December 5, 2016

Everywhere you turn

Are you still living and breathing here on planet earth?

If so, no matter what direction you look in this world, you will find counterfeit ways to peace.

Meditation. Exercise. Food.

Mind. Body. Soul.

Which way will you turn?

If in meditation, you turn any place but to the Word, and think exclusively on it, then you are worldly.

If in eating, you turn any place to find guidance, then you are looking to the world for instruction.

If in deciding what to do with leisure, you don't look to Scripture, then you will be foolish.

We either walk on the narrow road with limited instruction, or the wide road where we wander.

On the wide road, your options are all over the map. You'll hear it all. You'll wonder which way is best because gurus abound, and experts do as well, and they all want your ear, and your money.

If you choose the narrow road, then your only option is to repent of walking the wide road.

If you choose the narrow road, then you will be persecuted for your narrow-minded way of life.

If you choose the narrow road, then your friends will be few, but your joy continuous, and great.

Which road will you choose?

At every turn, until you choose the narrow way, you will still be confused, at times, and angry, at times, and bitter, and hateful, at times, and you will never have peace at all times.

Peace that passes understanding is not something that comes and goes.

The peace that the world offers is of a transient nature.

First up, and then down. Trying this method for peace of mind, and then another. Always trying.

Those who always keep trying, always fail.

Those who repent are changed from night to day, from strife to peace, from anger to love.

Repent for you will soon leave this planet earth.

Agree with God or you are in agreement with the powers of evil.

There are only two roads.

Which one do you walk?

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