November 4, 2016

Irritable and resentful

Love isn't easily annoyed or readily excited to impatience or anger.

Love doesn't hold feelings of displeasure or indignation at some act or remark.

Love enjoys the success and advantages of others—all others.

When your husband has the opportunity to go somewhere, or do something "fun," then are you happy for him, or do you without a hint of hesitation say, "What about me?"

Do you pout when you are left at home with the kids, the dishes, and the laundry?

Do you think, "Poor me. I'll make sure that I get my turn. If he loved me, he wouldn't go and do without me," or do you make sure that you are never left behind, and do you hold a grudge if there is even the idea expressed that he might experience pleasure without you?

Do you make sure to keep things fair, and do you keep that mental scorecard tabulated?

Love is happy for others, all others, including the husband, and never insists on its own way.

I suspect that love actually plans good things for the husband, and others— ya think?

Do you insist on your way?

Are you rude with your husband, and his desires, and intrude on his plans, and make sure that his plans are your plans, and are you always harping that he must do your plans?

Must he submit his plans to you for "approval" in any way, shape, or form?

Or do you bow to his plans, and submit to his plans, and acknowledge his plans?

Or is there a mental list in your head about what he gets to do compared to what you get to do?

Who rules your home? Who calls the shots? Who is in charge of the plans for any free time?

Upon repentance, when the love of God floods a heart, lists are no longer kept.

That soul is not rude, demanding, or bitter.

That woman rejoices always, for she has been redeemed, and her hope rests in God.

She KNOWS he will see to her good will, and life WILL unfold for her as he desires.

If she should never go anywhere outside the boundary of her home, and her yard, and if laundry, and dishes, and keeping the yard are always before her, then she rejoices still, for she is different.

She is new.

She is not like worldly women who bark, and demand, and pretend to submit as God commands.

The old is gone in a new heart (II Corinthians 5:17).

The old keeps score. The old gets depressed, and bored, and complains. The old is mean and moody.

Are you new?

Are you new always, or sometimes?

If you would claim that you have the new nature, but you still keep score, how does that work?

Do you get to bow when you want to bow to the God of this universe?

And when you choose not to love, then do you simply walk away from the altar?

Is that how the God of this universe has deemed that salvation from sin occurs?

Irritable and resentful people spend energy on those evil attributes.

Those who spend energy on sin will be told to depart from the presence of the Lord (Matt. 7:23).

Either the law of love is in your heart, or lawlessness abounds.

One or the other.

The law of love is NOT dependent on you DOING anything.

It is poured into you upon repentance, and you will love, or the Holy Spirit is not in you.

Or would you say that you have to TRY to be good?

Is your goodness, righteousness, and love all of God which simply flows, or do you work it?

If you work it, then your salvation is of works, and you have not the salvation of God.

"Examine your heart," Scripture commands.

Stop a minute and look at your heart. Do you see, and hear, "What about me?" Do you see, and hear, an irritable woman who is not kind to her husband? What is it you hear and see?

II Corinthians 13:5 was written to women who were thinking they were in the faith.

But Paul is saying that maybe they were not.

Maybe you are not. If you must try, try, and try again, then your "faith" is of works.


The sin that you do (hate) is not something YOU can rid from yourself.

It is a gift given upon repentance.

Are you irritable and resentful?

If so, then in that condition you are saying that God is not love. You do not believe that God is who he says that he is. When you really believe, upon repentance, then you will never doubt God.

Saying God is not who he says that he is, by your words of resentment, is sin.

Repent of it.

Seek him while you may.

Time is short.

The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

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