December 1, 2016

Living by cliches?

A cliche is a trite, stereotyped expression, which is based, not in fact, but in common ideas.

Here are a few that "Christians" will say, "God has my back," and, "I may wander from God, but he will never leave me," and "I know God understands when I don't take time to be with him."

All of those thoughts, or ideas, are not based in the Word, but in a feeling about God.

The redeemed do not live by feelings about God, or sentiment, but by faith in the Word.

They know the Word.

They don't misquote it, or take it out of context in order for it to fit their frame of mind.

If they aren't feeling good, then they still are kind, and they won't think "God understands" when they don't have the "energy" to be kind, and then snap at the husband, and are unkind to any soul.

The redeemed are kind when they don't "feel" good because they live with the Holy Spirit in them to accomplish what they can never accomplish— which is to love always.

Do you live by cute sayings, and common "Christian-ese" phrases, that have no basis in truth?

Or do you live by every word that comes from the Word?

What was the teaching of Jesus concerning how a Christian, not should live, but will live?

It's not by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4).

And it is by the renewing of the mind that we live, and we do not renew our own minds, for how can  a human "fix" what is broken in them? It is the Lord who renews us. He makes us new.

We don't do the "making new" of our own selves.

It is not of us that anything is good.

I pray that you won't "feel" when you read the Word, or listen to teaching.

I pray that you will think for it is from our minds, that we speak, and what we speak reveals our hearts, and so many times we hear what people "feel" and what they "feel" is so many times erroneous, yet they "think" that it is "truth" and it is not, unless what they speak is found in the Word.

"God has my back" is not Scriptural.

God does indeed understand that we are mere human, and that is why Jesus died, and rose again, and gives us his Spirit, because if we remain in our "human" condition, we are lost, and we wander.

But being born again means we do not live any more according to the flesh, yet some will claim that, while being a Christian, they still have the sin nature, and sometimes they yield to that fleshly nature, even though, according to I Corinthians 10:13, God does not allow that to happen to his child.

To say, "God understands my fleshly nature," is an excuse to sin.

If you live according to the Word, then you live in truth, not in falsehoods and cliches.

If you live according to the Word, then you will repent of your sins.

If you live according to the Word, then you do not wander on the wide road on your way to life.

Life in Christ means one is hidden in him, and has his mind, and that person won't spew cliches.

How do you then live?

Are you free?

If so, then free from what?

"So if the Son sets you free, then you will be free indeed," (John 8:36).

Are you free, or still enslaved to sin?

Do you have a new Lord, and a new nature, or have you yet to be born new?

Once and for all time a soul repents.

Once and for all time a person agrees with God about the hate they have for him, and others.

Once and for all time a soul has eternal life and is free, or they have no new life at all.

For those in Christ, the old is gone, and the new has come (II Corinthians 5:17).


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