December 11, 2016


Has someone done you wrong?

A husband?

A mother?

Your dad?

How about a neighbor?

Who is it that does not love you as you think that they ought?

What do you want for them?

Do you want meted out to them as they have done to you?

Or is your heart broken for them?

Do you weep for their sin, and their life, that must be miserable because just maybe they know of how badly they treated, or treat, you?

Are you asking, pleading, with God, for him to have mercy on them, and bring them to grace?

Do you show them mercy, grace, and love, and are your arms open to them?

Or do you hold them at arms-length?

If you say that you love God, then you only love him because he first loved you (I John 4:19).

Or do you think that you are just so smart as to love God, and that your love is worth something to him? It is only worth something to him when it is worth something to someone else, like the ones who do you harm, and did you harm, and want harm for you. When you love the unlovely, then you love as God loves. Loving the lovely is easy, and those on the wide, easy road "love" like that.

What are you asking God to do for, and to, the ones in your life that you think are unsaved?

Maybe they are evil, and vengeful, and not so kind.

Are you the same to them, and do you make it obvious that you know of their sin?

Are you so kind to them that they warm to you, or are they repelled by you?

Are you casting stones?

Only the sinless can cast stones (John 8:7), yet they don't throw stones for they know from whence they have been saved, and their grateful hearts are just that, always thankful, and never vengeful.

Are you able to pray as Jesus taught us to pray:

"Forgive me just like I forgive others." (Matthew 6:12)

How do you want to be forgiven?

It will be exactly the same way as you forgive others (Mark 11:26).

Think on that.

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