October 12, 2016

Who betrayed Jesus?

The person who kissed him.

The person who was fed by him.

The person who said he loved him most.

The person who was his travel companion.

The person who saw his great miracles, and benefited from them.

The person who was saved by him from drowning.

The person who said that he would never betray him.

The person who vied against everyone else for "best friend forever" badge. 

The person who wanted to build an altar for him, and make him king of the world.

The person who was given new life by him.

That is the same type person who will betray those who walk with Jesus now, and have been born of the Spirit of God, and who love without reservation, or prejudice, or conditions.

Someone will betray you.

And if you are truly born-again, then you will follow the steps of Jesus even in that.

You will love.

It will not be difficult.

His yoke is easy, and his burden light for the born new soul.


No big deal.

Who betrayed Jesus?

Each one of us.

And until one repents, and truly believes, and does as commanded, one continues to betray him.

Do not say that you love him, and then hate your enemies, and pick and choose whom you love.

For that is a betrayal.

The love of God, if truly residing in a soul, loves as God loves.

They do not betray that love, and give a pseudo-love, and call it love.

Betray- to be unfaithful to truth.

The truth is unconditional (without conditions) love flowing out of the redeemed soul.

Do you love like that?

Who has betrayed you?

What is the stance of your heart to them?

A hold-out until....when? What? How is one required to behave before you love them?

"Betray me. Use me. Take advantage of me. I will love you like my Lord loves me."

That is always the choice of the redeemed heart.

No strings attached.

When Peter betrayed Jesus, he did not see Jesus, but heard his words in his heart.

And he heard the rooster crow.

Whoever betrays you will know what they have done.

What will you require of them?




What will you hold against them until they say something, or do something?

The redeemed hold nothing against anyone.

They simply love.

They condemn, and ostracize no one.

Love, like that, cannot be conjured up by listening to praise music, or a brisk walk, or after taking a few deep breaths, or after months of therapy, or counseling, for love is not manufactured.

It is given upon repentance.

It is given, poured into, the newly made heart, upon repentance.

The repentant does nothing for it, because it is poured in like a river (Romans 5:5).

They don't even say, "Ok, I'm ready Lord. It's time. Go ahead."

It is given when one is born new.


Upon repentance, being born-again by God's spirit, a person is new.

The same type person who betrayed Jesus will betray you.

Are you ready?

Only after repentance, and not after extreme meditation, and weeks of fasting, or deciding to change your point of view, or anything that you can do, for anything that you do will be temporary.

It will be you working it.

Your works are as filthy rags.

Filthy rags are useless, and need washing.

Repent of hate.

Hate is an extreme aversion to someone.

Is that in you toward anyone?

If so, then it permeates your soul, for a little "extreme aversion" affects the whole lump.

Who will betray you?

Who will you love regardless?

Do you really follow Jesus?

Or do you just like to sing praise songs, and go to church to see what's happening, and hear the latest "prayer request," and observe what people are wearing, and put in your religious time?

To the one who betrays, or has betrayed you, do you lay down your life?

Have you been born new?

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