December 4, 2016

Steady she goes

The wise woman has a lot on her plate, and as she goes about her day, she just keeps going.

The baby needs changing, the dinner needs fixing, the pie needs baking, the dishes, the laundry, the bed needs making, the list does not end, but that is her life, and she loves it.

She doesn't dread.

No dreading of dishes, or diapers, or the next thing that comes her way.

Her life is full to over-flowing— always.

No complaints. No fuss. No worries.

She has a Lord.

He sustains her.

He enables her, for she has submitted her heart, once and for all time, to him.

She belongs to him, and she does not jump off the altar of sacrifice, nor the Vine.

She can't.

She has agreed with God about her sin, and he has washed her, and made her whole.

Sin causes one to be less than whole.

She is whole.

Her soul is bound with unbreakable twine to God, her Father.

She hates no one, and loves God with all her heart.

He keeps her feet from stumbling into sin (Psalm 121:3).

There are things that God will NOT allow in her life.

Too much temptation, that causes sin (I Corinthians 10:13), and falling into it (Psalm 121:3).

That is what God does.

What must a woman do to be wise?

Abide by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Jesus.

He commands repentance (Matthew 7:14). Repentance is the first thing Jesus preached.

Agreeing with Jesus is belief in him, and doing what he said about sin is the first step to God.

There is no other way.

Try if you like, but your efforts to be good, and not fuss, or complain, or bring strife, will fail.


You know the pattern.

Fuss. Say that you won't. Then you do it again. Over, and over, and over again.

What Jesus commands (repentance) one must do in order to be born new.

Being born new means that nothing is ever the same ever again.

Fussing stops. Strife ceases. Jealousy, anger, and now you name a sin. It's over. Done.

New life means new life.

For many years, after my supposedly conversion, all things were the same.

I lusted, complained, gossiped, complained, and fussed, and lusted, over, and over again.

Nothing new there.

No conversion (change) had occurred for I had not repented.

To repent is not to feel sorry for bad things you do.

To repent is to agree with God that your hate is murder, and not simply a dislike of some people.

Argue with him if you will.

Agree with him if you will be free.

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