November 11, 2016

No posturing needed, nor accepted

When you go to pray, do any of these thoughts, "Close my eyes. Bow my head. Cover the head. Get prostrate. Kneel. Stop walking. Start singing. Raise the hands. Fold the hands," pass through your mind?

The Pharisees thought those things, and did those things, and their prayers never reached God's ears.

Every single time, if even they did indeed pray, it was a worthless effort.

No posture is needed.

A contrite heart?




A perfect soul?


The prayers of those who sin are not heard (Psalm 66:18).

You may choose to not believe that if you wish, but your unbelief does not change the fact of the matter.


Talking with God.

To talk with God, one must be in his presence.

To be in the presence of God, one must be without sin.

God only hears the prayer of his children.

Are they perfect?


The truly redeemed ARE the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD, through Christ.

The "righteousness of God" is nothing but perfect.  

Therefore, the soul of the redeemed is perfect because that is where the goodness of God resides.

He moves in their soul to do as he wishes.

And his only desire is that the redeemed child love him above all else, and love on that neighbor.

The redeemed child does just that for they hate sin, and have agreed with God concerning it.

And in so doing, they have been washed.

They are new.

So do with your hands, and limbs, and eyes, as you wish, and for the child of God, they are doing exactly as the Lord wishes. They love him more than all else, and they love that neighbor.

So pray away, wherever, and always, and those who know God do exactly that.

The temptation is to put on a show, a performance, a facade of sorts, in order that God will hear.

He won't hear. He doesn't go for performance. He hears the pure in heart.

Is your heart pure?

If so, then you know God hears you, and those who know that their prayers are heard are peaceful.


They are at peace come hail, high water, or no water, and if the wind blows the house down, or if the husband dotes, or if he doesn't even seem to know most of the time that he is married!

They are content.

They have peace.

The weather, husband, and accoutrements are beyond them.

The redeemed woman knows who holds her, and heaven is her home- now!

The kingdom of heaven is in her heart- now!

Let it rain, or snow, or let the husband cooperate with God, or not, or the children honor her, or not.

God is her peace, and what is going on in the soul of the woman who knows him, is beyond explanation.

She can only say that it passes understanding.


It is of God, and by him, and through him, and none of it has to do with her AT ALL.

That is the wonder of salvation, and the miracle that happens in a new birth after repentance.

No. Don't genuflect unless you cannot help it. But I'm telling you that it will be your heart that kneels.

The other posturing is just for show, and God does not acknowledge it.

Posturing isn't real.

It isn't true.

The true heart will pray without ceasing, always bowing, never needing to be told to do that.

Why can the redeemed woman pray without ceasing?

Her heart is pure. 

She readily runs to the throne of grace where God sits, and sees her, and knows her, and hears her.


Without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:17).

Her heart is new, and it stays that way, for God keeps her.

Is yours? Or do you have to try to be good? Do you wonder if God hears you?

The child of the almighty God is not left to wonder about that.

So if you do, then seek him. Seek him to know why your prayers are not heard. Ask him.

Don't stop asking, nor let it go until you know.

Those who seek him will find the answer to their question (Proverbs 8:17).

Maybe the only one that the seeker will have is, "Does God hear me when I pray."

What more does the seeking heart want to know?

Ask yourself, "Do I know God? Really? If I do, then why am I not at peace? Why do I worry?"

Examine yourself (II Corinthians 13:5).

Why are we told to do that?

To see if we are in the kingdom!

You just might not be in the kingdom.

There are benchmarks.

The woman, made new, does not worry.

What a comfort it is to know God hears the call of the woman who loves him completely.

Are you at rest?

If so, then you will be praying without ceasing.

All posturing ceases.

The games are over, and truth has come, and she is free from falsehoods, and fake allegiance.

Are you free from fake, pretend love for God?

Do you really know him?

Again, how will you know?


It will manifest through you, without you trying, for salvation from trying brings rest, and freedom.

All you will be doing all day long is loving God, and others.

Pretension is exhausting. Laying claim to what is not true binds a soul. Lies breed more lies.

Be free. Repent. Agree with God about the sin you do.

You must be born new.

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