December 30, 2016

Out of control

Do you fuss?


Withhold love?


Are you angry?



Is there anything you cannot stop from doing?

Does the Spirit control you, or are you out of control?

Do you know that it is one way or the other, and never both that occurs in a soul?

If you think that it can be both, then when you are in control, then do you know that it is you doing it?

You, at times, can find the wherewithal to be "kind" and it won't be for long, or forever, but just long enough to get through dinner, or some event, with that person who grates your nerves.

Yep, you can endure, but for a limited time, not forever.

Your love, if not forever, is not love.

Love always is one way, and never short term.

That will be the one thing that will be difficult for you to admit, or agree to, or believe.

But belief in Jesus is to believe his Word, every bit of it, and he says that love is one way.

It always behaves one way.

If you cannot always behave with love, then you have not love.

You are out of control at times, right?

What brings you back from those out of control times?

Something you do?

If you can name something, then that something that you do, is called works.

Salvation of God is not of works.

The salvation that comes from God is a rescue from sin, to sin no more.

It is a rebirth.

It is the gift of a new nature.

The old nature is gone. The saved one is crucified with Christ. They are new.

The good that they do is from, and of, God, and it is constant.

To be saved is to be grated into the Vine where love flows, not of anything one does.

It is automatic.


Just like sin is automatic in the old nature, goodness, the righteousness of God, is automatic in the born new soul, who has repented of sin, and has been given a river of love, not of themselves at all.

The new person does not need to "work" at being good.

They are controlled by the Spirit.

Are you?

Are you always generous, loving, and holding no grudge?

Or must you work at it?

Is your "salvation" of works, or is it real, and other-worldly, and are you new?

Jesus commands that we repent. You will soon pass from this world. Where will you spend eternity?

If it is heaven, then know this, that the eternal life you claim to have is happening now.

It starts at redemption.

Do you live as though you have eternal life now?

Or do you live for a future here on earth?

Always hoping for more here on earth?

Always holding onto your stuff as though you will be forever here?

Or do you live as though you are passing through?

Are you at home here, or do you long for heaven, and to see God, and be forever in heaven with him?

Is your life one of lip-service, or one of heart-service?

Can you spout verses, and say "praise the Lord" with the best of them?

Can you cast out demons?

Are you building a Bible study, or helping to build a great church, and do you invite others to church?

God is not impressed.

Are you new?

If so, what is the evidence?

Is it a controlled life of love, and generosity, or are you out of control, angry, and moody?

The Spirit only fills a life, and not partially, but wholly.

He does not sit in a corner of a heart waiting to be acknowledged.

If you have been redeemed, then you are filled with God's love.

Are you?

If so, then you do not spend energy on sin.

Workers of iniquity, out of control people, will not see heaven.

Will you?

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