December 15, 2016

Always the same glorious message

Are you bound to anger?

Can't shake it?

Does it haunt you, always lingering over your shoulder, and in your heart?

Jesus came that we might be free.

Not just free.

But free indeed.

Truly free.

Some will claim to be free.

And sing about being free.

But to be truly free is more than singing about being free from sin.

Truly free from sin is to no longer be bound by it at all.

Something breaks?

Free from anger.

Someone betrays?

Free to love.

Some event is cancelled?

Free from discontent.

No whining. No hate. No bitterness.

Or do you suppose that Jesus sets a heart free little by little?

And if so, then contingent on what?



Firmness of resolve?

Nope. No works are involved with the freedom Jesus gives. It is once and done.


Agree that you are not content, or that you are resentful of your life, or that you hate.

Or keep on sinning.

It is your choice.

Scripture says that we are to choose today whom we will serve.

Do you suppose that one would choose to serve God one day, and then not serve him the next?

Would you call that love for God?

Those who truly love him, those who are truly set free, obey him (I John 5:3, John 14:21, I John 2:5).

Do you believe that?

Belief in Jesus requires belief in his Word, all of it, always.

Otherwise, one will wander on the wide road, first loving, and then fearful, first kind, and then hating.

That is burdensome. It is a life of moody, irritable behavior. It is not pleasant at all.

To not always obey is to live according to feelings.

The just live by faith (Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38).

They live by EVERY word that is in the Word (Matthew 4:4).

The redeemed don't pick and choose what to abide by, for they abide in the Vine.

The freedom given by Jesus, and performed by the Holy Spirit, in the repentant heart, is constant.

Is there work involved?


There is repentance first, and then submission forever, which brings joy unspeakable always.

I will preach the same glorious message till I die.

Repent, for you will soon die, and then the judgment.

Only those who spend no energy on sin will go to heaven (John 7:21-23).

Do you really believe that?

Read it. Parse it. Dig into it.

To understand it, one must ask questions. Do you study? Are you curious?

Or do you live with your feelings, and emotions guiding you?

That is worldly.

The Word says that the commands of Jesus are an easy yoke, and a light burden.

To always love an unloving husband is easy for the repentant.

To never fuss about thwarted plans is easy for the contented heart who rests always in God's love.

To give generously without fear is a light burden to the one who knows God.

To bear burdens is a breeze to the one who loves God.

To truly believe is to truly obey.

Do you believe...truly?

Do you obey...always?

Do you love that same old glorious message?

Do you abide in the Vine?

Do you know perfect obedience?

If not, repent, for the kingdom of heaven is (truly) at hand (Matthew 4:17).

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