November 7, 2016

Go ahead--- eat your sprouts

Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17)

When something is "at hand" it means that it is going to happen soon.

Scripture also says that life is a breath, a vapor, here today, and then GONE! (James 4:14)

Have you ever thought about that for a second?

In terms of your moments on earth, your life is like an exhale.



We are told that bodily exercise profits little (I Timothy 4:8), and yet, I  imagine that "Christians" consume huge amounts of exercise clothing, and equipment, gadgets, and all the latest rage, just like the world.

All the emphasis on exercise that churches employ today. What a waste. All that emphasis. It's worldly.

Why continue to spend so much time, and energy on what has little benefit according to Scripture?

It is a foolish thing. It is a side-track. It is doing what is not necessary to keep from doing what is.

And in Matthew 15:11, Jesus tells us that what goes into us does not defile us, but tell that to young mothers who go apoplectic if little sugar-plum eats a few more sugar-plums than she thinks is appropriate.

Go ahead.

Eat your bean sprouts, and brussels sprouts, the low-fat this, low-carb that, and high protein whatever.

Go ahead and make sure that you get to the gym, and have your swim, walk, or jog.

But just know this. You will soon die. And if that thought makes you squeamish, then repent.

Those who love God, with all that is in them, long for heaven. It is their home, and they are just passing through this world. They love their neighbor as they love themselves. Their lives are spent in laying down said life, and serving that neighbor, and loving whomever possible hoping to win one for the kingdom.

They play on God's team. On that team, they stay on the altar as a living sacrifice. They no longer live.

Yet, they do. For them to live is Christ, and to die? It is gain!

To know God, does not require eating sprouts, or jogging, or living your life trying to get, or stay fit.

Repent (Matthew 4;17). Then you are washed, and made perfect (new). Then you'll know God.

Then you will rejoice eating whatever is provided, and you will have peace no matter the weather, the next president, the husband's behavior, spilled milk, no milk, the size of you body, or the color of your hair.

And why?

You will know that you will die soon, and that will cause you to greatly, without ceasing, rejoice.


Even so, Lord Jesus, come.


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