December 31, 2016

Are you happy?

No matter what, is there a smile in your heart?

No matter if there are "plans" or not, is your heart at rest?

No matter if you are taken out for a date, a movie, a walk, or a talk, is your heart rejoicing?

If not, then you live according to the flesh.

If not, then it takes more than what God commands to make you happy.

If not, then you do not know God.

In knowing God, a soul is always at rest.

How could it not be content?

In knowing the Creator? In knowing, not the one who gives peace, but the one who IS peace?

In having constant fellowship with him? In knowing your prayers are heard? In knowing joy?

Many so called Christians will pray for peace.

If they truly knew the Lord, then they would know peace, for he IS peace.

He does not come into a soul, and then that soul still need anything.

They are whole in knowing him.

It is similar to a child crying, and a mother rushing to hold the child, and the child saying, "Could you give me peace?" The attentive, loving mother IS peace to the little one. Resting in her arms, the child settles, and finds rest. In knowing God, the adult child is always at rest, never worrisome.

He reveals himself to the repentant.

The revelation of God is instantaneously transforming.

That soul is never the same again....ever.

They are happy. Blessed. They are peacemakers. They have been born new.

They are merciful...full of mercy. They are the pure in heart. They will see God.

Are you happy?

If not, what does it take?

First one thing, and then another?

Or do you know God?

If so, then you are always happy...truly blessed.

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