December 26, 2016

Say, "Thank you."

Imagine never needing to be reminded to say, "Thank you."

As a child, you were, most likely, admonished, upon receiving a gift, to say, "Thank you."

And you would comply, and say, "Thank you."

Meaning it, or not, you would say it.

And you still do that today.

Or perhaps you forget. Maybe someone gave you a gift, and you thought, "Why that?"

And maybe, for a moment, or a few days, you forgot to say, "Thank you."

And then you did, but you did it from a place in you that says, "Remember your manners."

But to be set free from chains.

To be hating, and then to have love flowing.

To always be walking in clay, and then to be floating.

To the One who has set a soul free, the "thank you" never ends.

No reminder necessary.

The gift of freedom is never taken for granted.

Never forgotten.

And why is that the case?

Because a new nature has been installed in place of the old one.

The old one is gone— crucified.

The new nature says, "Thank you."

Often, always, without end, the heart of the redeemed lives in gratitude.

Do you?

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