December 6, 2016


Are you gentle one moment, and loving, and then in the next moment, when someone has said, or done something that rubs you wrong, are you different?

First gentle, and then hostile?

First kind, and then abrasive?

First inclusive, and then exclusive?

Are you moody, irritable, or sensitive to the point where others know to be careful around you?

If so, from what are you free?

Jesus sets the soul, bound in erratic behavior, free, and not only free, but free for sure.

Free indeed.

There is no doubt about the freedom one has after an encounter with Jesus, who leads one to God.

Jesus does not lead a soul to him in order for that soul to worship him, and sing about him, and bow to him, and pray to him, and put him first in their heart; no, his mission is to bring the lost to God.

In repentance, one knows God.

In knowing God, one is washed, a ring is put on their finger, and a blessed party starts.

That party never ends, for the repentant soul is given a new heart, a new mind, a new life.

Temperamental no more. The new soul never turns their back on God. They stay on the narrow road.

Strange, erratic, even dangerous behavior is a thing of the past.

The old life is gone.

Newness has come.

"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, then the old is gone, and the new is come," (II Cor. 5:17).

Newness does not dwell alongside the old if one is truly in the Vine.

Old natures are cut off by God, and one is drafted into the life of Christ.

(We don't cut off the old nature ourselves, for how can a sinful person recreate a pure heart?)

Heirs. The righteousness of Christ. Eternal life.

What does it all mean?

Do you understand that one can sing, and speak, of newness, and not have it?

One can pray, and not be saved?

One can do, as the Pharisees, all things "proper" and not know God?

Yes. That happens. Many in our churches are lost.

Great ministries "for God" are built, and those who build them go to hell.

Preachers go to hell.

Jesus said all of that it is so in Matthew 7:21-23.

What makes the difference according to Jesus?

If those who do all those "wonderful" things expend no energy on sin.

We must not be workers of evil.

Sin is a work of evil.

How does one escape that evil?

Agree with God about the sin that you do. Call it evil. Hate is murder.

You've been commanded to love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too.


Become a new person, not of your doing at all, but by the miracle of re-birth.

Repent, and never be temperamental again, or choose to continue in sin, and not know God.

Life is short.

Now is the day of salvation.

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