November 25, 2016

Because of grace

Have you ever sought for something with all your heart?

Have you ever gone after something, or someone, and you let nothing get in your way?

How determined have you been, in your life, when it comes to seeking God?

The only way that we find him is, according to God, when we seek him with all of our hearts.

When we let nothing stop us from knowing him.

When we let sleep, food, and all comforts, go by the wayside, and look to know him.

That is when we will find him.

It is with the whole heart you must seek God (Jeremiah 29:13, I Chronicles 22:19, Hebrews 11:6). 

It is not by thinking, "I think I'll walk the aisle," or "I think that I'll say a little prayer," or "I'll spend a little time with God today," or "I hope that he hears me cause I'm really busy with a lot of things."


God says that to know him takes a diligent search.

Have you ever thought that you lost a valuable piece of jewelry?

How hard did you search for it?

Maybe you looked for a bit, and then thought, "Oh well, I'll get another," or "Who cares, it's just stuff," or "I didn't like it all that much anyway," or "I can get another, and it will be better."

There is nothing better than knowing God.

There is nothing better than knowing that he hears you when you pray.

There is nothing that can compare to his peace, joy, and grace.

It is mercy that allows us to seek God, and in finding him, we become intimate with his grace.

Don't allow "things" to distract you from seeking God, and knowing him.

In knowing God, you will know grace. Grace washes your sin. It makes you whole.

Are you whole?

Is your soul perfect?

Do you know God?

What keeps you from searching for God?

Do you think that you know him already?

Beware. Many will say to Jesus at the judgment, "Lord, Lord," and he will say, "I never knew you."

One can pray to Jesus and NOT know God.

When we know God, then we know Jesus.

Jesus is the way to God. He leads you, not to worship him, but God. Not to pray to him, but to God.

May the mercy of God lead you to search for him, and know his grace that will make you whole.

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