December 29, 2016

A revealing faith

When one lives by faith, then the life lived is one of constancy.

Feelings come and go, and moody people love today, and hate tomorrow depending on circumstances.

However, the redeemed one, who truly lives by faith, knows God, and in knowing God, they are not hampered by the events of life. They do not fly off the handle, or fall apart, or scream, or fuss, or fume, or worry. They don't get depressed, mad, or have fits, or love only when loved first, and in return.

They love, for they have been filled with love after being washed clean.

After repentance.

The filling of love— fills them.

They do not need to ask to be filled with love.

They have it flowing through them.

They do not ask for peace.

Christ, who is peace, lives in them by his Spirit.

They reveal faith.

It is a trust in someone they know who will work all things together for good for them.

Nothing sways them.

What sways you?


What makes you feel good?

A warm bath?

What thrills you?

A dinner out?

What if nothing like that happens to you, do you thrill at your salvation as if it were a last resort?

If so, then you know not of salvation, of chains falling, of freedom.

The heart of the redeemed is steadfast.

Never shaken. Never worrisome. Never angry.

Trusting and obeying is the heart of the truly redeemed.

Repent of your sins, for your time on earth is but a breath.

You will soon be gone from this world.

Where will your faith take you?

If your trust is in the things of this world, and a human, then you are on a sandy foundation.

Those who are on the rock will stand there without quaking, for they are held by God.

He is a surety for them.

He keeps them from slipping.

He does not allow temptation to be too strong.

They reveal faith. In their love, their words, their walk.

Their light shines.

Does yours?

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