November 24, 2016

Those little rituals

Must you read your Bible every morning to "feel" right with God, and the world?

If you miss it, then are you out of sorts?

If you "forget" to pray, then do you get a bit superstitious, as if God might not help you?

Jesus tells us that when we think that we must adhere religiously to this or that, and keep traditions, and rituals, then we have let go of God's commands, as we hold onto human traditions (Mark 7:8).

Those who have let go of God's commands, don't love, they keep rituals.

God command love.

Many so called Christian leaders will tell you to have those morning devotions, and that they are so important, and that they don't know how they would get through the day without them.

All the while, the redeemed have hidden God's word in their hearts, and they feast on it continuously.

They pray without ceasing.

Let the morning routine be busted, and ruined, and be gone.

Let the milk spill, the rain fall on the parade, and the biscuits burn.

The soul, who is anchored in the Rock of all Ages, will not faint, nor fall, nor profane God's name.

They stand.

No rituals needed, nor performed.

Paul suffered starvation, homelessness, and shipwreck, to name a few of his distractions from a morning routine, and yet in it all he was more than a conqueror through the power of the Lord.

No little set aside time to connect with God is needed for those who are attached to the Vine.

They are always in communication with the lover of their soul, who has set them free from the traditions of those in the world, who think that their devotions, and days set aside to honor God, and be thankful, indicates righteousness, all the while they look down their noses at those who don't do as they do, or think as they think, and they have no time for anyone in the ditch as they keep rituals.

Those who love God, love him always, or not at all.

They acknowledge him with every breath, or not at all.

They do not keep rituals, or set aside a time, and mark a calendar to remember to pray, or praise him.

They love him.

Those who love him, obey him, not sometimes, but at all times.

Have your rituals been crucified?

Do you, with all your heart, love God, and all others, or do you love to keep rituals?

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