October 11, 2016

What must I do to be saved?

I can hear the answer in my head about that question, can you?

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved."


But what does that mean?

Do you know?

Is it enough to say that Jesus was who he claimed to be?

Is it enough to say that he rose from the dead?

Is it enough to nod the head at facts?

"Yep. He did those things. I'm saved!"

Does salvation consist of such as that?

Scripture tells us that demons believe those facts.

They know the truth.

You can know the truth, and not believe it.

Belief in truth is to do the truth you say you believe (John 14:23, I John 5:3).

One cannot do the truth until one repents.

One cannot continue to sin, and have darkness in them, and be saved from the darkness.

I can know that eating chocolate cake all day long can cause a stomach ache.

It could, but it might not.

If I believed it to be true, and if I love myself, then I won't eat cake all day.

True belief changes behavior.

Believing that hate is murder is one thing, and thinking that I can hold a grudge, and it not be hate is another thing. I can be deceived (because of my desire to hold onto a grudge), and think that I still love, yet not want much at all, if anything, to do with the one against whom I hold a grudge.

Love lives with open arms to all.

No grudges are held in the heart of a set free person.

No depression sets up camp in the life of one who knows from wince they have been freed.

No discouragement lies in the heart of the soul who has constant communion with God almighty.

If so, then what must one do to get out of that depression?

What must one do to be free from grudges, and discouragement?

Can you tell me what one must do?

Is it possible to set oneself free from any of that?

Would you say that I must change anything?

If so, then in the state of depression, or discouragement, or hate, a soul must do something?

They must change something?

What can I change about what is inside me?

Can the darkness in a soul free a soul from darkness?

If so, then do they help themselves to freedom?

If so, then can they boast?

"I just colored a picture, and seeing all those pretty pages that I colored made me happy!"

How is that explained to someone with no ability to color?

Can we buy a new shirt, house, car, gadget, and fall decor, and it brightened the mood?

How is that explained to a dirt-poor neighbor?

"I just listen to praise music, and I'm different because of it!"

How can the deaf do that?

Work is expending energy.

If I can co anything to change my depression, and grudge-holding, hate, and discouragement, into joy, patience, and peace, then I have expended energy to do it, and that constitutes work.

Salvation from grudges, depression, and discouragement, is not of works, lest you boast.

Salvation is a work of God in a soul (John 6:29).

If your antidote to a sad soul is coloring, singing, or exercise, then you have freed yourself.

God is not in that equation.

If people can do anything to free themselves, then why the need for what Jesus did?

Why would God leave his spirit with us if a brisk walk in fresh air can free one from depression?

What's the point if all I need to do is take a walk, or enjoy some retail therapy, or take a nap?

Tell that to the person with no legs, no money, and insomnia.

Or would you make up another way for them to be free from what the world suffers from constantly?

If you suffer from depression, discouragement, and grudge-holding, then you succumb to those chains on a regular basis, as in daily. If it is not one of those, then it will be another to which you are enslaved. Or do you succumb once, and then you are done? Does freedom look like that?

Is leaven in a person just a little bit, or does it affect the whole of the person?

Jesus says that just a little leaven transforms (alters totally) the whole lump.

What must you do to be saved?

What is belief?

What does it really look like?

When is it practiced?

How is it practiced?

You will not find me eating poison for I believe it will kill me.

You will not find me jumping in front of a moving truck for I believe it could kill me.

You will find me doing what I say that I believe.

The soul who believes in Jesus (and therefore loves him) will be found doing what he says to do.

John 14:21, "Whoever has my commandments, and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him, and manifest myself to him."

Commands cannot be kept right alongside of sin in a heart.

I love, not because I can, but because God does it through me; it's not of me, but of God.

Love is of God, because of his work in a soul, through repentance.

In my sin, I decided to drop it, and in the dropping, I was saved.

You will sink with sin still in you.

You will sink in depression, discouragement, and because of the weight of hate in your heart.

You can temporarily be jovial, and light-hearted if you go shopping, and have date-night, and when things go your way, and your husband says the right things, and the kids behave, and no one is sick.

You can pretend to be well, and happy, and pretending will continue until you drop your sin.

You will drop it when you agree with God about it.

If you still sin, then you believe one way about it, and God commands another way concerning it.

You can still pray, and go to church, and think that you are good.

You do not have his ear with sin in your heart.

Your attendance at church means nothing to him.

Your goodness is as filthy rags.

What must you really do to be saved?

Do you really know?

Can you tell another?

When they do what you have told them, then are they free?

What would you tell them equals freedom?

What chains will you tell them have dropped from their life, or from your life?

All or some, and if it is only some, then when do the rest drop?

What must you do to be saved?

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