November 18, 2016

Have you repented?

Name a sin that you do.

If you just named one, then you have not agreed with God concerning it.

To repent is to agree, in the truest sense of the word, with God exactly how he defines it.

When we agree with God that sin is sin, then we are able to stop it because a miracle occurs.

Born again status is occurs, and grace is known, and love is poured into that born new soul.

The new soul has a new nature, the old is gone, the new has come (II Corinthians 5:17).

Sin, all sin, is boiled down for us by Jesus to a heart that loves, or hates.

All sin is either committed because of hatred for someone or God.

The first four, of the ten commandments (Exodus 20), concern our relationship with God.

1- You shall have no other gods before me

2- Make no graven image and bow to it

3- Do not take the name of the Lord God in vain

4- Keep the Sabbath day holy

The next six have to do with our relationship with people

5- Honor your father and mother

6- You shall not murder

7- You shall not commit adultery

8- You shall not steal

9- You shall not bear false witness

10- You shall not covet

Jesus condensed all the law, including the ten commands, into two commands.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.

When a soul loves God with all that is within them, then they will never have any 'god' as priority before God, and they won't bow to any man-made image, nor will that soul take his name in vain, and they will, even in their rest, honor God, and not fritter time, or be foolish.

When a soul loves others, they honor them, never wishing them dead, never wanting their spouse, never taking what is not theirs, never lying, or desiring to take from others if only they could and not get caught.

When a soul repents, that soul agrees with God concerning these issues.

Repentance is a one time thing.

We either agree with God about hate for him and others, or we continue to hate.

And we cannot hate anyone and say that we love God (I John 4:20).

So if you would say, "I love God," and yet you hold anyone in contempt, or hold a grudge, you lie.

That's what I John 4:20 says is true.

I will not tell a friend that I love her, and then try to take her husband from her, and lie about her to defame her, and go so far as to wish her dead so that I can easily have her husband, and her stuff.

I will not tell God that I love him, and then ever forget who he is, and what he is to me.

I will not know God as my Father and not be at rest always.

In all those things, would you agree with God concerning them?

Do you love him with all your heart, and everyone else too?

Never do you take his name in vain, or hold a grudge, or seek this world's goods?

Examine your heart.

Do you really agree with God concerning hate?

We hate God, and others, or we love him totally, as he commands, and everyone else too.

It really is one way or the other that we live.

Never both.

We agree with God, or we walk contrary to him.

We walk solely on the narrow road, or we are on the wide highway, being kind sometimes, and not always.

As I have come to understand, even Hitler had his kind moments.

So if you think that being unkind, and unloving at times is okay, and God is fine with that, then you are on par with Hitler. But if you are going to say that God is not fine with that, then what must you do to obey him?

Completely obey him, or else you are on equal ground with the most infamous man in the world.

We might like to think we are not as bad as what Hitler was.

Remember what Jesus says about hate?

What does he equate it to in a heart?


Do you equate it?

Or do you like to think that you just don't "like" certain people.

We are commanded to love.

Again, if you think differently, then a "little" unkindness is just fine with you.

God won't hold that "little" bit of unkindness that you do on occasion against you.

Is that what you think?

Find that in the Bible.

I see what one "little" act of disobedience cost Eve.

Those who love God, obey him (I John 5:3).

They don't strive to obey him.

To strive is to try hard.

Do you have to try to do good?

If so, then is your righteousness of you?

If you strive, and then do it, then yes, it is of you, and God also tells us what our "goodness" is to him.

Filthy. (Isaiah 64:6)

God does not command, and then say try hard.

We either obey, through repentance, or we never achieve obedience as he commands.

If you still sin, then you are a worker of iniquity, or you expend energy on sin, and you will not see heaven until you repent, and are born new, not from a prayer you repeat after someone else, not because you walk an aisle, or are baptized, or feel like you are new. A new person does not have the same appetites. What they did prior to knowing God, they do not do any longer ever, for they are free, and free indeed.

Have you repented?

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