November 14, 2016


Formally, the word 'terror' means cause of intense fear or anxiety.

An undisciplined two-year-old can be a terror because of the anxiousness the little one brings to all.

A wife, who hates her husband, is a terror as well, at least to him. 

She will cause, in him, the desire to not be home, come home, and when he is home, then he is on perpetual edge wondering what will set her off, what she will demand next, or if she will even be civil to him. Will she be moody? Anxious? Needy? Caustic? Sad? Angry? Demanding? Sarcastic?

Or will she have her happy hat on and be content, and happy, and agreeable, at least for the moment?

I was once that woman, but even as that woman, I would have told you that I loved my husband.

I was a liar. He would have said that he doubted that I loved him. How can one love, and be disruptive?

I was disruptive, sometimes to the point that he would rather go hungry than to be in my presence.

But I would have said that I was just fine.

I was blind.

Then, when I repented, I was set free. I rejoice to see my husband come home. To feed him, care for him, and love him, truly love him, is now why I live, and breathe, and have my being.

Informally, the word 'terror' means a person or thing that is especially annoying or unpleasant.

In both the formal, and informal definitions of the word, I was that person, yet I thought that I was saved.

It doesn't happen that way. If you think that you are that person, wake up. Study your behavior.

Does it comport to I Corinthians 13?

I even could quote I Corinthians 13 from memory, but I could not do it.

Not until I repented.

Saying the words is EASY, and I walked on the wide highway, zigging, and zagging along the way.

Moody, and hating, and gossipy, and lobbing grenades all along the way, never really loving anyone.

Not really.

Love behaves ONE way always.

It is only accomplished upon repentance.

Repentance is a one time deal.

Turn from sin (hate) or continue in it.

But to say that you can turn from hate, and then back to it, and then away from it, etc., is to NOT agree with God about how poisonous it is, and it is to accept a lie that one can hate all along the way to perfection.


Can't be done.

Do we lie, and steal, and commit adultery, and gossip, and be hateful as we walk with God?

If so, then why would any "Christian" be concerned about their "hidden" life being exposed in a hacking of any website where they go to fulfill their jollies? Why worry about someone finding out your sin, if you, and the rest of your "Christian" cohorts CAN sin? If you CAN sin, then you WILL sin. That is a fact.

What is in you, will come out of you  (Matthew 15:18).

Don't want to talk ugly, but you do? Don't want to be demanding, but you are?

Don't want to sin, but you do?

If sin is in you, watch for it, because it will pop out, and it will be done because you love it.

That is what Jesus said happens (John 3:19).

Are you a terror sometimes? Is it not very often— according to you? What would anyone else say who sees it, experiences it, and must live with it? Trust me. It is awful. Even once a year is too much.

The effect of terror, sin, on a home is devastating.

So why not stop it?

Do you know why?

"You must be born again." John 3:7

When someone is born the first time, then do they tell everyone about it?

They can't.

When someone is born the second time, the same thing is true.

They cannot articulate it very well at first because they do not know what happened to them.

They've been knocked from their high-horse of self-righteous behavior, and it is stunning.

The new birth happens to you. You don't "find" anything. You don't "do" anything to get the new birth.

The new birth is something that God does in you, and it is so miraculous, that it leaves one speechless.

Look at the life of the apostle Paul.

How long did it take for him to find the words needed to begin his ministry?

Do you know the Word?  Do you love it? Is it sweet to you?

Have you been born completely new?

Is the frightful violence in you gone?

Or do you love God with all your heart?

It's one way, or the other.

The narrow road, or the wide highway.

Terror, or love.

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