October 15, 2016

What does a friend do?

I have been accused of being too black and white when it comes to Scripture.

I take it too the extreme.

I leave no wiggle room.

Tell that to the Author.

I just quote him.

What do you do with definitive words when you come to them in the Word?

"A friend loves at all times," Proverbs 17:17.

In order to call myself a friend, then according to those words, "at all times" I love.

And what is love?

It is patient, kind, gentle, faithful, and long-suffering.

The word is means equals.

If I say that I love you, and then I am not kind, gentle, patient, faithful, and long-suffering with you, then I really don't love you.

Love bears all things.

Not a few things like hanging with a man when he leaves his dirty clothes where he drops them.

Not just then, but also when he betrays, strays, and seems insensitive to needs.

Love simply bears those things.

What does it mean to "bear" the issues that a wife may face with her man?

She carries the dirty clothes to where she wants them, and she remains firm in her gentleness as she experiences the insensitivity he might have, and supports him, and holds him up in a betrayal.

Sounds almost impossible doesn't it?

It is unless the wife has repented of her sin, and has the love of God flowing through her.

It is.impossible to the unregenerate heart.

She endures all things, hopes all things, believes all things.


It is a definitive word.

No wiggle room.

Wiggle- short, quick, irregular movements from side to side.

The redeemed woman walks with steely love flowing through her veins.

It's God's love after all!

She stands firm.

When is she loving to her friend?

At all times.

I'm not talking about the emotional feelings the world has, and then they are gone like the wind.

Nothing but, and at all times, a friend is steadfast with a determined love that no tornado can sever.

No wiggle room.

The apostle Paul says in Philippians 3 that he is faultless when it comes to righteousness.


Someone who continues to sin is not faultless.

In Philippians 2:14, the redeemed are told to do ALL things without grumbling.

No wiggle room.

Proverbs 20:7 tells us that the righteous lead blameless lives.


A definitive word that leaves no room for a wiggle on the wide road.

Why would a redeemed soul want to wiggle anyway?

They don't want to wiggle, for they are new.

If you want to wiggle on the wide road, then do you consider yourself blameless, and born new?

Do you think that the temptations that you succumb to are not of your choice and doing?

Do you love at all times?

When you read the Word, then take notice of the words you read.

Notice the definitive words.

Be perfect.


Definitive indeed, isn't it?

Only the free, and free indeed soul, will live definitively with love always toward all.

Not of their doing at all. Not of their efforts. Nor of their ability.

None of their righteous, always loving soul, is of them.

The love that you show, is it hard for you, and must you remind yourself to be kind, and must you sing several praise songs to get yourself boosted up in your mood so you can love, and must you hold your breath to love others while really hating them while you are around them, and you can't wait for them to leave, and then you can go on about your business, and be done with those people?

Do you love at all times?

Only the repentant, born new soul can, and upon repentance they are never the same again.


If you are up one day, and down the next, and first you love, and then you are angry, and throwing things, and speaking kindly, and then are gossipy, and slanderous, then you are of this world.

The world is just like that.

They are not blameless.

They still need a Savior, and you do too.

Sinners need a Savior.

I have one. He has saved me. He has removed hate from my soul as far as the east is from the west.

I stand blameless.

Just like the apostle Paul.

Philippians 3:12 tells us that he says that he is not already perfect, but looking at verse 11 we see that he is referring to his physical body which has not yet been resurrected from the dead.

Our physical bodies will NEVER be perfect until the resurrection when we are given new ones.

But isn't it interesting the amount of time that many, who say that they love God, spend on what is dying, and the money many spend working on the physical aspect of themselves?

They go to weekly meetings to work on what is dying!

They buy special clothes to help make look good that which is dying!

They read everything they can about how to make perfect that which is dying!

They try to find a way to eat better, and differently to make better what is dying!

They talk mostly about exercise, and food, all the while they are dying!

And so little time is spent with God, except for their "devotion time" if they get to it.

The ones who know him abide in him.

They don't give him a 5 minute devotional and think they are good.

They dwell in him, and meditate day and night in his Word.

To them, the Word is sweeter than the honeycomb.

They love everyone.

They are the best friend one could have.

But not all will want their friendship.

They speak truth.

Not all will want the friendship of a born new soul.

They love anyway.

Jesus was the best friend anyone could have, and many only wanted him for his handouts.

They followed him for the goodies.

They did not follow him to his beating, and say, "Beat me instead!"

They did not follow him to the cross, and say, "Crucify me in his place!"

The religious leaders, the ones many would say were "good," crucified him.

Peter betrayed him.

Jesus loved anyway.

Do you?

What type "love" is yours?

Is it something you show with ease, and a light heart?

The burden to love, according to Jesus, is a yoke that is easy, and light.

Is that your experience?

Have you been born new?

Did you repent?

Or do you do that almost every day?

If so, then you are saying that, at times, you don't agree with God about the sin that you do.

For to sin is to walk in darkness, and does one really walk in darkness, and then in the light?

Is the walk we have with God a walk that wiggles all over the road?

Read the Word.

Seek God.

Be saved to sin no more.


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