October 2, 2016

Things about which I wonder

How is it that a person can be set free from
and demons, 
and would say that they are saved, 
and yet still hate?

How is it that a person who's been set free has never stopped to help the "neighbor" in the ditch?

How is it that they hold grudges against anyone?

How can a person, 

who even says that they still sin, 

would stop associating with anyone who does...

still sin?

How is it that the same person who says that they are saved not speak of their Lord to anyone...

all week long, or at least until they get to church , and Sunday School, or at "sharing time," and then

they spout off about how blessed they are, and yet they never help the needy, and smelly?

How is it that they never put their life on the line?

How is it that they live (think about, and dwell on) 

anything this world offers, 

and participates in, and thinks about,

be it any of the following:

a new house

new fashions

the latest out of Hollywood



the sins of others

and DWTS?

Would that same person be caught dancing like they do on that show?

Would they sit with the Lord at a meal, and then say, "Excuse me, gotta go watch my show!"

Where is your heart?

Do you think that you just can't love some people, and that God understands, because he is able to do anything, even put his command on hold, or alter it for you?

How is it that the same person, who says that they are saved, would never get dirty helping a stranger, but would gladly get dirty playing a game with friends at church, and would never miss an episode of their "show" no matter how they "felt," but would beg off from fixing dinner for the man they say that they love because they don't "feel" good?

Do you love your husband?

If so, then you won't be begging off from dinner preparations, nor manipulating him to do your work.

Come now, let us reason together concerning love.

Do you wonder if your husband loves you?

Do you wonder if he wonders if you love him?

What sacrifice do you make daily, month after month, year after year, and NEVER mention it...ever?

Would you love for him to make sacrifices for you, or more sacrifices for you, and do you think that you deserve that?

My-oh-my, heaven help your man if that is the case.

Or does he never make sacrifices for you, and do you let others know of his short-comings?

I wonder about wives like that.

Do you?

Love always behaves one way— always.

Do you love?

Wonder about that for a long while.

We are commanded to love the neighbor.

Your husband is not only your closest neighbor, but more.

How much more to you is he than the neighbor you don't know?

If you won't love him, then how can you love the stranger you are told you must love in  order to know God, and go to heaven?

You see, the parable, of the Samaritan who loved, starts off with a question asked of Jesus.

"What must I do to inherit eternal life?"

Jesus then proceeds to tell the story of the Samaritan who demonstrated great love (Luke 10:25-37).

That type person inherits eternal life is what Jesus is saying.

Will you?

Will you inherit eternal life?

Think back on your life, and your giving, and your loving ways.

To whom have you shown love like Jesus spoke about where you give, and get dirty, and don't give a thought for your own safety, and meet the needs of someone who others would, and do ignore?

It absolutely must include your husband.

Love does not give to a stranger, and then come home, and "hate" on the husband.

Love ALWAYS behaves ONE way.

I Corinthians 13 tells us that it IS this and it IS that, and it NEVER ends, and it ALWAYS hopes and endures, and bears with another.


Does your "love" for your husband end when he forgets your birthday, anniversary, or the milk?

Does it end for you mom, your dad, your sister, and your friend, when they betray you?

Doe it end for anyone when they don't behave as you think they ought?

The Samaritan had NO idea how that man ended up in the ditch, nor if the ones who perpetrated the crime on him were waiting to do it again to whomever might stop to help.

He gave all night long to someone who perhaps never spoke a word.

He left money with the inn-keeper to continue the help, someone he most likely didn't know.

Do you love like that?

I wonder about those who would say
 that they have NEVER had a drink of alcohol after being set free.  
I wonder about those who pray,
I wonder about those who preach.
I wonder about those who think that they are saved.
I wonder if they EVER have stop to help a stranger, 
and if they NEVER fear for their life,
and if they give like they know the Source.

I wonder if they love.

Do you?






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