are not to question it, then what about II Timothy 2:15?

No where will you find that we are sit back and assume anything when it comes to our salvation.

When I studied the Word to try to understand why my prayers were not being heard, I found that if I regard sin in my heart, then God will not hear me. There it was. Plain as day in Psalm 66:18.

I had the problem.

Sin was my problem.

To be specific, it was hate.

I did not love God with all my heart, and for sure, I did not love my neighbor as myself.

But I argued with God. I called my sin something other than sin. My life was not abundant.

I worried. I fussed. I tried so hard to live for the Lord, and be kind, and it was a struggle— always.

Then I repented of my sin.

I agreed with God about hate.

Then God washed me. He filled me. He changed me. I was born new. Inside of me was regenerated.

Now the yoke is easy, and the burden light.

Now I sing, and am content, and love— always.

Now my life is full to over-flowing. It seems that cannot keep up with it most days. I am free.

I am free from fussing. Gossip. Discontent. You name the sin, and I'm telling you, I am free of it.

Am I boasting?

Only in my Lord who lives in me to do through me what I cannot do (I Cor. 1:31 & Phil. 4:13).

Only in God.

That's my promise.

The Holy Spirit will inhabit the soul of the repentant, and the repentant will sing.


Eternal life is theirs. They are awash in freedom. Love is known for the very fist time.

Not a "love" that comes and goes depending on the weather, or if the belly is full, or if one has had enough sleep, or if one is loved first, or in return. There are no caveats in a free soul. They love.

That's a guarantee.

Yes indeed. The soul whom the Lord sets free is free indeed (John 8:36).

Are you free?

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