October 24, 2016

The new message

Before Christ, we were not told, "You must be born-again."


Why must we be born-again now?

Jesus used the word "must" when explaining the gospel message found in John 3:3.

Jesus says that in order to see the kingdom of heaven, then we are required to be born new.

If you want to be a doctor, then what must you do?

What is required?

Specific instructions have been put in place for one to meet the qualifications to be a doctor.

But can one pretend to be a doctor?

Sure. We've heard of those instances. People can fool, and be fooled.

You can say that you are one, and yet not be one.

You can do the things that doctors do, and people can call you "doctor, yet you still will not be one.

You can hang a shingle, and set up a practice, but not have met the requirements.

You can practice deceit, and do it so long, that even you can convince yourself that you are a doctor.

Jesus says that we are required to be born completely new in order to see the kingdom of heaven.

Once a new birth occurs, then all things, including behavior concerning sin, is different.

Before being born new, we sin.

What about after?

If you say that you are a Christian, then after being born new, what is your behavior toward sin?

Do you try to be good?

Or is it automatic?

Do your manners get better?

Do you not sin only after reading your Bible, and only after continuous chorus singing?

Do you not sin only if you pray without ceasing?

What is the relationship toward sin that is different after one is born new?

Do you know?

What is the gospel message?

How is it different than the old message?

What is different about it?

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