December 8, 2016

Just like Jesus

Have you ever been betrayed?


Called names?

Falsely accused?

Left alone when you needed a friend very badly?

What did you do?

Like Jesus, were you able to hold your tongue, and not condemn, and go on loving endlessly?

Those saved from sin will not strike back, in fact, they turn the other cheek.

They behave just like Jesus because he lives in them.

The Holy Spirit empowers them, and not when they happen to "remember" to ask for help.

The redeemed do not belong to themselves, for they have been crucified with Christ.

Upon repentance, the person who could not control the tongue, and who got moody, upset, belligerent, and acted like the world, will find their old self, the one who enjoyed retribution, is gone.

Dead. Crucified. Killed. Extinguished. Buried. Evaporated. From east to west....gone.

It is not of their doing, it is a gift of God.

If you must strive (try) to be good, and try to remember to pray so that you can stand, then you are doing the work and you will fail, and you do fail, and you continue to sin over, and over again...right?

Those who continue to sin do not know God (I John 2:4).


I am begging you to study Scripture and see these words for yourself.

I don't make up these words, and hope to cause people anguish, but if what I say causes you to pick up the Word, and see for yourself, and you come to repentance, then I rejoice.

If you were to tell me that in always wearing my seat belt, then I would never die in a car wreck, and if I agreed with you, then what do you suppose that I would do?

Yep. I'd always wear my seat belt.

If I did not agree with you, then I would not ALWAYS wear it.

In agreeing with God about sin, then one is saying, "Yes, you are right God. Hate is murder. Sin is causing me spiritual death, and I don't know God, and he won't hear me pray if I continue to sin."

When we agree with God, then HE does the changing in us.

Darkness is gone. But you must agree with him. Bondage is gone. But you must agree with him.

Hate is gone. But you must agree with him about the sin that you do.

Or, continue in it, and if you choose to do that, then there remains no sacrifice for you (Heb.10:26).

And do not be deceived and believe about that verse as Albert Mohler preaches it.

He says that verse is talking to a lost person, and only in that one verse, and the rest of the chapter is for the saved. Good grief. How ridiculous is that. And what a lie.

A lost person still has a sacrifice, and that is the sacrifice of Jesus, and they have it till they die. But to those who say they have the knowledge of truth, and then go on sinning, well, you are doomed.

Read it for yourself.

We must be perfect like Jesus, or we are workers of iniquity, and to them, Jesus will say that he does not know them, and they must depart from him (Matthew 7:21-23).

People who sin go to hell.

So many Christians tell me that they sin.

They spend energy on evil. That's what sinning is. Or is it "different" in you?


Just like Jesus, grow in wisdom, and that takes study, not of books about the Bible, but the Bible.

Do you know it?

Do the words in it flow from you, and do you meditate on them always?

Are they like a spring in you just waiting to gush?

Do you find them sweeter than honey?

Is the Lord better than food to you?

Or do your words flow from you, and are they bitter, and divisive, and do you tear people down?

Do not be deceived. Many will say, "Work hard at saying positive words!" or "Stay positive!"

As if all it takes to walk with God is trying hard, and remembering to stay positive.

You won't find any of that in the Word, but doesn't it sound nice?

Nice doesn't work. Regeneration does. That takes repentance.

Have all things been made new in you?

As one sins, one is not made new.

Repent, agree with God, and his Word, once, and for all time, and be made new.

The striving ceases.

The chains fall.

Sin is gone.

The yoke is easy.

The burden is light.

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