November 28, 2016

Who sings praises?

What is the proof of salvation?

Is it the singing of praise songs?

Who sings praise songs, or hymns, or words of adulation?



Cults of all sizes and shapes.

People, who know God, and people who think that they know him.

Simply singing praise songs proves nothing except that one can sustain a musical note.

It does not prove salvation, no matter how pretty the sound, or heart-felt the singing.

I had a friend at work, who was a member of a well-known cult, who sang praise songs every day at work, and all of us have heard the magnificent renditions of hymns sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, none of whom, if they believe anything proclaimed by Joseph Smith, will go to heaven.

True belief in Jesus for salvation is accompanied by a new nature.

That new nature, controlled entirely by the Holy Spirit, is obedient.

Don't be deceived.

Don't think that just because you sing praises, or keep praise music playing in your home, or car, then you are saved, because no verse in Scripture indicates that is the truth.

The truth is that those who love God will obey him (I John 5:3).

Not just when they feel like it. Not just when they have had enough sleep. Not when they have eaten.

Those with the new nature are always obedient to love.

They offer no excuses for why they have not loved, or do not love, because they are obedient to love.

They love God with all that is within them, and their neighbor as themselves.

They sing, but that is simply a by-product of an always grateful heart.

I have "Christian" friends who tell me that they need to be reminded to praise the Lord.

That is unimaginable upon knowing what grace does to the repentant.

That is unthinkable when one knows that, before grace, a heart is full of hate.

That is impossible to one who has been born completely new.

No one needs to remind the soul to sing who once was bound but now is free.

They sing. To their core, they sing. No reminders needed.

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