November 10, 2016

I am crucified

I don't live anymore.

Who I am, or was, is subdued, conquered, bought under subjection.

I didn't do it. It was done to me. I repented. I changed my mind about sin. I called hate for what it is.

Hate. Murderous rage. Anger.

The desire to take the life of another.

Or, to wish them gone somehow, in some way.

Upon repentance, and being born new, the old me, the worldly me, died.

That part, the whole part, of me, that was worldly, and listened to worldly advice of people who don't even claim to know God, as well as "Christian" teachers, who were not, and are not saved? I don't listen to them any longer. Their message no longer resonates because my mind is different. Now I hear the falsehoods.

I now understand how people, in cults, could listen to very popular "Christian" teachers I endorsed, and be "blessed" by what they heard. They were hearing, and continue to hear, "God wants you to be blessed."

God wants, strike that, God commands obedience. He commands repentance. He commands love.

That is the only way that you will know him.

Unless you are pure in your heart, you will not see heaven.

A pure heart does not sin. 

Go ahead and swallow lies. Walk the wide highway, along with those in cults, who love the "God wants you to be blessed" message just as much as you do, but understand this: that "gospel" message leads to hell.

The only way to know God is to agree with him that what you do, called sin, is sin.

The hate that you have is not simply dislike of others. It is actually hate. Until you agree with God about it, then you have not repented, and you have not turned from sin to sin no more, and you still walk in sin.

Sin is not turned from in a heart, for that heart to then continue in it.

That doesn't happen.

When a mind has been changed, after agreeing with God about sin, then actions change.

We don't do sin before thinking about it. If you sin, it is because you think about it first. 

To stop hating, agree with God about it in your heart and mind, or sin will continue in your life.

You can say that you love God, and Jesus, but if you sin, then you lie, and the truth is not in you. (I John 1:8)

Scripture says obedience is the proof of love.

Obedience to love God with all the heart, and the neighbor too.

That demonstrates a repentant heart. All else is facade. Fake.

You know the difference.

That smile that you put on, and the "kindness" you show because you must, and then when the lights go out, and the day is done, you still hate people, including the husband, and neighbor, and raggedy children.

You will continue to TRY, and you will continue to FAIL to be righteous until you repent.

Then the Holy Spirit will do IN you what you cannot do which is perfect obedience.

The righteousness of God is the comfort of the repentant.

The goodness of God is in the one who is (present tense, and always true) crucified with Christ.

Be crucified. Repent. Agree with God, once and for always about your sin.

No longer swallow the stinking false message of false teachers who abound in the "Christian" world today.

After repentance, you will be on your guard about what comes out of "Christian" publishing houses, and what comes out of the mouths of "Christian" preachers, pastors, and the likes of (fill in the blank) teachers who have huge crowds attend their churches, and weekend conferences, and ladies retreats.

If you must TRY to be good, beware. If you are being taught, "Work at it. Follow these steps. Here is a list of how-to-do it as a wife, and mother," then beware.

Life with God is not a how-to list, or work at it effort, or practice makes perfect existence.

It is: I am crucified. I no longer live. Yet I do. And the life I now live? It is only by his strength. (Gal. 2:20)

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