November 22, 2016


Where was Paul headed when he had his face-to-face meeting with the Lord?

In what condition was Paul's heart at the time?

Who prayed for Paul, before he was Paul, and was still Saul, while he was being stoned to death?

Where is your husband's heart?

Where is he headed?

Who will pray for him even though being persecuted by him?

How is it that a soul, while being persecuted, can, and does find rest?

Does rest reside in a good book, a nice walk in the sunshine, or rain?

Does one find comfort for their soul in a beautiful sunrise, or in the fresh morning air?

Will a heart stop its fretting only in a praise song, or a restful night's sleep?

How about a "satisfactory" bank balance, or lovely home that would be the envy of many?

Only on the Rock of all Ages does a soul truly rest.

Let all the kingdoms threaten war, and all comforts be removed.

Allow a husband to wander, and be less than godly.

Sleep, or no sleep, rainbows, or none at all.

The soul who knows God is always under his shadow, resting, abiding, comforted, kind, and loyal.

Paul was headed to kill Christians when the Lord got his attention.

Stephen prayed for Saul, who became Paul, as he was being stoned to death (Acts 7:58).

What was his prayer?

"Do not hold this sin against them." (Acts 7:60)

What will you pray, and do you pray, when you experience an injustice?

The only ones who will see God are the ones who pray as Stephen prayed.

He prayed as Jesus taught us to pray.

"Forgive me the same way that I forgive others."

The soul, who is at constant rest, is the soul who prays accordingly.


They have been forgiven much, and they know it, and the grace by which they live, they extend.

It is comforting.

To allow God to be God in the life of another is rest.

No need to control, or manipulate, or hate.

Knowing God brings a knowing that he will do as he wills, and that is comforting indeed.

Knowing God brings a knowing that prayers are heard, and that is comforting indeed.

Knowing God brings new life, through repentance, and that is comforting indeed.


It is only known in knowing God.

Do you know him?

If not, repent.

If so, then your soul is always peaceful, and nothing, and no one causes you to shake, rattle, or roll away from resting beside still waters, and basking in eternal peace, not because everyone thinks you are lovely, and the husband is attentive, and no one is persecuting you because you WILL be persecuted if you know God, but you rejoice because you are being persecuted, and because your life is now completely different, because you are a NEW person, with a NEW nature, and you now KNOW God, the king of all kings, the One in whom you rejoice, and the One, because of whom, you are now constantly free from sin.

Continuous freedom from sin is continuous rest. 

Worry is sin.

We are commanded not to worry, so therefore to worry is to disobey.

To worry is to say, "God, this is not right. You have brought this into my life, and it is wrong. You did it wrong. You don't know what you are doing. Let me tell you how to fix it. I know better than you."

You elevate yourself above God when you worry.

He commands that we have NO other gods above him, not even ourselves.

We love ourselves more than God when we think we know better how to do things, or how they should be.

When God holds a soul, that soul does not, will not, and cannot fret.

Do you want to know comfort, and rest, and a cessation of worry?

Repent of your sin, and be washed in grace, or choose to continue in sin, and eventually face eternal separation from God because understand this:

There remains no sacrifice for those who make the deliberate choice to keep on sinning (Heb. 10:26). 

One does not continue to sin after knowing God.

That soul, because the power of the resurrection is in them, rests from sin to sin no more (Phil. 3:10).

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