December 19, 2016

Concerning how you talk about you

"I'm getting younger."

According to Joel Osteen, when you say those words, God will renew your youth.

No one gets younger.

Everyone gets older, and everyone dies.

God renews the strength of those who know him.

God will not make you young.

He give a new nature to the repentant.

Nothing happens just because someone repeats it often enough.

That is a lie.

One time.

That's all it took for a prophet of old.

One misstatement about God, and his ways, and he was put to death (Deuteronomy 18:20).

Has God changed his mind about the severity of saying things that are not true?

He has not.

Men, and women, like Joel Osteen are false prophets, and because of grace, they are still walking about on this earth, but they need to repent of their false gospel.

You must study the Word. Look at it carefully. Ask questions of the Lord concerning it.

If you choose to listen to those who preach health, wealth, and false doctrine, then you will be accountable for your choice.

Are you being taught to die to self? And that those who follow Christ, and know God are crucified with him, and that they no longer live according to how they feel? Or do you live according to how you feel? If you feel like it, then are you kind? If you sleep well, then do you help your neighbor?

How is it that you live on this earth?

Is it by faith, and EVERY word of Scripture, or just parts of it?

Or do you live according to how you feel about things?

Has someone hurt your feelings? Do you carry a grudge? Or are you kind to them as though it never happened? Do you know that you will be forgiven EXACTLY the way that you forgive others?

Do you show mercy? Grace? Do you hold the sins of others against them?

How do you think about yourself?

Are you pretty good?

Do you keep a mantra going in your head?

Must you do something in order to "feel" close to God?

Or have you hid the Word in your heart? 

Do you see yourself dead to you, and your desires?

Wake up. The only way that you can live forever, and get that new body some day is to repent.

It does not happen by continuous repetitive mantra-like talk.

That is evil.

When you "talk" about you to yourself does it sound like, "I am crucified with Christ. I no longer live, yet I do, and the life that I live is accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Does that describe you?

Have you waited for the Lord, or do you like to be waited on?

Those who wait on the Lord are renewed— no mantra does that.

Who are you to you?

To whom do you answer?

Does anyone answer to you, or do you see to it that they do?

The woman of God knows God, and in knowing God, she waits on him, and serves others.

He gives her strength to run the course set before her on the narrow road.

She is filled with good deeds.

She loves God and others with her whole heart.

Do you?

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