November 29, 2016

On asking God for trinkets

In John 16:22-24 we see a glorious unfolding.

The disciples were told by Jesus that soon, after he ascended into heaven, they would see him again.

He was telling them that life is indeed short. Don't be sad. Their lives on earth would soon end.

But don't let that fact cause any distress, Jesus told them, because they would be together again.

Upon seeing Jesus again, the disciples would rejoice, and no one would ever take that joy from them.

Jesus also told them to ask the Father for whatever they wanted, and in receiving it, their joy would be full. What do you suppose the disciples wanted from the Father? How do you think they prayed?

Many love to quote those verses from John 16, and attach getting trinkets to the promise found there.

"Do you want fullness of joy? Ask God for more! The world is your shopping center, and God will give it to you! Tell God what you want! Name it. Claim it. Stand your ground for more stuff!"

In any place in Scripture do we find that joy is found in the world, and what it offers?


"Whatever you ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you," (John 16:23).

No one can ask anything of the Father unless they first have an audience with him.

Communication with God, the Father, requires a perfect heart.

Knowing God, through faith in Jesus Christ, commands obedience to the words of Jesus first.

Keep asking. Keep seeking. Keep knocking.

But know this: the soul who knows God will ask nothing from him that is man-made.

Joy, complete happiness, does not, cannot, will not, occur in surroundings of silver or gold, or pretty and bigger houses, or expensive jewels, or for that matter anything one can see, or taste, or handle.

Fullness of joy is seeing Jesus (John 16:22).

Is that what you seek?

Is that your heart's desire?

Do you run after the Lord and the joy of knowing him, or more of the world and its treasures?

One will pass away, and be destroyed, and the other will bring one face to face with God.

One brings discontentment, and the other fills a soul with peace that passes understanding.

One is temporal, and the other eternal.

Which road are you walking?

Be still, and listen carefully.

Your heart's desires, and your prayers, will tell on you.

November 28, 2016

Who sings praises?

What is the proof of salvation?

Is it the singing of praise songs?

Who sings praise songs, or hymns, or words of adulation?



Cults of all sizes and shapes.

People, who know God, and people who think that they know him.

Simply singing praise songs proves nothing except that one can sustain a musical note.

It does not prove salvation, no matter how pretty the sound, or heart-felt the singing.

I had a friend at work, who was a member of a well-known cult, who sang praise songs every day at work, and all of us have heard the magnificent renditions of hymns sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, none of whom, if they believe anything proclaimed by Joseph Smith, will go to heaven.

True belief in Jesus for salvation is accompanied by a new nature.

That new nature, controlled entirely by the Holy Spirit, is obedient.

Don't be deceived.

Don't think that just because you sing praises, or keep praise music playing in your home, or car, then you are saved, because no verse in Scripture indicates that is the truth.

The truth is that those who love God will obey him (I John 5:3).

Not just when they feel like it. Not just when they have had enough sleep. Not when they have eaten.

Those with the new nature are always obedient to love.

They offer no excuses for why they have not loved, or do not love, because they are obedient to love.

They love God with all that is within them, and their neighbor as themselves.

They sing, but that is simply a by-product of an always grateful heart.

I have "Christian" friends who tell me that they need to be reminded to praise the Lord.

That is unimaginable upon knowing what grace does to the repentant.

That is unthinkable when one knows that, before grace, a heart is full of hate.

That is impossible to one who has been born completely new.

No one needs to remind the soul to sing who once was bound but now is free.

They sing. To their core, they sing. No reminders needed.

November 25, 2016

Because of grace

Have you ever sought for something with all your heart?

Have you ever gone after something, or someone, and you let nothing get in your way?

How determined have you been, in your life, when it comes to seeking God?

The only way that we find him is, according to God, when we seek him with all of our hearts.

When we let nothing stop us from knowing him.

When we let sleep, food, and all comforts, go by the wayside, and look to know him.

That is when we will find him.

It is with the whole heart you must seek God (Jeremiah 29:13, I Chronicles 22:19, Hebrews 11:6). 

It is not by thinking, "I think I'll walk the aisle," or "I think that I'll say a little prayer," or "I'll spend a little time with God today," or "I hope that he hears me cause I'm really busy with a lot of things."


God says that to know him takes a diligent search.

Have you ever thought that you lost a valuable piece of jewelry?

How hard did you search for it?

Maybe you looked for a bit, and then thought, "Oh well, I'll get another," or "Who cares, it's just stuff," or "I didn't like it all that much anyway," or "I can get another, and it will be better."

There is nothing better than knowing God.

There is nothing better than knowing that he hears you when you pray.

There is nothing that can compare to his peace, joy, and grace.

It is mercy that allows us to seek God, and in finding him, we become intimate with his grace.

Don't allow "things" to distract you from seeking God, and knowing him.

In knowing God, you will know grace. Grace washes your sin. It makes you whole.

Are you whole?

Is your soul perfect?

Do you know God?

What keeps you from searching for God?

Do you think that you know him already?

Beware. Many will say to Jesus at the judgment, "Lord, Lord," and he will say, "I never knew you."

One can pray to Jesus and NOT know God.

When we know God, then we know Jesus.

Jesus is the way to God. He leads you, not to worship him, but God. Not to pray to him, but to God.

May the mercy of God lead you to search for him, and know his grace that will make you whole.

November 24, 2016

Those little rituals

Must you read your Bible every morning to "feel" right with God, and the world?

If you miss it, then are you out of sorts?

If you "forget" to pray, then do you get a bit superstitious, as if God might not help you?

Jesus tells us that when we think that we must adhere religiously to this or that, and keep traditions, and rituals, then we have let go of God's commands, as we hold onto human traditions (Mark 7:8).

Those who have let go of God's commands, don't love, they keep rituals.

God command love.

Many so called Christian leaders will tell you to have those morning devotions, and that they are so important, and that they don't know how they would get through the day without them.

All the while, the redeemed have hidden God's word in their hearts, and they feast on it continuously.

They pray without ceasing.

Let the morning routine be busted, and ruined, and be gone.

Let the milk spill, the rain fall on the parade, and the biscuits burn.

The soul, who is anchored in the Rock of all Ages, will not faint, nor fall, nor profane God's name.

They stand.

No rituals needed, nor performed.

Paul suffered starvation, homelessness, and shipwreck, to name a few of his distractions from a morning routine, and yet in it all he was more than a conqueror through the power of the Lord.

No little set aside time to connect with God is needed for those who are attached to the Vine.

They are always in communication with the lover of their soul, who has set them free from the traditions of those in the world, who think that their devotions, and days set aside to honor God, and be thankful, indicates righteousness, all the while they look down their noses at those who don't do as they do, or think as they think, and they have no time for anyone in the ditch as they keep rituals.

Those who love God, love him always, or not at all.

They acknowledge him with every breath, or not at all.

They do not keep rituals, or set aside a time, and mark a calendar to remember to pray, or praise him.

They love him.

Those who love him, obey him, not sometimes, but at all times.

Have your rituals been crucified?

Do you, with all your heart, love God, and all others, or do you love to keep rituals?

November 23, 2016

A surpassing righteousness

Jesus said that unless the righteousness, that you believe you have,
exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees,
you will not see heaven.
Matthew 5:20

That begs a few questions needless to say.

What is righteousness?

It is just or right conduct.

What did the "just" conduct of the scribes and Pharisees look like?

They carefully adhered to rules and regulations to be accepted by God.

They KNEW the rules and worked hard to do them all.

The Pharisees, while being very careful in their behavior, still crucified Jesus.

Do you know the Word and strive hard to do what the it says to do?

And do you still crucify Jesus?

Hebrews 6 speaks of those who do just that.

Those who still crucify Jesus have tasted (but not swallowed) of God's goodness, and then wander away, and taste, and sin, and back and forth they go, as they continue to enjoy praise songs, and good sermons, yet they still sin, for they have never truly repented, and they continue to crucify the Son of God (as if they could), in all of that "loving God" and continuing to sin type behavior.

That type of person might think that they are exhibiting behavior conducive of one who loves God, but Hebrews 6:6 says that those who live lives like that are a public disgrace.

Anyone who is a public disgrace does not honor, love, or know God.

They think, and say, that they do; but Scripture proves otherwise.

Believing that one can fall, and sin, and repent, and fall, and sin, and repent etc., is a false belief.

No repentance has occurred in one who continues to sin. 

Scribes and Pharisees, while working very carefully to do good on the outside, were still dirty inside.

And Jesus tells us that our goodness must be better than almost perfect, or we will not see heaven.

You can keep a perfect house, and give money to the poor, and brush your teeth three times a day, and eat clean, and exercise religiously, and go to church every Sunday, and pray before every meal, and DO and say godly things, and your heart can be far from God, which begs a few more questions.

What must we do to have more righteousness than the ones who were VERY careful to obey?

We must be born again.

We can't be almost perfect, like the scribes and Pharisees, we must be perfect.

We must be born new.

How does Jesus tell us to do that?

Repent. That agreement with God about sin happens once. Agree with God about hate.

Hate contradicts the two commands Jesus left us with that we must do to see heaven.

We must LOVE God with all our hearts, and our neighbor as ourselves.

The scribes and Pharisees loved to be good, but didn't love God nor anyone but themselves.

They loved being known for being good.

The redeemed know that their goodness is not of them, but all of God.

The good (righteousness) that they do is accomplished by the resurrection power of God.

It is by faith in what Jesus did, and belief in all he said to do, and it is constant.

Whey you truly believe, then you do as commanded by the one in whom you believe.

You cannot truly believe until you repent, and are made whole, perfect, by God.

That is what surpasses the scribes and Pharisees.

Constant goodness (righteousness) of God in a soul.

The scribes and Pharisees strove mightily to do as they ought.

The truly redeemed accomplish it through repentance, and the relinquishing, once and for all, of sin.

They are perfect.

They love God with all that is within them, and the neighbor too.

They are seated with Christ in the heavenly places NOW.

They have eternal life NOW.

They have a home in heaven NOW, and they long for it always because they have a NEW nature.

The old is gone, the new has come.

Do you have righteousness that exceeds the goodness of those who were VERY careful with the law?

Do you love?

Love is the surpassing righteousness.

Love lays down desires and serves always, not sometimes.

Jesus says you must have righteousness that does not fail.

Love does not fail.

We have that righteousness in repentance.

One cannot sin and always be righteous.

Many will say to me that perfection is impossible and I say that they evidently want to sin.


Because Jesus says that if one sins, it is for the love of it. (John 3:19).

That is difficult to believe...right?

When we believe, however, we obey.

Admit that you love sin. Admit that the dislike you have is hate. Agree with God about it.

That is repentance.

Sin always fills one with darkness, and it destroys, and it brings death.


That does not comport to eternal life.

And if you continue in sin, Hebrews 10:26 explains that you will not find a sacrifice for that behavior.

No sacrifice for sinful behavior means no Savior.

No Savior means no salvation.

No salvation means no heaven. 

The righteousness of God always brings a new nature to the soul who repents.

Someone with a new nature does not have angst in their heart toward anyone, and love God too.

They don't wander on and off the narrow road continuously through life.

Someone who repents is made new. They are not the same ever again. They are perfect in love.

They stay on the narrow road, and are more than conquerors through God who loves them.

That soul will see heaven.

Have you repented?

God gives a surpassing righteousness to the ones who seek him, and repent.

It is a gift. An eternal one. It starts with repentance.

November 22, 2016


Where was Paul headed when he had his face-to-face meeting with the Lord?

In what condition was Paul's heart at the time?

Who prayed for Paul, before he was Paul, and was still Saul, while he was being stoned to death?

Where is your husband's heart?

Where is he headed?

Who will pray for him even though being persecuted by him?

How is it that a soul, while being persecuted, can, and does find rest?

Does rest reside in a good book, a nice walk in the sunshine, or rain?

Does one find comfort for their soul in a beautiful sunrise, or in the fresh morning air?

Will a heart stop its fretting only in a praise song, or a restful night's sleep?

How about a "satisfactory" bank balance, or lovely home that would be the envy of many?

Only on the Rock of all Ages does a soul truly rest.

Let all the kingdoms threaten war, and all comforts be removed.

Allow a husband to wander, and be less than godly.

Sleep, or no sleep, rainbows, or none at all.

The soul who knows God is always under his shadow, resting, abiding, comforted, kind, and loyal.

Paul was headed to kill Christians when the Lord got his attention.

Stephen prayed for Saul, who became Paul, as he was being stoned to death (Acts 7:58).

What was his prayer?

"Do not hold this sin against them." (Acts 7:60)

What will you pray, and do you pray, when you experience an injustice?

The only ones who will see God are the ones who pray as Stephen prayed.

He prayed as Jesus taught us to pray.

"Forgive me the same way that I forgive others."

The soul, who is at constant rest, is the soul who prays accordingly.


They have been forgiven much, and they know it, and the grace by which they live, they extend.

It is comforting.

To allow God to be God in the life of another is rest.

No need to control, or manipulate, or hate.

Knowing God brings a knowing that he will do as he wills, and that is comforting indeed.

Knowing God brings a knowing that prayers are heard, and that is comforting indeed.

Knowing God brings new life, through repentance, and that is comforting indeed.


It is only known in knowing God.

Do you know him?

If not, repent.

If so, then your soul is always peaceful, and nothing, and no one causes you to shake, rattle, or roll away from resting beside still waters, and basking in eternal peace, not because everyone thinks you are lovely, and the husband is attentive, and no one is persecuting you because you WILL be persecuted if you know God, but you rejoice because you are being persecuted, and because your life is now completely different, because you are a NEW person, with a NEW nature, and you now KNOW God, the king of all kings, the One in whom you rejoice, and the One, because of whom, you are now constantly free from sin.

Continuous freedom from sin is continuous rest. 

Worry is sin.

We are commanded not to worry, so therefore to worry is to disobey.

To worry is to say, "God, this is not right. You have brought this into my life, and it is wrong. You did it wrong. You don't know what you are doing. Let me tell you how to fix it. I know better than you."

You elevate yourself above God when you worry.

He commands that we have NO other gods above him, not even ourselves.

We love ourselves more than God when we think we know better how to do things, or how they should be.

When God holds a soul, that soul does not, will not, and cannot fret.

Do you want to know comfort, and rest, and a cessation of worry?

Repent of your sin, and be washed in grace, or choose to continue in sin, and eventually face eternal separation from God because understand this:

There remains no sacrifice for those who make the deliberate choice to keep on sinning (Heb. 10:26). 

One does not continue to sin after knowing God.

That soul, because the power of the resurrection is in them, rests from sin to sin no more (Phil. 3:10).

November 21, 2016

Are you your husband's helper?

A woman, who loves God, and his Word, understands her place in the home with her husband.

She knows, because she knows God, what it is to truly help her man.

She will do some things, the helpful things, and she won't do other things, or the unhelpful things.

How is it that she can always be a helper?

She has been crucified with Christ. She no longer lives. But she does. And the life she now lives?

It is accomplished through the resurrection power of God through Jesus Christ.

It is not of her doing, for she is not her own person any longer.

She no longer subscribes to the world's philosophies, or jargon, or wisdom.

She does not need to 'be her own woman,' or 'be all that she can be,' nor does she need to be heard, or acknowledged, or fulfilled, nor does she feel the need for her 'space,' or 'time,' nor does she try in any way to keep things 'fair,' as in those who keep score, as in "I cooked the meal, now you do the dishes."

"Helper" - someone who gives or provides what is necessary to accomplish a task or satisfy a need.


Imagine having a husband, who does not believe, and then helping him come to know God.

"Likewise, wives, be subject to your own husbands, 
so that even if some do not obey the word,
 they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives, 
when they see your respectful and pure conduct."
I Peter 3:1-2

How does a wife "help" a husband who does not seem to know God?

She lives a life of respectful, and pure behavior and doesn't say a word about any of it to her husband.

No wife can do that without fail 24/7 without being born new first, without repenting first, without knowing God, first, otherwise she will try, and fail, and try and fail, and life on the narrow road is not about trying.

"Do not let your adorning be external—
the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry,
or the clothing you wear—
but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart
with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit,
which in God's sight is very precious."
I Peter 3:3-4

Did you catch all that? Did you read it slowly? What part jumped out at you?

When Jesus said that those who have been redeemed will not perish, that new life begins at repentance, and keeps on going forever, he was referring to a gentle and quiet spirit that Peter tells us does not perish in a woman who loves God, and therefore loves her husband. It is beautiful. It is very precious to God.

And to a husband. A gentle and quiet woman is precious. Precious - of great value, highly esteemed.

You can say that you love God, and if you are then unkind to your husband, and are not submissive, and quiet, and gentle, then you do not truly love him, and you are, according to I John 4:20, a liar.

Tough words aren't they? 

Don't adorn yourself with external.....don't be concerned with clothing....jewels.....don't think that a hairdo is pleasing to God and makes up for unkindness.....we are liars if we say we love God, yet do not submit....

Yes. The Word is a sword. A sword cuts. It cuts through the lies, and gets to the truth.

Are you a helper to your husband?

Because of you, does he have what he needs to accomplish his purpose on earth?

Do you provide that help with a gentle and quiet spirit?

That cannot be accomplished as you continue to be enslaved to your demand to be heard, and as you continue to think that your thoughts should be considered for your marriage to be healthy, and as you think that how you look, and dress, are in any way acceptable to God or make up for poor behavior to your man.

Think again, and read the Word, and know this: What you think, or feel, has nothing to do with Truth.

Unless what you think, or feel lines up with the Word, every last bit of it, then you are out of line.

You are walking the wide highway.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, and your soul, and the soul of your household is at stake.

In this life, it will be your way, or God's way, not both.

Is it true that in God you live, and move, and have your very being?

Or do you just like the way those words sound, and you say them, but you do not live them?

Jesus talked about lip-service, and about those who say that they love him, but have hearts far from him.

How will you know that you are controlled by the Holy Spirit?

The redeemed woman is a new person. She has a new nature. The old one (the sinful one) is gone.

She is a helper to her husband, and if she has no husband, then the world is her mission field.

Either way, she is in the service of the one who is her King, not sometimes, but always.

In this life, you will seek for your world to revolve around you, or you will know God

When you know God, you know your place, and that place is safe in his hands regardless of the status of your husband, your hairdo, your jewels, your clothing, your home, for all that you are is hidden in Him.

You are a living sacrifice always, or a carnal woman trying to be good, and failing at it at every turn.

You will soon die. This will all be over with in the near future. Repent, or perish in your sin.

You must be born again. 

Are you seeking the Lord? Or do you seek to have your desires fulfilled? Those who seek him, find him.

Seek to know God. Seek to know why you cannot be gentle and quiet. God gives understanding to those who look for truth. Truth is only found in his Word. Let it speak to you. Turn from this world. Repent.

November 18, 2016

Have you repented?

Name a sin that you do.

If you just named one, then you have not agreed with God concerning it.

To repent is to agree, in the truest sense of the word, with God exactly how he defines it.

When we agree with God that sin is sin, then we are able to stop it because a miracle occurs.

Born again status is occurs, and grace is known, and love is poured into that born new soul.

The new soul has a new nature, the old is gone, the new has come (II Corinthians 5:17).

Sin, all sin, is boiled down for us by Jesus to a heart that loves, or hates.

All sin is either committed because of hatred for someone or God.

The first four, of the ten commandments (Exodus 20), concern our relationship with God.

1- You shall have no other gods before me

2- Make no graven image and bow to it

3- Do not take the name of the Lord God in vain

4- Keep the Sabbath day holy

The next six have to do with our relationship with people

5- Honor your father and mother

6- You shall not murder

7- You shall not commit adultery

8- You shall not steal

9- You shall not bear false witness

10- You shall not covet

Jesus condensed all the law, including the ten commands, into two commands.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.

When a soul loves God with all that is within them, then they will never have any 'god' as priority before God, and they won't bow to any man-made image, nor will that soul take his name in vain, and they will, even in their rest, honor God, and not fritter time, or be foolish.

When a soul loves others, they honor them, never wishing them dead, never wanting their spouse, never taking what is not theirs, never lying, or desiring to take from others if only they could and not get caught.

When a soul repents, that soul agrees with God concerning these issues.

Repentance is a one time thing.

We either agree with God about hate for him and others, or we continue to hate.

And we cannot hate anyone and say that we love God (I John 4:20).

So if you would say, "I love God," and yet you hold anyone in contempt, or hold a grudge, you lie.

That's what I John 4:20 says is true.

I will not tell a friend that I love her, and then try to take her husband from her, and lie about her to defame her, and go so far as to wish her dead so that I can easily have her husband, and her stuff.

I will not tell God that I love him, and then ever forget who he is, and what he is to me.

I will not know God as my Father and not be at rest always.

In all those things, would you agree with God concerning them?

Do you love him with all your heart, and everyone else too?

Never do you take his name in vain, or hold a grudge, or seek this world's goods?

Examine your heart.

Do you really agree with God concerning hate?

We hate God, and others, or we love him totally, as he commands, and everyone else too.

It really is one way or the other that we live.

Never both.

We agree with God, or we walk contrary to him.

We walk solely on the narrow road, or we are on the wide highway, being kind sometimes, and not always.

As I have come to understand, even Hitler had his kind moments.

So if you think that being unkind, and unloving at times is okay, and God is fine with that, then you are on par with Hitler. But if you are going to say that God is not fine with that, then what must you do to obey him?

Completely obey him, or else you are on equal ground with the most infamous man in the world.

We might like to think we are not as bad as what Hitler was.

Remember what Jesus says about hate?

What does he equate it to in a heart?


Do you equate it?

Or do you like to think that you just don't "like" certain people.

We are commanded to love.

Again, if you think differently, then a "little" unkindness is just fine with you.

God won't hold that "little" bit of unkindness that you do on occasion against you.

Is that what you think?

Find that in the Bible.

I see what one "little" act of disobedience cost Eve.

Those who love God, obey him (I John 5:3).

They don't strive to obey him.

To strive is to try hard.

Do you have to try to do good?

If so, then is your righteousness of you?

If you strive, and then do it, then yes, it is of you, and God also tells us what our "goodness" is to him.

Filthy. (Isaiah 64:6)

God does not command, and then say try hard.

We either obey, through repentance, or we never achieve obedience as he commands.

If you still sin, then you are a worker of iniquity, or you expend energy on sin, and you will not see heaven until you repent, and are born new, not from a prayer you repeat after someone else, not because you walk an aisle, or are baptized, or feel like you are new. A new person does not have the same appetites. What they did prior to knowing God, they do not do any longer ever, for they are free, and free indeed.

Have you repented?

November 15, 2016


Are you free from smallness of mind?

Are you free from worry about tomorrow?

Are you free from thinking about what you will eat, or what you will wear?

The one, whom the Lord has set free, is free indeed.

That woman is big-hearted, not just to those who give to her, for how easy is that?

Even evil people are able to give to those who give to them.

But the woman who has been born new is liberal in her giving, to the poor, and the beggar, and the husband, as well as to the one who is thankful, and the ones who are not, and all of that will not matter.

She's a giver.

Out of the abundance of what she is given, and has been given, she gives.

Will she be tempted to hoard?


But she will overcome that and give, and not fear for her tomorrows to come, for she knows God.

She reaches her hand to the poor (Proverbs 31:20).

She stretches it out to make sure that they get what she is handing to them.

From the car window to the beggar, and to the "neighbor" in need, she gives, knowing the Lord will repay.

She will give sacrificially, with no thought of being repaid, for she gives to the poor who struggle.

Her heart is touched with their plight, and she is not deaf to their cries for help.

She is generous to the poor (Ephesians 4:28).

Are you?

Scripture tells us that those who have a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor (Proverbs 22:9), and the one who is gracious to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his good deed (Proverbs 19:17).

How is it possible to have eyes that see need, and then give bountifully?

How is one able to be gracious to those who have less in so many ways?

Only through being made new.

You can try to give, and be happy about it, and be generous, and you, at times, will succeed.

But to always give, and not hoard, and share of your abundance?

It is only possible in repentance of the sin of hating that neighbor, and that beggar, and God.

Until then, you will think, in the back of your mind, that it is not fair that you must share what is yours.

You will give grudgingly, and infrequently, and will rationalize your way out of giving if possible.

But the redeemed give so much that it is impossible to remember what has been given.

"But when you give to the needy, don't let your left hand know what your right hand does," (Matthew 6:3).

When you give, do you write it down, talk about it, keep track of it, or do you give, and keep on going, giving again, and again, and again? It will be one way or the other. Not both.

"Give and it shall be given to you. A good measure. Pressed down, and shaken together, and running over shall men give unto you. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." (Luke 6:38)

Do you believe it?

If so, then you will do it. You will BE generous. Generosity will be your lifestyle.

Is it yours?

November 14, 2016


Formally, the word 'terror' means cause of intense fear or anxiety.

An undisciplined two-year-old can be a terror because of the anxiousness the little one brings to all.

A wife, who hates her husband, is a terror as well, at least to him. 

She will cause, in him, the desire to not be home, come home, and when he is home, then he is on perpetual edge wondering what will set her off, what she will demand next, or if she will even be civil to him. Will she be moody? Anxious? Needy? Caustic? Sad? Angry? Demanding? Sarcastic?

Or will she have her happy hat on and be content, and happy, and agreeable, at least for the moment?

I was once that woman, but even as that woman, I would have told you that I loved my husband.

I was a liar. He would have said that he doubted that I loved him. How can one love, and be disruptive?

I was disruptive, sometimes to the point that he would rather go hungry than to be in my presence.

But I would have said that I was just fine.

I was blind.

Then, when I repented, I was set free. I rejoice to see my husband come home. To feed him, care for him, and love him, truly love him, is now why I live, and breathe, and have my being.

Informally, the word 'terror' means a person or thing that is especially annoying or unpleasant.

In both the formal, and informal definitions of the word, I was that person, yet I thought that I was saved.

It doesn't happen that way. If you think that you are that person, wake up. Study your behavior.

Does it comport to I Corinthians 13?

I even could quote I Corinthians 13 from memory, but I could not do it.

Not until I repented.

Saying the words is EASY, and I walked on the wide highway, zigging, and zagging along the way.

Moody, and hating, and gossipy, and lobbing grenades all along the way, never really loving anyone.

Not really.

Love behaves ONE way always.

It is only accomplished upon repentance.

Repentance is a one time deal.

Turn from sin (hate) or continue in it.

But to say that you can turn from hate, and then back to it, and then away from it, etc., is to NOT agree with God about how poisonous it is, and it is to accept a lie that one can hate all along the way to perfection.


Can't be done.

Do we lie, and steal, and commit adultery, and gossip, and be hateful as we walk with God?

If so, then why would any "Christian" be concerned about their "hidden" life being exposed in a hacking of any website where they go to fulfill their jollies? Why worry about someone finding out your sin, if you, and the rest of your "Christian" cohorts CAN sin? If you CAN sin, then you WILL sin. That is a fact.

What is in you, will come out of you  (Matthew 15:18).

Don't want to talk ugly, but you do? Don't want to be demanding, but you are?

Don't want to sin, but you do?

If sin is in you, watch for it, because it will pop out, and it will be done because you love it.

That is what Jesus said happens (John 3:19).

Are you a terror sometimes? Is it not very often— according to you? What would anyone else say who sees it, experiences it, and must live with it? Trust me. It is awful. Even once a year is too much.

The effect of terror, sin, on a home is devastating.

So why not stop it?

Do you know why?

"You must be born again." John 3:7

When someone is born the first time, then do they tell everyone about it?

They can't.

When someone is born the second time, the same thing is true.

They cannot articulate it very well at first because they do not know what happened to them.

They've been knocked from their high-horse of self-righteous behavior, and it is stunning.

The new birth happens to you. You don't "find" anything. You don't "do" anything to get the new birth.

The new birth is something that God does in you, and it is so miraculous, that it leaves one speechless.

Look at the life of the apostle Paul.

How long did it take for him to find the words needed to begin his ministry?

Do you know the Word?  Do you love it? Is it sweet to you?

Have you been born completely new?

Is the frightful violence in you gone?

Or do you love God with all your heart?

It's one way, or the other.

The narrow road, or the wide highway.

Terror, or love.

November 12, 2016

Moved to tears and joy

What moves you?

Is it your own pain?

The pain of others?

Can you even go there?

Or do your issues trump the needs of others, and can you even hear the cries of your neighbor?

And is your pain all you feel?

What led Jesus to weep?

What caused him great agony?

What drew out emotion in his life on this earth?

Do you notice when others hurt, much less weep with them when they weep?

The weighty issues of life.

What are they in your thinking, and life?

Whether you get to go to the pumpkin patch in the fall, or go see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood, or have that picnic, shopping trip, get-away, or hike as was planned?

And if that doesn't happen, then what?

Anger? Great disappointment? Resentment? Fit-pitching? Wailing and gnashing of teeth?


Are you dead to you? What did Jesus say about dying to self? Do you know?

Is your life about what you want, and when you want it?

Are you waiting for someone to acknowledge you, and your thoughts, and needs, and desires?

Are your feelings on your sleeve, out there where all can see them, and know them?

And if they happen not to notice, then do you make sure they are seen?

To the soldier-ette of the living God, she has been crucified, yet she lives, and the life that she lives?

It is done by the power of God, through the same power that raised Jesus from the grave.

That is powerful.

It is death to life power.

No human can do that no matter how they may try.

Do you have strength that over-comes the temptation for life to be all about you?

Do the tears of others move you to weep?

How about the joy of others?

Do you rejoice at the joy others profess?

When they say that they have been set free, are you thrilled, or do you step back, and eye them critically?

Are you jealous of the promotion of another, and the vacations of others, and the new house of another?

Life, for you, will be about you, or about others.

Yes, we are to love the neighbor as we love ourselves.

We typically do not forget to feed ourselves, but do we forget to feed the "neighbor" and the husband?

What moves you?

Does the Holy Spirit control you, or not?

It is not as many say.

You, if you are truly born new, will not be handing the "key to your heart" to God on occasion.

He does not control some "rooms" of your heart, and is not allowed in other compartments, as if you can slam the door in the face of God, and sin as you wish with part of your heart, and love him with another slice of it, for when he cuts out the sin, the dross, the stink, it is a complete job, upon repentance.

Are you able to empathize sometimes?

Like when you remember to have your devotions?

Or when you have gotten enough sleep, and have a full tummy?

And when people stop bugging you, and cooperate with you, and your plans?

God is Lord in, of, and through your life at all times, or he is nothing at all to you is the reality.

The wayward one, in the pig-sty, must leave the stink, all of it, and go to the Father.

Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

November 11, 2016

No posturing needed, nor accepted

When you go to pray, do any of these thoughts, "Close my eyes. Bow my head. Cover the head. Get prostrate. Kneel. Stop walking. Start singing. Raise the hands. Fold the hands," pass through your mind?

The Pharisees thought those things, and did those things, and their prayers never reached God's ears.

Every single time, if even they did indeed pray, it was a worthless effort.

No posture is needed.

A contrite heart?




A perfect soul?


The prayers of those who sin are not heard (Psalm 66:18).

You may choose to not believe that if you wish, but your unbelief does not change the fact of the matter.


Talking with God.

To talk with God, one must be in his presence.

To be in the presence of God, one must be without sin.

God only hears the prayer of his children.

Are they perfect?


The truly redeemed ARE the RIGHTEOUSNESS of GOD, through Christ.

The "righteousness of God" is nothing but perfect.  

Therefore, the soul of the redeemed is perfect because that is where the goodness of God resides.

He moves in their soul to do as he wishes.

And his only desire is that the redeemed child love him above all else, and love on that neighbor.

The redeemed child does just that for they hate sin, and have agreed with God concerning it.

And in so doing, they have been washed.

They are new.

So do with your hands, and limbs, and eyes, as you wish, and for the child of God, they are doing exactly as the Lord wishes. They love him more than all else, and they love that neighbor.

So pray away, wherever, and always, and those who know God do exactly that.

The temptation is to put on a show, a performance, a facade of sorts, in order that God will hear.

He won't hear. He doesn't go for performance. He hears the pure in heart.

Is your heart pure?

If so, then you know God hears you, and those who know that their prayers are heard are peaceful.


They are at peace come hail, high water, or no water, and if the wind blows the house down, or if the husband dotes, or if he doesn't even seem to know most of the time that he is married!

They are content.

They have peace.

The weather, husband, and accoutrements are beyond them.

The redeemed woman knows who holds her, and heaven is her home- now!

The kingdom of heaven is in her heart- now!

Let it rain, or snow, or let the husband cooperate with God, or not, or the children honor her, or not.

God is her peace, and what is going on in the soul of the woman who knows him, is beyond explanation.

She can only say that it passes understanding.


It is of God, and by him, and through him, and none of it has to do with her AT ALL.

That is the wonder of salvation, and the miracle that happens in a new birth after repentance.

No. Don't genuflect unless you cannot help it. But I'm telling you that it will be your heart that kneels.

The other posturing is just for show, and God does not acknowledge it.

Posturing isn't real.

It isn't true.

The true heart will pray without ceasing, always bowing, never needing to be told to do that.

Why can the redeemed woman pray without ceasing?

Her heart is pure. 

She readily runs to the throne of grace where God sits, and sees her, and knows her, and hears her.


Without ceasing (I Thessalonians 5:17).

Her heart is new, and it stays that way, for God keeps her.

Is yours? Or do you have to try to be good? Do you wonder if God hears you?

The child of the almighty God is not left to wonder about that.

So if you do, then seek him. Seek him to know why your prayers are not heard. Ask him.

Don't stop asking, nor let it go until you know.

Those who seek him will find the answer to their question (Proverbs 8:17).

Maybe the only one that the seeker will have is, "Does God hear me when I pray."

What more does the seeking heart want to know?

Ask yourself, "Do I know God? Really? If I do, then why am I not at peace? Why do I worry?"

Examine yourself (II Corinthians 13:5).

Why are we told to do that?

To see if we are in the kingdom!

You just might not be in the kingdom.

There are benchmarks.

The woman, made new, does not worry.

What a comfort it is to know God hears the call of the woman who loves him completely.

Are you at rest?

If so, then you will be praying without ceasing.

All posturing ceases.

The games are over, and truth has come, and she is free from falsehoods, and fake allegiance.

Are you free from fake, pretend love for God?

Do you really know him?

Again, how will you know?


It will manifest through you, without you trying, for salvation from trying brings rest, and freedom.

All you will be doing all day long is loving God, and others.

Pretension is exhausting. Laying claim to what is not true binds a soul. Lies breed more lies.

Be free. Repent. Agree with God about the sin you do.

You must be born new.

November 10, 2016

I am crucified

I don't live anymore.

Who I am, or was, is subdued, conquered, bought under subjection.

I didn't do it. It was done to me. I repented. I changed my mind about sin. I called hate for what it is.

Hate. Murderous rage. Anger.

The desire to take the life of another.

Or, to wish them gone somehow, in some way.

Upon repentance, and being born new, the old me, the worldly me, died.

That part, the whole part, of me, that was worldly, and listened to worldly advice of people who don't even claim to know God, as well as "Christian" teachers, who were not, and are not saved? I don't listen to them any longer. Their message no longer resonates because my mind is different. Now I hear the falsehoods.

I now understand how people, in cults, could listen to very popular "Christian" teachers I endorsed, and be "blessed" by what they heard. They were hearing, and continue to hear, "God wants you to be blessed."

God wants, strike that, God commands obedience. He commands repentance. He commands love.

That is the only way that you will know him.

Unless you are pure in your heart, you will not see heaven.

A pure heart does not sin. 

Go ahead and swallow lies. Walk the wide highway, along with those in cults, who love the "God wants you to be blessed" message just as much as you do, but understand this: that "gospel" message leads to hell.

The only way to know God is to agree with him that what you do, called sin, is sin.

The hate that you have is not simply dislike of others. It is actually hate. Until you agree with God about it, then you have not repented, and you have not turned from sin to sin no more, and you still walk in sin.

Sin is not turned from in a heart, for that heart to then continue in it.

That doesn't happen.

When a mind has been changed, after agreeing with God about sin, then actions change.

We don't do sin before thinking about it. If you sin, it is because you think about it first. 

To stop hating, agree with God about it in your heart and mind, or sin will continue in your life.

You can say that you love God, and Jesus, but if you sin, then you lie, and the truth is not in you. (I John 1:8)

Scripture says obedience is the proof of love.

Obedience to love God with all the heart, and the neighbor too.

That demonstrates a repentant heart. All else is facade. Fake.

You know the difference.

That smile that you put on, and the "kindness" you show because you must, and then when the lights go out, and the day is done, you still hate people, including the husband, and neighbor, and raggedy children.

You will continue to TRY, and you will continue to FAIL to be righteous until you repent.

Then the Holy Spirit will do IN you what you cannot do which is perfect obedience.

The righteousness of God is the comfort of the repentant.

The goodness of God is in the one who is (present tense, and always true) crucified with Christ.

Be crucified. Repent. Agree with God, once and for always about your sin.

No longer swallow the stinking false message of false teachers who abound in the "Christian" world today.

After repentance, you will be on your guard about what comes out of "Christian" publishing houses, and what comes out of the mouths of "Christian" preachers, pastors, and the likes of (fill in the blank) teachers who have huge crowds attend their churches, and weekend conferences, and ladies retreats.

If you must TRY to be good, beware. If you are being taught, "Work at it. Follow these steps. Here is a list of how-to-do it as a wife, and mother," then beware.

Life with God is not a how-to list, or work at it effort, or practice makes perfect existence.

It is: I am crucified. I no longer live. Yet I do. And the life I now live? It is only by his strength. (Gal. 2:20)

November 7, 2016

Go ahead--- eat your sprouts

Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17)

When something is "at hand" it means that it is going to happen soon.

Scripture also says that life is a breath, a vapor, here today, and then GONE! (James 4:14)

Have you ever thought about that for a second?

In terms of your moments on earth, your life is like an exhale.



We are told that bodily exercise profits little (I Timothy 4:8), and yet, I  imagine that "Christians" consume huge amounts of exercise clothing, and equipment, gadgets, and all the latest rage, just like the world.

All the emphasis on exercise that churches employ today. What a waste. All that emphasis. It's worldly.

Why continue to spend so much time, and energy on what has little benefit according to Scripture?

It is a foolish thing. It is a side-track. It is doing what is not necessary to keep from doing what is.

And in Matthew 15:11, Jesus tells us that what goes into us does not defile us, but tell that to young mothers who go apoplectic if little sugar-plum eats a few more sugar-plums than she thinks is appropriate.

Go ahead.

Eat your bean sprouts, and brussels sprouts, the low-fat this, low-carb that, and high protein whatever.

Go ahead and make sure that you get to the gym, and have your swim, walk, or jog.

But just know this. You will soon die. And if that thought makes you squeamish, then repent.

Those who love God, with all that is in them, long for heaven. It is their home, and they are just passing through this world. They love their neighbor as they love themselves. Their lives are spent in laying down said life, and serving that neighbor, and loving whomever possible hoping to win one for the kingdom.

They play on God's team. On that team, they stay on the altar as a living sacrifice. They no longer live.

Yet, they do. For them to live is Christ, and to die? It is gain!

To know God, does not require eating sprouts, or jogging, or living your life trying to get, or stay fit.

Repent (Matthew 4;17). Then you are washed, and made perfect (new). Then you'll know God.

Then you will rejoice eating whatever is provided, and you will have peace no matter the weather, the next president, the husband's behavior, spilled milk, no milk, the size of you body, or the color of your hair.

And why?

You will know that you will die soon, and that will cause you to greatly, without ceasing, rejoice.


Even so, Lord Jesus, come.


November 4, 2016

Irritable and resentful

Love isn't easily annoyed or readily excited to impatience or anger.

Love doesn't hold feelings of displeasure or indignation at some act or remark.

Love enjoys the success and advantages of others—all others.

When your husband has the opportunity to go somewhere, or do something "fun," then are you happy for him, or do you without a hint of hesitation say, "What about me?"

Do you pout when you are left at home with the kids, the dishes, and the laundry?

Do you think, "Poor me. I'll make sure that I get my turn. If he loved me, he wouldn't go and do without me," or do you make sure that you are never left behind, and do you hold a grudge if there is even the idea expressed that he might experience pleasure without you?

Do you make sure to keep things fair, and do you keep that mental scorecard tabulated?

Love is happy for others, all others, including the husband, and never insists on its own way.

I suspect that love actually plans good things for the husband, and others— ya think?

Do you insist on your way?

Are you rude with your husband, and his desires, and intrude on his plans, and make sure that his plans are your plans, and are you always harping that he must do your plans?

Must he submit his plans to you for "approval" in any way, shape, or form?

Or do you bow to his plans, and submit to his plans, and acknowledge his plans?

Or is there a mental list in your head about what he gets to do compared to what you get to do?

Who rules your home? Who calls the shots? Who is in charge of the plans for any free time?

Upon repentance, when the love of God floods a heart, lists are no longer kept.

That soul is not rude, demanding, or bitter.

That woman rejoices always, for she has been redeemed, and her hope rests in God.

She KNOWS he will see to her good will, and life WILL unfold for her as he desires.

If she should never go anywhere outside the boundary of her home, and her yard, and if laundry, and dishes, and keeping the yard are always before her, then she rejoices still, for she is different.

She is new.

She is not like worldly women who bark, and demand, and pretend to submit as God commands.

The old is gone in a new heart (II Corinthians 5:17).

The old keeps score. The old gets depressed, and bored, and complains. The old is mean and moody.

Are you new?

Are you new always, or sometimes?

If you would claim that you have the new nature, but you still keep score, how does that work?

Do you get to bow when you want to bow to the God of this universe?

And when you choose not to love, then do you simply walk away from the altar?

Is that how the God of this universe has deemed that salvation from sin occurs?

Irritable and resentful people spend energy on those evil attributes.

Those who spend energy on sin will be told to depart from the presence of the Lord (Matt. 7:23).

Either the law of love is in your heart, or lawlessness abounds.

One or the other.

The law of love is NOT dependent on you DOING anything.

It is poured into you upon repentance, and you will love, or the Holy Spirit is not in you.

Or would you say that you have to TRY to be good?

Is your goodness, righteousness, and love all of God which simply flows, or do you work it?

If you work it, then your salvation is of works, and you have not the salvation of God.

"Examine your heart," Scripture commands.

Stop a minute and look at your heart. Do you see, and hear, "What about me?" Do you see, and hear, an irritable woman who is not kind to her husband? What is it you hear and see?

II Corinthians 13:5 was written to women who were thinking they were in the faith.

But Paul is saying that maybe they were not.

Maybe you are not. If you must try, try, and try again, then your "faith" is of works.


The sin that you do (hate) is not something YOU can rid from yourself.

It is a gift given upon repentance.

Are you irritable and resentful?

If so, then in that condition you are saying that God is not love. You do not believe that God is who he says that he is. When you really believe, upon repentance, then you will never doubt God.

Saying God is not who he says that he is, by your words of resentment, is sin.

Repent of it.

Seek him while you may.

Time is short.

The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

November 2, 2016

What Paul said

But thanks be to God who always (not sometimes, but always!) 
leads us in triumphal procession, 
and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him
 everywhere (not some places, but everywhere).
 For we are the aroma of Christ (never are they a foul odor due to sin)
 to God among those who are being saved
 and among those who are perishing.
 (II Corinthians 2:14-16).

Are you the aroma of Christ—always?

I can hear some reply, "That's too hard," or "That's too much pressure!"

It is if you are trying to be the aroma of Christ, or if you are trying to live for him.

Christianity is not about trying.

It is about being born new.

It is about the Holy Spirit living through you to do what you cannot do.

It is about offering your body as a living sacrifice.

It is about the yoke being easy, and the burden light.

Indeed, it is too hard, and too much pressure if YOU have to DO it.

And YOU will be trying to DO it unless you have been born new.

And it will not be a partial birth where some of you is new, and some is not new.

When you have been born new through repentance, then you have the mind of Christ.

Then you have the aroma of Christ to God.

God only will stand for the aroma of Christ in his presence. 

When you leave the presence of people do they think, "She loves me," or do they wonder otherwise?

Not everyone will love you when you have the aroma of Christ.

Not everyone loved Christ.

Not everyone, who says that they love him these days, really loves him.

It is evident in one way.

Scripture tells us it is in obedience.

Obedience to what you might ask?


Do you love God completely, and your neighbor as yourself?

For that matter, if you are married, do you love your husband?

To love your husband is to honor him.

Do you order him around?

Do you check his cell phone, and ask him all about how he spends his moments away from you?

Are you a god in his life to whom he must answer?

Is he free from your critical eye, and your judgment, and control?

Are you kind to him— always?

Are you patient with him, or does he sense an impatience from you that he must change somehow?

Do you touch him with gentleness— always?

If you don't do those things always, then on the "off" moments, then what is it like to be around you?

Is it an unpleasant aroma?

If so, how long?

Do you know that Paul was saying that the truly saved are always a pleasant aroma?

Can you bear the thought that you might not be truly saved?

It is better now than to stand, not before St. Peter, but the Lord Jesus Christ, and to hear him say that he does not know you because you spent energy on sin (worker of iniquity), and to depart from him.

Does it offend you to think that you just might not be saved?

If so, then your self-righteousness is showing.

You must think that you are good.

If you are good, then are you good always?

That is exactly what the righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus, looks like, and smells.

The truly redeemed are pleasant— always.

It really is always or never.

Those are the words that Paul used.

He always used very definitive words; he was never wishy-washy.

Read and study.

Look at Scripture for yourself.

You will answer for the way that you smell one day.

Is it pleasant always, or moody, and mean sometimes?

Even Hitler was pleasant sometimes.

And he is not the standard, thankfully.

It is the Lord who carries the standard.

Be exactly like him, or you're not.

That is what Paul said.

Perverting the gospel

Jesus said that perversion of the gospel would happen.

It's happening.

Would you know it if you heard it?

The only way to understand perversion of one thing is to know the truth of it first.

Do you know the true gospel?

Paul said in Galatians 1:8 that if he, or the other apostles, or even an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, then let them be cursed by God.

What was the gospel that Paul preached?

Do you know what it was, and is the gospel that he preached the same one that you hear on Sundays?

In Romans 1, Paul says that through the power of the resurrection, we receive grace, for obedience.

The gospel message is that grace is applied to a soul, and that soul is obedient.

Verse 9 tells us that Paul was obedient to pray without ceasing.

Verse 16 tells us that the gospel is the power of God for salvation.

Salvation from what?


Verse 17 tells us that the truly righteous live by faith— only by faith, which means that they fear not.

Verse 18 tells us that the gospel message includes the fact that the wrath of God is against ungodliness, and unrighteousness.

Do you sin?

That is ungodly, and unrighteous.

If you still sin, then the wrath of God is on you (Colossians 3:6).

If you say otherwise, then verse 18 says that you suppress the truth of the true gospel.

Verse 20 says everyone is without excuse.

Verse 21-22 tell us that you can say that there is a God but have a heart far from him, and the evidence of a heart that is far from God is that you are not thankful (do you complain?), and that you do not honor him (do you sin?), and that your thinking is futile (yet you think you are wise), and that you have a foolish dark heart (even though you go to church, and read devotional books).

Verse 23 tells us that those who claim to know God, but still sin, have exchanged the glory of God (sinlessness) for other things that you will worship, yet not call it that, such as high acclaim for "spiritual" people, and you'll worship creation (longing for vacations to sit on the water, or listen to the ocean, and admire the wonders of the world), rather than worship the creator (exclusively).

Thou shalt worship God, and him only shalt thou serve (Luke 4:8).

Verse 24-25 says that those who do not believe the true gospel get to choose that if they wish, and in doing so, then they worship the created (Beth Moore, Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, John Piper, and insert the name of your pastor here, and your most recent favorite Bible teacher, your child, your husband, a best friend forever, and you get the picture).

In doing so, verse 25 tells us that you will have exchanged the truth of the gospel for a lie.

Thinking more highly of anyone, or anything, than the gospel is idolatry.

Verse 28 tells us we must acknowledge God alone, or we proceed in life with a debased mind.

Those, with a debased mind, sin (verse 29-31).

And while you are sinning, you give approval to others who sin (verse 32).

You'll say, "It's okay. Everyone sins." Your pastor will say the same thing. Your favorite spiritual teacher will too. They might not say, "It's okay," but they will say, "Everyone sins."

You'll even comfort those who confess, "I still sin!" yet your two-year-old just might get spanked for their disobedience. If sin is okay, then don't spank your child. And tell Josh Duggar that it is okay what he did, and tell Billy Graham that if he is caught in a lie, well, it's just no big deal.

Heck...everyone sins!

Only sinners sin.

If you are still a sinner, then you need a Savior.

You are still on the wide road wandering in and out of sin, but still sinning all the time.

"Repent," Jesus says (Matthew 4:17).

You deny the power of the resurrection if you claim salvation and still sin.

Why the need for Jesus dying, and being raised?

What was the point of that?

If you cannot answer those questions, then you do not know the true gospel.

If your pastor cannot answer those questions, neither does he.

If we can go on sinning after redemption, then everyone, who says that Jesus was the Christ, is saved.

Do you not see the folly of saying, "I believe Jesus is the Messiah, and therefore I am saved,"?

The demons know Jesus was the Messiah.

Bottom line is this: Do you know what a perverted gospel sounds like?

If not, then you are being deceived.

If not, then you do not know the difference between truth and a lie.

There is ONE way to walk when it comes to the gospel.

It does not include sinning.