November 12, 2016

Moved to tears and joy

What moves you?

Is it your own pain?

The pain of others?

Can you even go there?

Or do your issues trump the needs of others, and can you even hear the cries of your neighbor?

And is your pain all you feel?

What led Jesus to weep?

What caused him great agony?

What drew out emotion in his life on this earth?

Do you notice when others hurt, much less weep with them when they weep?

The weighty issues of life.

What are they in your thinking, and life?

Whether you get to go to the pumpkin patch in the fall, or go see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood, or have that picnic, shopping trip, get-away, or hike as was planned?

And if that doesn't happen, then what?

Anger? Great disappointment? Resentment? Fit-pitching? Wailing and gnashing of teeth?


Are you dead to you? What did Jesus say about dying to self? Do you know?

Is your life about what you want, and when you want it?

Are you waiting for someone to acknowledge you, and your thoughts, and needs, and desires?

Are your feelings on your sleeve, out there where all can see them, and know them?

And if they happen not to notice, then do you make sure they are seen?

To the soldier-ette of the living God, she has been crucified, yet she lives, and the life that she lives?

It is done by the power of God, through the same power that raised Jesus from the grave.

That is powerful.

It is death to life power.

No human can do that no matter how they may try.

Do you have strength that over-comes the temptation for life to be all about you?

Do the tears of others move you to weep?

How about the joy of others?

Do you rejoice at the joy others profess?

When they say that they have been set free, are you thrilled, or do you step back, and eye them critically?

Are you jealous of the promotion of another, and the vacations of others, and the new house of another?

Life, for you, will be about you, or about others.

Yes, we are to love the neighbor as we love ourselves.

We typically do not forget to feed ourselves, but do we forget to feed the "neighbor" and the husband?

What moves you?

Does the Holy Spirit control you, or not?

It is not as many say.

You, if you are truly born new, will not be handing the "key to your heart" to God on occasion.

He does not control some "rooms" of your heart, and is not allowed in other compartments, as if you can slam the door in the face of God, and sin as you wish with part of your heart, and love him with another slice of it, for when he cuts out the sin, the dross, the stink, it is a complete job, upon repentance.

Are you able to empathize sometimes?

Like when you remember to have your devotions?

Or when you have gotten enough sleep, and have a full tummy?

And when people stop bugging you, and cooperate with you, and your plans?

God is Lord in, of, and through your life at all times, or he is nothing at all to you is the reality.

The wayward one, in the pig-sty, must leave the stink, all of it, and go to the Father.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

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