October 26, 2016

What is rebellion?

Rebellion is open resistance to authority.

Is your child rebellious?

Let me take this opportunity to answer for you on that one.

With no doubt your child is rebellious, and has rebellion rooted in their soul.

I don't care how cute they are when they pick flowers for you, get dressed up in fairy outfits, and share cookies without asking, and say to a perfect stranger that they love them.

Scripture says otherwise.

You can deny it to your peril.

You can laugh it off, and think that it is cute when your little sugar cube, with a smile on their face, and maybe a laugh emitting from their little body, runs the other way when you say, "Come here."

When you say, "Sit still," do they?

When you make a statement to your child, then it is the same as a command.

If not, then you are giving suggestions.

If you tell them to do something, and then you complete that command with, "Okay?" then you are giving them the opportunity to decide differently about what you have just told them to do.

Why not just never give them commands?

Or do you know better about life?

Or do you believe that it is important for them to learn to submit?

When is it time for little sugar cube to learn to submit?

How often can little sugar cube thumb their nose at you before something happens?

Do you live on offense or defense with your child?

Do you know the difference?

Are you always trying to stop the little one from doing something?

That is defense.

To live on offense is to make the decisions on how you will live, and then little one follows, or else.

Example: "We are going to take a walk. Come."

Then you proceed to walk. What happens if little one doesn't want to walk, when clearly they can?

Do you coddle, and not make them walk when clearly they can?

Do you change your plans?

Or do you walk, and see to it that little one walks too?

Who calls the shots in your home?

What are you fostering in your child?

Compliance to the will of another who loves them, or the thought that they can do as they wish?

Followers of Jesus do not do as they wish.

They obey his every command, or they walk in rebellion.

When one does not follow every command, and lives in rebellion, the wrath of God is on them.

Do not think that you can say that you are a Christian, and then do as you wish, and obey sometimes, and that God sees you as his own, for he does not, and his wrath is on you.

Yes. You might still draw your next breath, and then again you might not.

He is merciful after all.

But the end comes for all.

Those who spend energy on iniquity will not see heaven.

Turn, and obey, or walk the wide road to your peril.

You have the opportunity to develop in your child an obedient one, or a rebellious one.

Going to church does not make them submissive, especially when they are allowed to do as they please even when there. When they do not have to sit still, nor be quiet, what have you gained?

Does your child always talk when they want, and not have to sit if they don't want?

Do you command them, or do they have the rule of your home?

Do you see rebellion?

It looks like the following:

"Come here." And then they don't.

You hold them to give a hug, and they push away.

While sitting on your lap, they decide to get down, and struggle against you.

Is it their choice on everything? Clothes? Food? Bedtime? Where they sleep? When they sleep?

Do you control them, or is it only the government as you comply with car-seat laws?

Our prisons are full.

Prison bars restrict behavior.

So will, and does the rod.

Use it, Scripture commands, and save their soul from hell (Proverbs 23:13-15).

Discipline your child.

If you don't, then you hate them (Proverbs 13:24), and so will everyone else.

Proverbs 22:15 tells us that foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child.

What sets them free from foolishness? The rod. Thumb your nose at God's instruction to your peril.

Continue to think that spanking is abuse, and that you hate to hear them cry, and so you ineffectively, and inconsistently use the rod, and the child is confused, but learns to manipulate you really early.

Better to hear them cry now, than to see them go to hell forever.

If you will not do as Scripture commands, then you live in rebellion as well, and foolishness will follow you both.

Or obey, and repent, and live free.

Use the rod on your child and set them free from the foolishness in their heart.

"Sit" should mean sit, and then they don't get up until you say so.

Your command is either obeyed, or the child is telling you what you can do with your thoughts.

What are you telling God about his ways?

Do you say "yes" to them, or do you say, "Let me think about it."

Do you not have the energy to command your child, but you have the energy to spend hours on Facebook, Instagram, and reading your magazines, and shopping, and going to Bible study?

If the priorities of your life consist of date-nights, Bible study groups, and your job, you're losing.

Do you feel that you just have to get out of the house?


Is it that bad?

Does little sugar cube about drive you nuts?

Obedient children don't drive anyone nuts.

You will lose your child to a rebellious life full of sin, and wandering if you are not in command.

Spend energy raising your child, or don't, and prove that you hate them. 

To your peril you wait to do as God commands.

Your child should know that, to their peril, they wait when they are not instantly obedient to you.

What are you teaching them?

Are you a wise mother, or a foolish one?

Righteousness (goodness) follows the obedient.

Repent of your sin.

Command your child, and peaceful fruit will rule your home.

It's your choice.

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