December 31, 2016

Are you happy?

No matter what, is there a smile in your heart?

No matter if there are "plans" or not, is your heart at rest?

No matter if you are taken out for a date, a movie, a walk, or a talk, is your heart rejoicing?

If not, then you live according to the flesh.

If not, then it takes more than what God commands to make you happy.

If not, then you do not know God.

In knowing God, a soul is always at rest.

How could it not be content?

In knowing the Creator? In knowing, not the one who gives peace, but the one who IS peace?

In having constant fellowship with him? In knowing your prayers are heard? In knowing joy?

Many so called Christians will pray for peace.

If they truly knew the Lord, then they would know peace, for he IS peace.

He does not come into a soul, and then that soul still need anything.

They are whole in knowing him.

It is similar to a child crying, and a mother rushing to hold the child, and the child saying, "Could you give me peace?" The attentive, loving mother IS peace to the little one. Resting in her arms, the child settles, and finds rest. In knowing God, the adult child is always at rest, never worrisome.

He reveals himself to the repentant.

The revelation of God is instantaneously transforming.

That soul is never the same again....ever.

They are happy. Blessed. They are peacemakers. They have been born new.

They are merciful...full of mercy. They are the pure in heart. They will see God.

Are you happy?

If not, what does it take?

First one thing, and then another?

Or do you know God?

If so, then you are always happy...truly blessed.

December 30, 2016

Out of control

Do you fuss?


Withhold love?


Are you angry?



Is there anything you cannot stop from doing?

Does the Spirit control you, or are you out of control?

Do you know that it is one way or the other, and never both that occurs in a soul?

If you think that it can be both, then when you are in control, then do you know that it is you doing it?

You, at times, can find the wherewithal to be "kind" and it won't be for long, or forever, but just long enough to get through dinner, or some event, with that person who grates your nerves.

Yep, you can endure, but for a limited time, not forever.

Your love, if not forever, is not love.

Love always is one way, and never short term.

That will be the one thing that will be difficult for you to admit, or agree to, or believe.

But belief in Jesus is to believe his Word, every bit of it, and he says that love is one way.

It always behaves one way.

If you cannot always behave with love, then you have not love.

You are out of control at times, right?

What brings you back from those out of control times?

Something you do?

If you can name something, then that something that you do, is called works.

Salvation of God is not of works.

The salvation that comes from God is a rescue from sin, to sin no more.

It is a rebirth.

It is the gift of a new nature.

The old nature is gone. The saved one is crucified with Christ. They are new.

The good that they do is from, and of, God, and it is constant.

To be saved is to be grated into the Vine where love flows, not of anything one does.

It is automatic.


Just like sin is automatic in the old nature, goodness, the righteousness of God, is automatic in the born new soul, who has repented of sin, and has been given a river of love, not of themselves at all.

The new person does not need to "work" at being good.

They are controlled by the Spirit.

Are you?

Are you always generous, loving, and holding no grudge?

Or must you work at it?

Is your "salvation" of works, or is it real, and other-worldly, and are you new?

Jesus commands that we repent. You will soon pass from this world. Where will you spend eternity?

If it is heaven, then know this, that the eternal life you claim to have is happening now.

It starts at redemption.

Do you live as though you have eternal life now?

Or do you live for a future here on earth?

Always hoping for more here on earth?

Always holding onto your stuff as though you will be forever here?

Or do you live as though you are passing through?

Are you at home here, or do you long for heaven, and to see God, and be forever in heaven with him?

Is your life one of lip-service, or one of heart-service?

Can you spout verses, and say "praise the Lord" with the best of them?

Can you cast out demons?

Are you building a Bible study, or helping to build a great church, and do you invite others to church?

God is not impressed.

Are you new?

If so, what is the evidence?

Is it a controlled life of love, and generosity, or are you out of control, angry, and moody?

The Spirit only fills a life, and not partially, but wholly.

He does not sit in a corner of a heart waiting to be acknowledged.

If you have been redeemed, then you are filled with God's love.

Are you?

If so, then you do not spend energy on sin.

Workers of iniquity, out of control people, will not see heaven.

Will you?

December 29, 2016

A revealing faith

When one lives by faith, then the life lived is one of constancy.

Feelings come and go, and moody people love today, and hate tomorrow depending on circumstances.

However, the redeemed one, who truly lives by faith, knows God, and in knowing God, they are not hampered by the events of life. They do not fly off the handle, or fall apart, or scream, or fuss, or fume, or worry. They don't get depressed, mad, or have fits, or love only when loved first, and in return.

They love, for they have been filled with love after being washed clean.

After repentance.

The filling of love— fills them.

They do not need to ask to be filled with love.

They have it flowing through them.

They do not ask for peace.

Christ, who is peace, lives in them by his Spirit.

They reveal faith.

It is a trust in someone they know who will work all things together for good for them.

Nothing sways them.

What sways you?


What makes you feel good?

A warm bath?

What thrills you?

A dinner out?

What if nothing like that happens to you, do you thrill at your salvation as if it were a last resort?

If so, then you know not of salvation, of chains falling, of freedom.

The heart of the redeemed is steadfast.

Never shaken. Never worrisome. Never angry.

Trusting and obeying is the heart of the truly redeemed.

Repent of your sins, for your time on earth is but a breath.

You will soon be gone from this world.

Where will your faith take you?

If your trust is in the things of this world, and a human, then you are on a sandy foundation.

Those who are on the rock will stand there without quaking, for they are held by God.

He is a surety for them.

He keeps them from slipping.

He does not allow temptation to be too strong.

They reveal faith. In their love, their words, their walk.

Their light shines.

Does yours?

December 26, 2016

Say, "Thank you."

Imagine never needing to be reminded to say, "Thank you."

As a child, you were, most likely, admonished, upon receiving a gift, to say, "Thank you."

And you would comply, and say, "Thank you."

Meaning it, or not, you would say it.

And you still do that today.

Or perhaps you forget. Maybe someone gave you a gift, and you thought, "Why that?"

And maybe, for a moment, or a few days, you forgot to say, "Thank you."

And then you did, but you did it from a place in you that says, "Remember your manners."

But to be set free from chains.

To be hating, and then to have love flowing.

To always be walking in clay, and then to be floating.

To the One who has set a soul free, the "thank you" never ends.

No reminder necessary.

The gift of freedom is never taken for granted.

Never forgotten.

And why is that the case?

Because a new nature has been installed in place of the old one.

The old one is gone— crucified.

The new nature says, "Thank you."

Often, always, without end, the heart of the redeemed lives in gratitude.

Do you?

December 23, 2016

This one thing I know

This season, as busy as it can be for us, and any season for that matter, this one thing is sure:

You will either be looking to serve, or waiting to be served.

Your heart is either like the heart of God, and is love, and you are following the example of the Master, and putting on an apron, or you are fighting the laying down of your life.

The heart, that was once selfish, is now, in the redeemed, crucified.


Desires to sit, and wait to be served, are of the past.

The old nature has died.

Physical limitations aside, the heart of the one, who has been crucified, serves.

In prayer, in out-stretched hands, in generosity of giving, in whatever need a neighbor has, the one, who has been bought is no longer a cry-baby, needy, or selfish soul.

No task is beneath the redeemed woman.

Trash pick up, and take out. Hard to wash pans, and sticky floors. Toilets, and unmade beds.

She works for the good of others, and finds that in giving, she receives.

In her dying, she is born new.

In her repentance, she walks on the narrow road.

Consistently without a care. Constantly with joy. Continuously in peace. 

She walks, putting one foot in front of the other, even if in a wheelchair, her heart beats for others.

The Lord's spirit performs tasks through her.

She yields. She cannot help but do that. She wants nothing but that.

Her nature is new.

The yoke (service to which she is now called), and the burden (of others that she carries) are light.

She rejoices in this life, and looks with expectant heart for the next.

She is just passing through.

And this one thing is for sure: She serves.

Do you?

December 19, 2016

Concerning how you talk about you

"I'm getting younger."

According to Joel Osteen, when you say those words, God will renew your youth.

No one gets younger.

Everyone gets older, and everyone dies.

God renews the strength of those who know him.

God will not make you young.

He give a new nature to the repentant.

Nothing happens just because someone repeats it often enough.

That is a lie.

One time.

That's all it took for a prophet of old.

One misstatement about God, and his ways, and he was put to death (Deuteronomy 18:20).

Has God changed his mind about the severity of saying things that are not true?

He has not.

Men, and women, like Joel Osteen are false prophets, and because of grace, they are still walking about on this earth, but they need to repent of their false gospel.

You must study the Word. Look at it carefully. Ask questions of the Lord concerning it.

If you choose to listen to those who preach health, wealth, and false doctrine, then you will be accountable for your choice.

Are you being taught to die to self? And that those who follow Christ, and know God are crucified with him, and that they no longer live according to how they feel? Or do you live according to how you feel? If you feel like it, then are you kind? If you sleep well, then do you help your neighbor?

How is it that you live on this earth?

Is it by faith, and EVERY word of Scripture, or just parts of it?

Or do you live according to how you feel about things?

Has someone hurt your feelings? Do you carry a grudge? Or are you kind to them as though it never happened? Do you know that you will be forgiven EXACTLY the way that you forgive others?

Do you show mercy? Grace? Do you hold the sins of others against them?

How do you think about yourself?

Are you pretty good?

Do you keep a mantra going in your head?

Must you do something in order to "feel" close to God?

Or have you hid the Word in your heart? 

Do you see yourself dead to you, and your desires?

Wake up. The only way that you can live forever, and get that new body some day is to repent.

It does not happen by continuous repetitive mantra-like talk.

That is evil.

When you "talk" about you to yourself does it sound like, "I am crucified with Christ. I no longer live, yet I do, and the life that I live is accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Does that describe you?

Have you waited for the Lord, or do you like to be waited on?

Those who wait on the Lord are renewed— no mantra does that.

Who are you to you?

To whom do you answer?

Does anyone answer to you, or do you see to it that they do?

The woman of God knows God, and in knowing God, she waits on him, and serves others.

He gives her strength to run the course set before her on the narrow road.

She is filled with good deeds.

She loves God and others with her whole heart.

Do you?

December 17, 2016

What she doesn't talk about

The wise woman.

We see from Scripture that the wise woman does many things.

We don't see that she talks a lot.

But when she does, the words she speaks are kind.

What does the word "kind" mean?

Benevolent in nature.

She sees what others need, and she is good to them, helping them with life.

Her teachings are instructive, gentle, encouraging.

We don't see in her a person who is ever ill at ease, discontent, or complaining.

She is just always way too occupied with the Kingdom of heaven.

It fills her days, and because she belongs to the King, she is happy.

Those closest to her see her happiness.

Many times, it may be easy for supposed Christians to put on a happy face for the outside world, and then display quite the opposite at home, but that is not the case for the woman with the new nature.

What you see outside, you'll see inside, because her insides have been washed.

She is clean.

She was once dead in sin. Once walked in darkness. Not any more. (Eph. 2:1, Col. 2:13, Eph. 2:5).

Sin no longer stains her soul. She no longer lives in darkness. She no longer wags her tongue.

Do you? Are you happy inside and out? Are you aware that what leaves your mouth reveals your heart? Are you aware that you can pretend, and even lie to yourself about your behavior, and think that it has no effect on your life with God, but you have no relationship with him if you complain.

Many think that they are saved, yet are not.

That is what Jesus says in Matthew 7:21-23.

Why would someone think that they are saved, yet are not?

They are deceived.

They have not come to God as he commands.

They have listened to the blind leading the blind.

They walk the wide road, first good, and then bad, first sweet, and then sour.

They think that their efforts to live for God are worthy of attention from him.

He does not see effort.

He sees obedience, or disobedience.

He sees a clean heart, or a sinful one.

The clean heart has repented, and the sinful one has not.

The pure in heart see God.

The sinful one will not.

What do your words reflect?

Purity, or deceit?

Kindness, or indifference?

What the wise woman does not speak of tells us much about her heart.

There are some things that are best never to say, and the wise woman will hold her tongue.

"Those who consider themselves religious, and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless," James 1:26.

How does the wise woman keep total control of her tongue?

It is because she has been crucified with Christ. Her body, mind, and spirit belong to God.

He controls her.

Does he control you?

It will be all or nothing at all.


You'll see for yourself, or you'll stayed deceived, and find your tongue wagging, and you're helpless to do anything consistently about it, for only in repentance, and being washed is one crucified.

The "doing" of righteousness is not of the redeemed, but of the One who has taken the reins through faith in the words of Jesus, and he commands us to repent, and obedience brings faithfulness.

When you repent, then you truly believe in him.

Then you'll be totally loyal, for he will accomplish in you what you cannot do for yourself ever.

Don't even try, for trying is vain effort, and constitutes work on your part.

According to God, work, striving, and effort stinks (Isaiah 64:6). 

Repent. The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

December 16, 2016's extreme

Colossians 4:6
Let your conversation be always full of grace,
seasoned with salt
so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.



Some things never change.

God is love.

The word "is" means equals.

"Love is patient and kind."


"Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."

"Give thanks in all circumstances."
I Thessalonians 5:18

The heart of the redeemed is a continuous flowing river of thanks.

Is your life lived in the extreme?

"...he will save his people from their sins."
Matthew 1:21

Salvation is an experience extreme in nature.

An old nature is replaced by a new nature.

All things become new.

Someone in bondage in sin isn't any more.


Always free from sin is the repentant.

Always praising, always loving, always patient, and full of grace.


Never a little corner where angst hides for full means filled to utmost capacity.

What does your life reflect?

Freedom or bondage?

Calm or fear?

Love or hate?

The Word or the world?

It will be one or the other, not both.


Salvation is extreme. 

If you claim to be saved, then from what have you been saved?


December 15, 2016

Always the same glorious message

Are you bound to anger?

Can't shake it?

Does it haunt you, always lingering over your shoulder, and in your heart?

Jesus came that we might be free.

Not just free.

But free indeed.

Truly free.

Some will claim to be free.

And sing about being free.

But to be truly free is more than singing about being free from sin.

Truly free from sin is to no longer be bound by it at all.

Something breaks?

Free from anger.

Someone betrays?

Free to love.

Some event is cancelled?

Free from discontent.

No whining. No hate. No bitterness.

Or do you suppose that Jesus sets a heart free little by little?

And if so, then contingent on what?



Firmness of resolve?

Nope. No works are involved with the freedom Jesus gives. It is once and done.


Agree that you are not content, or that you are resentful of your life, or that you hate.

Or keep on sinning.

It is your choice.

Scripture says that we are to choose today whom we will serve.

Do you suppose that one would choose to serve God one day, and then not serve him the next?

Would you call that love for God?

Those who truly love him, those who are truly set free, obey him (I John 5:3, John 14:21, I John 2:5).

Do you believe that?

Belief in Jesus requires belief in his Word, all of it, always.

Otherwise, one will wander on the wide road, first loving, and then fearful, first kind, and then hating.

That is burdensome. It is a life of moody, irritable behavior. It is not pleasant at all.

To not always obey is to live according to feelings.

The just live by faith (Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38).

They live by EVERY word that is in the Word (Matthew 4:4).

The redeemed don't pick and choose what to abide by, for they abide in the Vine.

The freedom given by Jesus, and performed by the Holy Spirit, in the repentant heart, is constant.

Is there work involved?


There is repentance first, and then submission forever, which brings joy unspeakable always.

I will preach the same glorious message till I die.

Repent, for you will soon die, and then the judgment.

Only those who spend no energy on sin will go to heaven (John 7:21-23).

Do you really believe that?

Read it. Parse it. Dig into it.

To understand it, one must ask questions. Do you study? Are you curious?

Or do you live with your feelings, and emotions guiding you?

That is worldly.

The Word says that the commands of Jesus are an easy yoke, and a light burden.

To always love an unloving husband is easy for the repentant.

To never fuss about thwarted plans is easy for the contented heart who rests always in God's love.

To give generously without fear is a light burden to the one who knows God.

To bear burdens is a breeze to the one who loves God.

To truly believe is to truly obey.

Do you believe...truly?

Do you obey...always?

Do you love that same old glorious message?

Do you abide in the Vine?

Do you know perfect obedience?

If not, repent, for the kingdom of heaven is (truly) at hand (Matthew 4:17).

December 11, 2016


Has someone done you wrong?

A husband?

A mother?

Your dad?

How about a neighbor?

Who is it that does not love you as you think that they ought?

What do you want for them?

Do you want meted out to them as they have done to you?

Or is your heart broken for them?

Do you weep for their sin, and their life, that must be miserable because just maybe they know of how badly they treated, or treat, you?

Are you asking, pleading, with God, for him to have mercy on them, and bring them to grace?

Do you show them mercy, grace, and love, and are your arms open to them?

Or do you hold them at arms-length?

If you say that you love God, then you only love him because he first loved you (I John 4:19).

Or do you think that you are just so smart as to love God, and that your love is worth something to him? It is only worth something to him when it is worth something to someone else, like the ones who do you harm, and did you harm, and want harm for you. When you love the unlovely, then you love as God loves. Loving the lovely is easy, and those on the wide, easy road "love" like that.

What are you asking God to do for, and to, the ones in your life that you think are unsaved?

Maybe they are evil, and vengeful, and not so kind.

Are you the same to them, and do you make it obvious that you know of their sin?

Are you so kind to them that they warm to you, or are they repelled by you?

Are you casting stones?

Only the sinless can cast stones (John 8:7), yet they don't throw stones for they know from whence they have been saved, and their grateful hearts are just that, always thankful, and never vengeful.

Are you able to pray as Jesus taught us to pray:

"Forgive me just like I forgive others." (Matthew 6:12)

How do you want to be forgiven?

It will be exactly the same way as you forgive others (Mark 11:26).

Think on that.

December 8, 2016

Just like Jesus

Have you ever been betrayed?


Called names?

Falsely accused?

Left alone when you needed a friend very badly?

What did you do?

Like Jesus, were you able to hold your tongue, and not condemn, and go on loving endlessly?

Those saved from sin will not strike back, in fact, they turn the other cheek.

They behave just like Jesus because he lives in them.

The Holy Spirit empowers them, and not when they happen to "remember" to ask for help.

The redeemed do not belong to themselves, for they have been crucified with Christ.

Upon repentance, the person who could not control the tongue, and who got moody, upset, belligerent, and acted like the world, will find their old self, the one who enjoyed retribution, is gone.

Dead. Crucified. Killed. Extinguished. Buried. Evaporated. From east to west....gone.

It is not of their doing, it is a gift of God.

If you must strive (try) to be good, and try to remember to pray so that you can stand, then you are doing the work and you will fail, and you do fail, and you continue to sin over, and over again...right?

Those who continue to sin do not know God (I John 2:4).


I am begging you to study Scripture and see these words for yourself.

I don't make up these words, and hope to cause people anguish, but if what I say causes you to pick up the Word, and see for yourself, and you come to repentance, then I rejoice.

If you were to tell me that in always wearing my seat belt, then I would never die in a car wreck, and if I agreed with you, then what do you suppose that I would do?

Yep. I'd always wear my seat belt.

If I did not agree with you, then I would not ALWAYS wear it.

In agreeing with God about sin, then one is saying, "Yes, you are right God. Hate is murder. Sin is causing me spiritual death, and I don't know God, and he won't hear me pray if I continue to sin."

When we agree with God, then HE does the changing in us.

Darkness is gone. But you must agree with him. Bondage is gone. But you must agree with him.

Hate is gone. But you must agree with him about the sin that you do.

Or, continue in it, and if you choose to do that, then there remains no sacrifice for you (Heb.10:26).

And do not be deceived and believe about that verse as Albert Mohler preaches it.

He says that verse is talking to a lost person, and only in that one verse, and the rest of the chapter is for the saved. Good grief. How ridiculous is that. And what a lie.

A lost person still has a sacrifice, and that is the sacrifice of Jesus, and they have it till they die. But to those who say they have the knowledge of truth, and then go on sinning, well, you are doomed.

Read it for yourself.

We must be perfect like Jesus, or we are workers of iniquity, and to them, Jesus will say that he does not know them, and they must depart from him (Matthew 7:21-23).

People who sin go to hell.

So many Christians tell me that they sin.

They spend energy on evil. That's what sinning is. Or is it "different" in you?


Just like Jesus, grow in wisdom, and that takes study, not of books about the Bible, but the Bible.

Do you know it?

Do the words in it flow from you, and do you meditate on them always?

Are they like a spring in you just waiting to gush?

Do you find them sweeter than honey?

Is the Lord better than food to you?

Or do your words flow from you, and are they bitter, and divisive, and do you tear people down?

Do not be deceived. Many will say, "Work hard at saying positive words!" or "Stay positive!"

As if all it takes to walk with God is trying hard, and remembering to stay positive.

You won't find any of that in the Word, but doesn't it sound nice?

Nice doesn't work. Regeneration does. That takes repentance.

Have all things been made new in you?

As one sins, one is not made new.

Repent, agree with God, and his Word, once, and for all time, and be made new.

The striving ceases.

The chains fall.

Sin is gone.

The yoke is easy.

The burden is light.

Just like Paul

Paul was on his way to see to it that Christians were arrested, and if nothing else, persecuted.

And then he was converted.

He NEVER again behaved as he once did after he was born new.

Do you?

After your conversion, have you lied, stolen, gossiped, behaved antagonistically, hatefully, or in any way, have you continued in your old way of life?

Conversion means never the same again.

It is a change in character.

It is to go from sinfulness to righteousness, from darkness to light, from bondage to freedom.

Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians (II Cor. 6:3) says that he caused no one to stumble.

Sin always causes not only yourself to stumble, but others.

If you are not a light, and if you are not salt, then you are a hindrance to the kingdom of heaven.

Paul was always salt and light after his conversion.

That is what Scripture says.

Do you believe it?

In I Corinthians 10:32, Paul tells the church to strive to cause no one to stumble.

In our striving, we will see that we are unable to stop our sinning.

In our striving (trying), we come to the end of ourselves, and see our sin.

In our striving, and in following Christ, we come to repentance.

We must admit that we are wrong. We hate. We kill, not only other Christians, but anyone who gets in our way, disagrees with us, and/or makes us mad, and/or the ones who betray us.

The only way to imitate Paul, as he tells us to do in I Corinthians 11:1, is to repent as did he.

On that road to Damascus, he was changed completely, never to be the same ever again.

If you have been converted, then you are not the same as before conversion.

You might think that you have been converted, but if you still sin, then you have the old nature.

The new nature, given as a gift upon repentance, replaces the old one.

The old is gone, and the new is come, IF anyone is truly in Christ (II Corinthians 5:17).

The one who is in Christ is just like Paul, and is never a cause for anyone to stumble.

They don't gossip, play favorites, hate, cause strife, lie, or cheat, for they love.

They love God with all that is in them, and they love the neighbor too.

Just like Paul.

Are you just like Paul? Do you imitate him? Is your life lived for Christ, and to die would be gain?

Do you look forward to your home-going, but till then you work for the kingdom?

In season, and out of season, are you content, and sharing the gospel just like Paul?

December 6, 2016


Are you gentle one moment, and loving, and then in the next moment, when someone has said, or done something that rubs you wrong, are you different?

First gentle, and then hostile?

First kind, and then abrasive?

First inclusive, and then exclusive?

Are you moody, irritable, or sensitive to the point where others know to be careful around you?

If so, from what are you free?

Jesus sets the soul, bound in erratic behavior, free, and not only free, but free for sure.

Free indeed.

There is no doubt about the freedom one has after an encounter with Jesus, who leads one to God.

Jesus does not lead a soul to him in order for that soul to worship him, and sing about him, and bow to him, and pray to him, and put him first in their heart; no, his mission is to bring the lost to God.

In repentance, one knows God.

In knowing God, one is washed, a ring is put on their finger, and a blessed party starts.

That party never ends, for the repentant soul is given a new heart, a new mind, a new life.

Temperamental no more. The new soul never turns their back on God. They stay on the narrow road.

Strange, erratic, even dangerous behavior is a thing of the past.

The old life is gone.

Newness has come.

"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, then the old is gone, and the new is come," (II Cor. 5:17).

Newness does not dwell alongside the old if one is truly in the Vine.

Old natures are cut off by God, and one is drafted into the life of Christ.

(We don't cut off the old nature ourselves, for how can a sinful person recreate a pure heart?)

Heirs. The righteousness of Christ. Eternal life.

What does it all mean?

Do you understand that one can sing, and speak, of newness, and not have it?

One can pray, and not be saved?

One can do, as the Pharisees, all things "proper" and not know God?

Yes. That happens. Many in our churches are lost.

Great ministries "for God" are built, and those who build them go to hell.

Preachers go to hell.

Jesus said all of that it is so in Matthew 7:21-23.

What makes the difference according to Jesus?

If those who do all those "wonderful" things expend no energy on sin.

We must not be workers of evil.

Sin is a work of evil.

How does one escape that evil?

Agree with God about the sin that you do. Call it evil. Hate is murder.

You've been commanded to love God with all your heart, and your neighbor too.


Become a new person, not of your doing at all, but by the miracle of re-birth.

Repent, and never be temperamental again, or choose to continue in sin, and not know God.

Life is short.

Now is the day of salvation.

December 5, 2016

Everywhere you turn

Are you still living and breathing here on planet earth?

If so, no matter what direction you look in this world, you will find counterfeit ways to peace.

Meditation. Exercise. Food.

Mind. Body. Soul.

Which way will you turn?

If in meditation, you turn any place but to the Word, and think exclusively on it, then you are worldly.

If in eating, you turn any place to find guidance, then you are looking to the world for instruction.

If in deciding what to do with leisure, you don't look to Scripture, then you will be foolish.

We either walk on the narrow road with limited instruction, or the wide road where we wander.

On the wide road, your options are all over the map. You'll hear it all. You'll wonder which way is best because gurus abound, and experts do as well, and they all want your ear, and your money.

If you choose the narrow road, then your only option is to repent of walking the wide road.

If you choose the narrow road, then you will be persecuted for your narrow-minded way of life.

If you choose the narrow road, then your friends will be few, but your joy continuous, and great.

Which road will you choose?

At every turn, until you choose the narrow way, you will still be confused, at times, and angry, at times, and bitter, and hateful, at times, and you will never have peace at all times.

Peace that passes understanding is not something that comes and goes.

The peace that the world offers is of a transient nature.

First up, and then down. Trying this method for peace of mind, and then another. Always trying.

Those who always keep trying, always fail.

Those who repent are changed from night to day, from strife to peace, from anger to love.

Repent for you will soon leave this planet earth.

Agree with God or you are in agreement with the powers of evil.

There are only two roads.

Which one do you walk?

December 4, 2016

Steady she goes

The wise woman has a lot on her plate, and as she goes about her day, she just keeps going.

The baby needs changing, the dinner needs fixing, the pie needs baking, the dishes, the laundry, the bed needs making, the list does not end, but that is her life, and she loves it.

She doesn't dread.

No dreading of dishes, or diapers, or the next thing that comes her way.

Her life is full to over-flowing— always.

No complaints. No fuss. No worries.

She has a Lord.

He sustains her.

He enables her, for she has submitted her heart, once and for all time, to him.

She belongs to him, and she does not jump off the altar of sacrifice, nor the Vine.

She can't.

She has agreed with God about her sin, and he has washed her, and made her whole.

Sin causes one to be less than whole.

She is whole.

Her soul is bound with unbreakable twine to God, her Father.

She hates no one, and loves God with all her heart.

He keeps her feet from stumbling into sin (Psalm 121:3).

There are things that God will NOT allow in her life.

Too much temptation, that causes sin (I Corinthians 10:13), and falling into it (Psalm 121:3).

That is what God does.

What must a woman do to be wise?

Abide by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of Jesus.

He commands repentance (Matthew 7:14). Repentance is the first thing Jesus preached.

Agreeing with Jesus is belief in him, and doing what he said about sin is the first step to God.

There is no other way.

Try if you like, but your efforts to be good, and not fuss, or complain, or bring strife, will fail.


You know the pattern.

Fuss. Say that you won't. Then you do it again. Over, and over, and over again.

What Jesus commands (repentance) one must do in order to be born new.

Being born new means that nothing is ever the same ever again.

Fussing stops. Strife ceases. Jealousy, anger, and now you name a sin. It's over. Done.

New life means new life.

For many years, after my supposedly conversion, all things were the same.

I lusted, complained, gossiped, complained, and fussed, and lusted, over, and over again.

Nothing new there.

No conversion (change) had occurred for I had not repented.

To repent is not to feel sorry for bad things you do.

To repent is to agree with God that your hate is murder, and not simply a dislike of some people.

Argue with him if you will.

Agree with him if you will be free.

December 3, 2016

The Lord's guarantee

Shoppers love a guarantee (a promise, or an assurance).

"If you don't like it, bring it back for a full refund, no questions asked."

WOW! What a deal is that? Who wouldn't give a product like that a try?


Those who come to Jesus, and follow him, and are Christians, are told by him that he gives life.

Not only life, but abundant life (John 10:10).

It is guaranteed.

What the Lord says he will do he does.

But by the way some "Christians" talk, and the way they complain, and get depressed, and live in a state of mind just like the world, then it is a wonder that they don't take the abundant life that is guaranteed by Jesus back to him and say, "Try again."

To hear what comes out of the mouths of the "saved" would cause me, if I didn't know better, to say to them, "What's so special about salvation? You have no joy, and you are bitter. What's the point?"

It is an affront to the Giver of life when supposed Christians behave just like the world.

When Jesus sets a soul free, then they are free.

If you are not free from (sin) strife, complaining, depression, and a view of the world that leaves you acting like the world, then seriously question, not the Giver of life, but the life you claim you have.

If you cannot say that it is abundant, and free, and not only free, but free indeed, something is wrong.

Not with Jesus, mind you, but you.

The Word was written for a purpose.

We are told that as we read it, we will know if we are born new or not (I John 5:13).

The Word is not for us to read, and then spout to prove ourselves knowledgeable.

It is given as as a mirror for us to hold up, and look into it, and say, "Why am I fussing, and why can I not stop bickering with my husband, and why do I hate my neighbor, and why must I be reminded to praise the Lord, and why does it seem that my prayers are not heard?"

Yes. Question your salvation. Many will say not to do that.

If we are not to question it, then what about II Timothy 2:15?

No where will you find that we are sit back and assume anything when it comes to our salvation.

When I studied the Word to try to understand why my prayers were not being heard, I found that if I regard sin in my heart, then God will not hear me. There it was. Plain as day in Psalm 66:18.

I had the problem.

Sin was my problem.

To be specific, it was hate.

I did not love God with all my heart, and for sure, I did not love my neighbor as myself.

But I argued with God. I called my sin something other than sin. My life was not abundant.

I worried. I fussed. I tried so hard to live for the Lord, and be kind, and it was a struggle— always.

Then I repented of my sin.

I agreed with God about hate.

Then God washed me. He filled me. He changed me. I was born new. Inside of me was regenerated.

Now the yoke is easy, and the burden light.

Now I sing, and am content, and love— always.

Now my life is full to over-flowing. It seems that cannot keep up with it most days. I am free.

I am free from fussing. Gossip. Discontent. You name the sin, and I'm telling you, I am free of it.

Am I boasting?

Only in my Lord who lives in me to do through me what I cannot do (I Cor. 1:31 & Phil. 4:13).

Only in God.

That's my promise.

The Holy Spirit will inhabit the soul of the repentant, and the repentant will sing.


Eternal life is theirs. They are awash in freedom. Love is known for the very fist time.

Not a "love" that comes and goes depending on the weather, or if the belly is full, or if one has had enough sleep, or if one is loved first, or in return. There are no caveats in a free soul. They love.

That's a guarantee.

Yes indeed. The soul whom the Lord sets free is free indeed (John 8:36).

Are you free?

December 1, 2016

Living by cliches?

A cliche is a trite, stereotyped expression, which is based, not in fact, but in common ideas.

Here are a few that "Christians" will say, "God has my back," and, "I may wander from God, but he will never leave me," and "I know God understands when I don't take time to be with him."

All of those thoughts, or ideas, are not based in the Word, but in a feeling about God.

The redeemed do not live by feelings about God, or sentiment, but by faith in the Word.

They know the Word.

They don't misquote it, or take it out of context in order for it to fit their frame of mind.

If they aren't feeling good, then they still are kind, and they won't think "God understands" when they don't have the "energy" to be kind, and then snap at the husband, and are unkind to any soul.

The redeemed are kind when they don't "feel" good because they live with the Holy Spirit in them to accomplish what they can never accomplish— which is to love always.

Do you live by cute sayings, and common "Christian-ese" phrases, that have no basis in truth?

Or do you live by every word that comes from the Word?

What was the teaching of Jesus concerning how a Christian, not should live, but will live?

It's not by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4).

And it is by the renewing of the mind that we live, and we do not renew our own minds, for how can  a human "fix" what is broken in them? It is the Lord who renews us. He makes us new.

We don't do the "making new" of our own selves.

It is not of us that anything is good.

I pray that you won't "feel" when you read the Word, or listen to teaching.

I pray that you will think for it is from our minds, that we speak, and what we speak reveals our hearts, and so many times we hear what people "feel" and what they "feel" is so many times erroneous, yet they "think" that it is "truth" and it is not, unless what they speak is found in the Word.

"God has my back" is not Scriptural.

God does indeed understand that we are mere human, and that is why Jesus died, and rose again, and gives us his Spirit, because if we remain in our "human" condition, we are lost, and we wander.

But being born again means we do not live any more according to the flesh, yet some will claim that, while being a Christian, they still have the sin nature, and sometimes they yield to that fleshly nature, even though, according to I Corinthians 10:13, God does not allow that to happen to his child.

To say, "God understands my fleshly nature," is an excuse to sin.

If you live according to the Word, then you live in truth, not in falsehoods and cliches.

If you live according to the Word, then you will repent of your sins.

If you live according to the Word, then you do not wander on the wide road on your way to life.

Life in Christ means one is hidden in him, and has his mind, and that person won't spew cliches.

How do you then live?

Are you free?

If so, then free from what?

"So if the Son sets you free, then you will be free indeed," (John 8:36).

Are you free, or still enslaved to sin?

Do you have a new Lord, and a new nature, or have you yet to be born new?

Once and for all time a soul repents.

Once and for all time a person agrees with God about the hate they have for him, and others.

Once and for all time a soul has eternal life and is free, or they have no new life at all.

For those in Christ, the old is gone, and the new has come (II Corinthians 5:17).